TZH028 // Guy From Downstairs – Wanna Seau EP incl. Jonny Cryz, Iuly.B

Here we come and reveal again a great treasure from our basements, another true Romanian artist, his name is ‘Guy From Downstairs’. He stood back for a while and came to the same ideas as Tzinah Family. For remixing we took our close friend Iuly.B and a Puertorican soul, Jonny Cruz, who’s very active as a dj in Berlin’s underground. With smooth beats and with a lot of deep thoughts he pulls out ‘Loop 92’ bringing the wondering atmosphere and then yes! He slaps you with what we love the most… claps, percutions and crazy shakers. Great for afterhours! Coming from his heart label My Favorit Robot, Jonny Cruz transforms this loop into something organic, alive and grows such pure synths and percutions that the only wonder is how you’ll get out of this trip. To stand up and be crazy again, Guy From Downstaris comes with rough beats, kind of hippies wondering around, and then when you dont expect ‘Seau’ comes all over you, it warms your heart, it fuels your feet and you just dance and doooont stop! Iuly.B is the man for afterhours for this one! rough too, but completly driven by dub he goes out of space and back again to bring us his latest beats! Stay close for his next EP at Tzinah Records! Summarizing the story we have three little stars shining on our backyard sky, a new Romanian artist, Guy From Downstairs who’s close to our family, ready for action and with real ideas. Johnny Cruz who has releases at labels like Vakant, Soulfooled, Toys For Boys Records and My Favorite Robot and grooves the way we like to groove. Last but not least Iuly B. who’s heart beats as his drums, building his own sound through Tzinah Records.

Guy From Downstairs – Wanna Seau EP [TZH028] incl Jonny Cryz and Iuly.B Remixes is supported by Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Robert Dietz, Gel Abril, Livio & Roby, tINI, Guti, DJ T, Mathias Kaden, Arado, Yaya, Xpansul, Jason Hodges, Superlounge, Horatio, UGLH, Omar Salgado, Benoit, Luca Doobie, Adriano Filippucci, Andrea Loche, Seb Zito, Gui Ferreira, Psykoloco, Fernando Constantini, Voltereto, Farfan, Faster, Stefano Lotti, Lomez,Egal 3, Nina Soul and many others. Thank you!

Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Luciano: thanks!
Robert Dietz: seau for me! thanks.
Gel Abril: cool ep here will try it out tnx!
Livio & Roby: cool sound we support ..thanks L.
Guti: Cool. Thanks!
DJ T: will download. thank you for good music!
Mathias Kaden : i like it!! mathias
Arado : thanks for the good music
Yaya: Nice tracks ! Thank you.
Xpansul: Tracks 2 and 3 are really nice. Thanks a lot
Jason Hodges: SEAU is the cut!
Superlounge: Nice! Thank you for the music!
Horatio: Loop92 for me
UGLH: Cool music thanks
Omar Salgado: Really love this tunes. My fav are Loop 92 (Original Mix) and Loop 92 (Jonny cruz Remix) Thank you.
Benoit / Tsugi: original of Loop 92 for me
Luca Doobie: jonny and luly remixes are dooooope! ;) L
Adriano Filippucci: nice release, Loop 92 both mixes are for me, thank u
Andrea Loche: Another Great Release !! Ty
Seb Zito: loop 92 orig mix is pretty cool, liking the beats.
Gui Ferreira: Thanks for tracks, seau and loop 92 for me. full support!!
Psykoloco (Cadenza Lab / Minibar): Nice ep , will try it ! thnx ;)
Fernando Costantini: Support the music…nice pack ! Will try this out !
Voltereto: ……………… Seau (original mix) love this vibes , thx !
Bleed (DE:BUG): considering for review
Andrew Technique: good ep. tnx
Nina Soul: Muchas Gracias, Nice Ep!!
Stefano Lotti: I’ll try Jonny Cruz remix. Thank you!
Lomez: Sick release. Jonny Cruz turns it out again.
Farfan: great ep, downloading! ;)
Faster: Nice ep! Loop 92 for me
Bolumar: Really nice ep! Thanks a lot!
Stefane: really good tracks ;))
Alexandar Kyosev: nice ep!!! Iuli.B rmx is my fav
Hippie Torrales: Jonny Cruz rocked it!
Egal 3: Original for me
Daniele Kama: Good Vibes perfect for me
Chembass : Loop 92 (jonny Cruz rmx) for me. i love it
Drummer: Seau original and remix both tracks are very cool mixes…thanks a lot
Pelle: All tracks are super nice! I will definitely play Seau and the Jonny Cruz remix! GFD is solid!
Frann Delice: very nice &complete ep ;)
Angelo Draetta: Loop 92 Original & Iuly B. remix are good !
Paul Ross: Thanks For Your Music..Full Support in Ibiza…
JBD: GFD brings a kick ass vibe! Support
Holchin: it’s a very good ep!! Thnx, very much… download!!!!!!!
Claude Solis: Iuly B Remix, is for me, will play 4 shure!
Vinyl Speed Adjust: loop 92, nice vibe!
Andrea Bassi: deepppppppp!! very good
Robert Powlson: Thnx, very nice trax.
Belfie: Jonny Cruz remix!!!
Nick Hollyster: Will try Jonny Cruz remix, thx for the music
Andrea Colina & Victor Elle: seau original mix for us…thanks for sending
John Moss: Jonny Cruz remix of Loop and Seau original mix goes in my bag
Matteo Gatti: not bad !!!!! thanks
Scott Kemp: wicked EP !!
CiuPy & Mihai Bejenaru: Seau for us, will play !
Zotist: Good Release Support!
David Caballero: Loop 92 for me, thanx.
Mario Impellizzeri: I likeeee it
Rods Novaes: iuly b remix is very nice! thanks for sending!
Crocodile Soup: great ep!
Pizeta: cool !!!!
Andu Simion: Me gusta this great ep. Full support GFD!
Shadee: really GREAT ep, originals for me, thanks!!
Dalbe: Seau is cool…Thx
Scan Mode: nice tracks here!
Bartolomeo: Seau Remix is not bad. Thnx!
Dimitri Nakov: cheeky and groovey shit!
Audiobirdz: Great! thanks
Mood_Out: Loop 92 original for us…thank you!
Dj Kelemen: Cruz mix is interesting,good elements on it
Aney F: Jonny Cruz is my favorite but all tracks are nice and deep :) thanks will try it out :)
Luis Groove: I am into the originals here. Nice music as always. Thanks for sending!
Admix Grooving: Interesting mellow Grooves…
Nick Chatelain: downloading for nick & danny chatelain, thn’x
Label Leaks: good tunes, jonny cruz remix sounds interesting
Primarie: Originals are massive! Support!
Blagoj Rambabov: Both original mixes are doing it for me,very enjoyable and moody!
Little Hado: seau original for me !! Thanks
Isaac Silva: Full Support,Seau Luly rmx cool
Timmy P: Solid vibes all round, great sound, hard to pick a fav. Cheers!
Venitez: great music!
Baraso: Nice ep, cool sounds! Support!
Toni Espagne: Good EP
Alo & Ritu: Great EP! All tracks are nice! We really like the remixes ! Thank you
Mon: jonny cruz is my pick, thanks!
Mindhacker: Thanks for the promo. I like both originals, and Seau Iuly.B Remix. I will try them at my next gigs in Berlin !
D.Jordan: nice job¡;) thanks
Chago Mota: Full Support for a full package!!
Brothers In Progress: Support it… Thx
Madeni (Italy): Great Ep! seau my fav!!! Thnx
Chris DB: Loop 92 for me . Really cool track
Chris Hirose: some solid grooves!
Puicea: nice ep ,originals for me:)
Heyos: Good EP, Loop 92 & Iuly.B Remix for me!
DjSossa: nice
Adrianho: great package again, i’m into Seau original mix and thr Iuly B remix i will play them out
Narcissa: Great groove!!
Paco Wegmann: Seau original for me.thx
Iar: support
Ciprian Iordache: seau original and cruz remix for me , can wait to bang this out
Bayt: great ep GFD :)
Eman: will support….
Pantany: Jonny Cruz rmx & Seau (Original Mix) for me!Thanks!
Mihai.T: Great ep … Support
Dai Zon: jonny cruz remix for me. solid ep. thx

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