TZH024 // Nicholas Deca – Infantil EP incl. Philipp Ort, Timmy P

Our curiosity for Romanian talents never stops and on our newest release, a new family member wants to express himself. Nicholas Deca is a promising producer and manager of two labels Retoric Vibe and Essenza Records in collaboration with Bayt. He sings with us two representative tracks, one pure raw house track named ‘Brebenel’ and ‘Alu Milah’ one with more excentric vibes. With a nice electro bass , as we are used to like, ‘Brebenel’ is a great track to keep your party going, Nicholas Deca creating here a nice atmosphere and then just playing with the drums and snares, he gets you dancing. With Philipp Ort remixing this first one and Timmy P remixing the second one we just brought a little bit of London underground flavor to our sound. The remix of ‘Brebenel’ goes deep, to more sweet sounds and Philipp being very playful, creates a fantastic track. ‘Alu Milah’ is a bomb for after-hours. Its junky beats and gangsta’ percussions mixed together with a hippie vibe makes it just perfect. Timmy P gets all this percussions to a ride in his neighborhood within his deep ended streets adding his own strings and great stabs. He makes a good rhythm for you to get up and move your shoes. Drawing the line, another great tool for your party brought to you by our team with our new Romanian member Nicholas Deca and our London friends Philipp Ort from Black White Orange Records and Pins and Needles and our good brother Timmy P.

Nicholas Deca – Infantil EP [TZH024] (incl. Philipp Ort & Timmy P) is supported by Richie Hawtin, Robert Dietz, Livio & Roby, Andrew Grant, Sis, Felipe Valenzuela, Dani Casarano, Mirco Violi, Guido Durante, Patrick Zigon, Dj Assasin, Philip Aruda, Andrea Colina, Julian Perez, Emil de Moreu,Jorge Savoretti, Varoslav, Dave Congrave and many others!

Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Robert Dietz: nice tracks in here. original as much as remixes are doing it for me.
Livio & Roby: good stuff, merci !
Andrew Grant: support always!!!
Robert Dietz: nice tracks in here. original as much as remixes are doing it for me
Sis: philipp ort rmx for me thx
Guti: Downloading.
Dani Casarano: both remixes for me
Mirco Violi: nice ep
Patrick Zigon: nice ep!
Guido Durante: ace remix from Philipp
Dj Assassin: Loving the grooves on all the mixes will be playing these this month. Thanks
Philip Arruda: really dope EP. Philipp Ort remix is my fav. sooo good. thanks : )
Andrea Colina: brebenel original mix is the best for me…thanks
Emill de Moreu: awesome release , liking the whole package here,thanks!
Julian Perez: Brebenel (Original Mix) is the track for me ; )
Richard Belsom (Zeitgiest): Another really cool EP, really like the original of Brebenel and the Philipp Ort remix, great work!
Nick Chatelain: downloading for nick & danny chatelain, full support! thn’x
Jorge Savoretti: Nice EP! I will play the remixes
Varoslav: i like the originals here.nice ones !
Psykoloco: Alu Milah is the best for me, will play for sure ! thnx ;)
Dave Congreve: Philipp Ort mix for me. Thanks.
Dekay: Phillip Ort remix for me , THANKS
RA: Thanks.
Jonny Cruz: Loving the Philipp Ort remix. support
Levi Verspeek: Both Originals are good, thanks!
Adil Hiani: Alu Milah Original for me, thanks
Faster: Alu Milah is for me! thanks !
Danielle Nicole: dope tracks! brebenel original for me, thx!
Zotist: Good Ep!
Flex: timmy p is nice ;))
Boris Horel: ali milah for me . thanks for the music !
Diego Manzaneque: Class !!! Big Thx !!!
Fer Ferrari: Timmy For me! support
Venitez: full support ! originals for me.
Alex Caro: Philipp Ort Rmx for me thank’s for the music
Ari Girao: Dope tracks !
Rods Novaes: the remixes are my favs! thanks!
Fady: Timmy’s remix for me ! Love the sound
Michael Melchner: alu milah for me please, 4/5, without the vocalsnippet it would have been 5/5 : )
Francesco Zani: Like Nicholas Deca – Alu Milah (Original Mix)
Klaus: phillip ort remix sounds really nice! tnx
Little Hado: Nice ep original for me !!! Thanks
Narcissa: great sound!!
Adrianho: Phillip Ort remix for me , Thanks !
Bayt: full support .nice ep …Alu Milah original mix for me .. : )
CiuPy & Mihai Bejenaru: Philipp Ort for us, will play
Dr.Think: good tracks, thanks my friends
Mano: Philipp Ort Remix sounds nice, thanks !
Groovesh: Both remixes for me!
Chris DB: Dope tracks !
Dai Zon: ”alu milah” my favorite . solid ep.
Mihai.T: Great tracks
Lewis Imperato: great sound!!!
A++: Alu Milah is dope !
Hozoc: Brebenel and Alu Milah for me. Thanks

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