TZH018 // Flex – Der Story EP incl. Sapriori

Flex releases his first EP at Tzinah Records, after he had a great colaboration with on Egal 3’s EP, and a track with his project Floska. It has great feedback and support at our label from big names, and he also released at labels like Zoo:Technique and ViVA Music. Flex is a young italian dj and producer who for shure has great ideas on his fingers.
Der Story starts with Der Bet which is a mixture of techno and minimal sounds that alings very well to the actual scene. It also has a great groove so it will for sure be heard in a main techno set and it will make you boots dance. Extrogen comes with a splendid electro bassline that grows around him a groove completed by crazy minimal sounds and underground vocals. But if you just wanna warm up yourself and get going with the party Hapon is the right tool to do that. It is the track where we let Flex experiment with what he really likes. You will just have to listen to get to know him better. For this one we also hooked up Sapriori to do a remix straight from his basement. Sapriori’s sound got more minimalistic then ever on this one, he also experimented as much as he could and the result is this very hipnotic song.
In colaboration with Egal 3 and his crew Floska, and remixed by Sapriori, this EP and Flex himself are our most minimal and experimental artist. This being said will let you enjoy and listen to this wonderfull fresh EP.

Flex – Der Story EP [TZH018] incl Sapriori is supported by artists like Richie Hawtin, Andrew Grant, Ilario Alicante, Butch, Philip Arruda, Mihai Popoviciu, Jay Bliss, Steve Kelley, Camiel Daamen, London FM, Le Vinyl and many others.

Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Andrew Grant: will support
Ilario Alicante: Sapriori Remix for me!
Butch: Nice EP!
Philip Arruda: Amazing release! Support! Thanks for the send :)
Mihai Popoviciu: extrogen & hapon for me.
Jay Bliss: I like the original of Hapon. Thank you!
Steve Kelley: Der Bet my favourite out of the pack..nice deep grooves.
Camiel Daamen: Der Bet for me!!
London FM: flex – hapon (sapriori remix) is for me!
Le Vinyl: very nice thx ;)
Egal 3: support extrogen !!
Resident Advisor: Thanks! Downloading.
Javier Carballo: der beat & strogen for me… nice beats!! thanks..
Rods Novaes: extrogen for me! thanks!!
Djohnny: nice ep!! extrogen is very nice!!will play for sure, thanks
Sebastian Voigt: great ep, der bet and extrogen are the ones for me
Pepe Arcade: Extrogen is for me
M.A.M.: Excelent package!! Full support!! Great job guys
D.Jordan: cool¡,Hapon for me
Ferro: Cool tracks, def will check out Hapon original & sapriori remix!
Paola Poletto: thank you downloading….
Rissa Garcia: Nice groove on Der Bet
Yakine: Really good EP here ! i will play for sure Extrogen and Der Bet !
thanks for sending
Rhadow: extrogen.thx
Zotist: Good ep! like all especialy Sapriori remix
Dean Facer (OurHouse Magazine): Wow, what a great release….. Superb production
Dubless: Great
Danny Chatelain: downloading for Nick & Danny Chatelain, thn’x
Andrea Loche: Great Work !! Nice All tracks !
Carlos Roll: DerBeat for me! thanx.
Danny Panagiotou: Good Sound Keep Tech High!
Wade Bennett: Der bet is cool
Isaac Silva: Nice work guys,Full Support
Sebas Ramis: Nice sounds, Der Bet & Extrogen for me!!
Arthuro: Great
Art Patrice: very nice, solid stuff!
Francis White: support!
Dai Zon: another bomb ep. full support. ”der bet” for me
Dj Drummer: underground stuff sounds is good,especially Der Bet,thanks
Deep J: Fantastic EP! Full support!

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