TZH017 // Bayt – At Night EP

Is now clear who are our rezident producers and Bayt is one of them. After providing ‘Memento’ and ‘Groove’ for our VAs he is now showing us his true identity ‘At Night’ . With releases at labes like Escapism Musique and Sintope, Bayt gets involved into lounchig his own label Essenza Records.
The first track is an introduction into ‘At Night EP’ and as the name says it has groove, groove that will move your feet, groove that will make you dance, groove that will make Bayt remembered for this track. The story continues with a ‘nightstop’ a stop that you will need to take and hear what it says. But you cannot stop listening to it, you cannot stop the music in this track becouse it has such great sounds and captures you on the dancefloor. After the stop you need to get moving and ‘Nightwalk’ is the best choice, it reminds us of a walk on Bucharests’ streets and takes you whatever your destination is. The breaks from this track are just usual troubles that you’ll find on the streets. After such a great jurney and such a night it’s time for a ‘Nightsmoke’ that will get in your head with such an impact that will get you addicted. Its deep sounds and mad voice are just the tools that you’ll need to roll one after this ‘At Night EP’.
With great feedbacks from earlier releases we hope we’ve got your attention with this selection of tracks from Bayt because it’s worth it. So this is ‘At Night EP’. Enjoy!

Bayt – At Night EP [TZH017] is supported by Richie Hawtin, Dj Sneak, DJ W!LD, Chris Simmonds, Kiki, Dani Casarano, Carlos Sanchez, Tato, Dan Drastic, Horatio, Hector, Mihai Popoviciu, Mirco Violi, Javi Bora, Egal 3, Rosario Internullo, Resident Advisor, Faster, Julian Perez, Camiel Daamen, Cristian Varela, Primarie and many others!

Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Dj Sneak: very good traxx
DJ W!LD: will play nightgroove
Chris Simmonds: Really like Nightgroove & Nightsmoke. Thank you
Kiki: feelin´”nightgroove”
Dani Casarano: nightgroove is nice
Carlos Sanchez: nightsmoke for me! thanks
Tato: nice tracks inside.. i’ll try mostly of them.. nightgroove my fav.. thank you
Dan Drastic: Nightgroove and Mightsmoke are great.
Mihai Popoviciu: cool tools!
Horatio: Full support for BAYT
Hector: Really nice ep Full support !!
Mirco Violi: nightgroove have a good funky feel
Papol: nice sound, very good vibe i will play thx.
Javi Bora: Nightgroove is great! Will play.
Federico Luchetti: ”Nightgroove” is ok for me, thanks
Dan Farserelli: Nice ep. Nightwalk for me :)
Tim Rial: Downloading for Audiojack who will feedback if they like the track
Egal 3: Nightstop pentru mine , solid tune
Rosario Internullo: Nightstop is for me thx!
Faster: Nice release! I`ll go down with nightwalk
Julian Perez: Great sound, will play them!
Camiel Daamen: Downloading thanks!
Cristian Varela: Nightstop Original for me!
Rennie Foster: good trax
Roberto Apodaca: nightsmoke great tune will play this
Resident Advisor: Thanks!
Javier Carballo: nice track.. maybe the best for me is night groove,, thanks!! peace!
Michy Rodriguez: good work! especially on track nightsmoke, got groovin’ and powerful vocals
Alfredo Acri: i remember that i told you, continue with this great project, now i know that you continue to do it! Amazing EP , download it, thanks!
Dean Facer (OurHouse Magazine): Nice EP, I am really liking Nightstop !!
CiuPy & Mihai Bejenaru: Nightsmoke for us !
Plusculaar: great ep, full support!
Zotist: Good ep! i like all the tracks, full support!
Narcissa: Great tunes!
Luiz Telles: three tracks are spectacular, include them in my set.
Rissa Garcia: Nice vibe on Nightgroove..will play ,thanks
Sebas RAmis: Nightwalk for me for sure!! Thancks!!
Carlos Roll: Nightgroove for me. thanx!
Raffa FL: OMG! What a SUPER EP! Love all tracks!
Tomika: nightsmoke is my favourite, will play as always!
Al neville: good…..
Primarie: Great EP! Really underground ! Nightsmoke is my favorite! full support!
Rhadow: nightsmoke. thx
Djohnny: Nice ep!! perfect underground i like all tracks i think so is the best release of label realy nice will play
Rods Novaes: night groove and nightsmoke for me! thanks!
Robert Powlson: very nice tracks!! thnx guys.
Alex Kaddour: Nice rollin´deep stuff as usually! Good Job mates! Support!
Jorick Croes: Nice Ep !
Kennedy Smith: love it
Katoline: A lot of groove it NightStop my favourite
Wayne Brett: Really feelin’ ”Nightstop” quite dark late night music!Also ”Nightgoove” has got it goin’ on…
Nasty Boy: Nightstop for me!! Quality House Music.!!
Mr.John: good good good good ep..all the tracks!thnx
M-Phunk: Nightgroove and Nightsmoke i’ll play for sure.. keep up the good work!
Francesco Zani: I like Nightgroove!!…thks
Paco Wegmann: Great ep, like the tracks
Pedro Campos: nightsgroove and smolke for me!! old school sound
Oliviu: Downloaded. Thanks!
Luis Groove: Really nice EP. Nightgroove and Nightwalk are my choices here. Full Support. Thanks for the music!
Just D’light: sweet vibes! :)
Arthuro: Nice! Nightstop is banging
Dai Zon: great ep. i love ” nightwalk ”
Isaac Silva: 3. Bayt – Nightwalk and 4. Bayt – Nightsmoke bomb track mate,love mix..
Kokka: good ep i ll play sure.
Andrea Martello: Nightgroove it’s my favourite! Really thanks. Nice!
Jeanm: Very good work :)
Alex Mind Games: nice one !
Klaus: cool
D.Jordan: good vibes¡¡¡ for me nightgroove ,down.thnk
M.A.M.: Nightsop for me… Thanks!
Hozoc: Support!, Nightsmoke … nice ep. Thanks
Deep J: Excellent EP, ”Nightgroove” is my personal fave, gets a few well deserved spins from me!

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