TZH016 // Marcman – Day Of Birth EP

Our 16th EP is signed Marcman. He joins our family with ‘Day of Birth EP’ on his birthday and we must say its not just a coincidence, his tracks are bombs and they will be remembered. His EP is a story that starts with an ‘Annoucement’ loud and clear, it has a big attitude in sound and makes you jump into the dancefloor. The bass and the wired sounds will fit together perfectly in your mind. After the announcement has been heard it’s time for ‘A piece of’ his birthday cake. This is what Marcman tastes like! This energic track will make you lose it when he changes the rhythm into some breaks. It will all come back when the groove hits you again. The man inside Marcaman is now showing an ‘Angry part’ with this bouncy attitude in this track. He throws with very well defined strings and catches the rhythm into good hats and snares. The final answer in the story comes with ‘The G’. The real truthfull sound makes his waves in this wonderfull track. You’ll be amazed when you’ll find here a combination of sounds that are ment to bring joy into your hearth. Being his second appearence at our label Macman now really reveals himself and his sounds with these four tracks.Now the story has been told, the sounds have been heard, it’s time for you to remember another geat ep from Tzinah Records brought to you by Marcman.

Marcman – Day Of Birth EP [TZH016] is supported by Richie Hawtin, Raresh, Chris Simmonds, Dan Drastic, Andrew Grant, Mirco Violi, Philip Arruda, Javier Carballo, Javier Perez, Javi Bora, Sami Wentz, Horatio and many others, Thank You!

Richie Hawtin: Download for Richie Hawtin
Raresh: good ep . thanks
Chris Simmonds: Dope!!!
Dan Drastic: I like Angry Part very much.
Andrew Grant: keep up the good work
Mirco Violi: full support
Philip Arruda: SOme cool old-school vibes here. The G gets my pick. Thanks :)
Jorge Savoretti: some very nice tracks here! go marcman
Javier Carballo: nice release!!! the G for me thanks!!!!
Julian Perez: Amazing release!! I love Iulian Sound ;) Go Tzinah!!!
Tim Rial: Downloading for Audiojack who will feedback if they like the track
Javi Bora: ”A piece of” for me. Geat tracks for my sets
Sami Wentz: Downloaded for SAMI, Who will give you a feedback if i support ;)
Horatio: The G is the G spot from the ep….
Nick Perry: Aswome Ep Full Support!!!
Resident Advisor: Thanks! Downloading.
Camiel Daamen: A piece of is nice!
Tomika: cool ep as always, The G is my favourite!
Rods Novaes: great EP all for me! thx.
Fonsi Arjona: The G is a puzzle clues
Just D’light: Great EP! :)
Alex kaddour: Nice deep pack!Support. Thanks
Molisans Brothers: Angry part & The G for me…thx
Zotist: Good ep! full support!
Primarie: Very bouncy tracks, support
Kennedy Smith: will listen it
Raffa FL: A piece of for me!
Mr.John: thnx for this…will play!
Faster: Great release ! Announcement is my fav
Francesco Zani: Hot Ep!!!I like Announcement!!
Wayne Brett: ”The G” is the one – Pumpin’ grooves to make you shake ya booty!
Art Patrice: nice EP, thanks
Chembass: awesome mr.marcman… 8/10
Dean Facer (OurHouse Magazine): I love this…..
Isaac Silva: Full support
D.Jordan: Full support Marcman¡¡¡ big hug mate¡
Sebas RAmis: Nice release! Angry part the one for me! thanks
Kokka: good ep i ll play sure
Hozoc: Announcement / A piece of, – are the best, good work Marcman. Thanks
Jorick Croes: nice ep
DaiZon: great ep . i love it
Sorin Ghinea: sounds great !
Vygo: Excelent EP! Can’t decide betweeen Announcement and A piece of! Both good ones! Angry part is a 4AM bomb :D
Hado: !!!

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