TZH014 // Francesco Zani – The Sun Goes Down EP

Tzinah family is growing more and more so we happily welcome Francesco Zani. Since the day he sent his work to us and now, he releases at labels as Apparel, Crossworld and Soraya. Now he is ready to be a part of Tzinah Records with ‘The Sun Goes Down EP’. His EP is all about love and people, so he is starting his first track with a story and without noticing you get caught in the groove by a smooth bassline and killer snares and hats. ‘OttoQuatro’ definitely has that underground sound perfect for afterhours. Keeping the same underground feeling, the voice from ‘Me & Ashley’ will draw your attention, it will make your dance flowless and will set you free on the dancefloor. The acapella in this track is simply beautiful because it breaks down when you least expect it. On the other hand ‘Me & Carl’ is all about the groove, all about old school beats and drums. This rhythm will remind you of old disco sound in a modern package with strong snares continuously playing in your head. As you know we let our artists play and explore their own artistic view. Francesco’s ‘Subcida’ is more then a techno orchestra,  it conducts a very nice trip among all of you out there enjoying life. ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ and you are ready to party the love from Francesco’s music blended with the underground sound from Tzinah Records builds up good karma witch we all need for a perfect night.

Francesco Zani – The Sun Goes Down EP [TZH014] is supported by Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Livo & Roby, Paco Osuna, Paco Garcia, Caros Sanchez Evren Ulusoy, Horatio, Someone Else, Camie Daamen, Simina Grigoriu, Lex, Julian Perez, Chris Gruber, Tomika, Javier Carballo, Roy Gilles, DJohnny, Resident Advisor, Zotis, Primarie, Nu Zau and many more, Many thanks!

Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Loco Dice: sound cool will try wav please D
Livio & Roby: we doing fine in here :-) nice stuff thanks
Paco Osuna: download thank you :)
Paco García: Nice tracks my friends.
Carlos Sanchez: i’ll try ottoquattro! nice one… thanks :-)
Evren Ulusoy: nice deepness!thanks.
Horatio: nice stuff i like it…
Someone Else: track 2 is interesting.
Camiel Daamen: Super nice EP don’t know which one to choose…love the oldschool sound!
Simina Grigoriu: subcida is great.
Lex: thank you!!! Me & Carl for me, will try for sure :)
Julian Perez: WOW!! Great sound again on Tzinah :)
Chris Gruber: My fav is ”me&carl” will play for sure at baalsaal! thanks
Tomika: Me & Ashley and Subcida are bombs!
Javier Carballo: me & carl for me!! thanks.- ;)
Roy Gilles: Nice groovy release, in a perfect fit for the dancefloor. My favourite is Subcida, cut vocal and dark texture is the key of this work! Big Support for Francesco. Peace!
Tim Rial: Downloading for Audiojack who will feedback if they like the track
Claude Solis: otto quattro – me & ashley, are my favs, will play for shure. support!
Rods Novaes: I liked ”me & Ashley” and ”me & Carl” bigg! thanks for sending!
Emill de Moreu: very nice release, would love to play it. thank you.
DJohnny: i like me & carl, full support, will play
John Denis: Really nice job guys! Support from Idea Records
Resident Advisor: Thanks
Dean Facer (OurHouse Magazine): Superb release, I love the vibe on here !!
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show): Thank you for sending. It is very nice EP.
Danny Chatelain: downloading for nick & danny chatelain, thn’x
Zotist: Good release!
Nick Forni: Nice stuff! My favorite is Me & Carl..full support for Francesco Zani ;)
Primarie: Me & Ashley is veeery nice and Me & Carl is a masterpiece!
Nu Zau: cool ep :d
M-Phunk: Nice ep…subcida sounds great..
Raffa FL: My fovourite tzinah ep! Ottoquattro for me!
Kennedy Smith: awww b o m b
The Midnight Perverts: me & carl is my favorite, thanks. will play
Alessandro Sensini: me and carl is really nice! thanks
Alex Mind Games: great ep
Just D’light: Another great ep! Especially liked ”OttoQuattro” and ”Subcida”.. :)
Lorenzo Marrucci: Really good Ep,perfect for the afterhours!
Nasty Boy: OttoQuattro is the perfect Groove for my ears! Another great release from tzinah!
Isaac Silva: full support
Molisans Brothers: Support it…deep Bombs
Koljah: Me & Carl is my pick here… thx.
Alex Kaddour: Cool tracks here; OttoQuattro & Me & Ashley are very nice deep stuff. Will try them; thanks.
Kokka: good ep from francesco zani i like Me & Ashley
Octav Paul: 909 Ohihat trippin… Subcida is lovely!
Hado: Cool release, I like Me & Carl. Thanks
Hozoc: Really good ep, OttoQuatro is nice. thank you.
Dai Zon: bomb ep .”subcida” and ”me & carl” for me
Toufik: thank,s 4 the e.p… i well play it…

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