TZH012 // Primarie – Back2Back Works EP incl. Adrianho, Groove Soundsystem, Mr.John

Here comes the new ep signed by Primarie in collaboration with Adrianho with whom Primarie shared the dj booth in a lovely back 2 back and that’s how connections have blossomed. That was the period when they had the ideea to build up Tzinah Records. Their collaboration didn’t last long, but it’s a good thing that ‘After Midnight’, a old school track, remained to remind us about their early and unforgetable back 2 back. Being an ep about back 2 backs Primarie started to work with Groove Soundsystem and Mr.John who are the two poles of A&R in Tzinah Records. ‘Underground baby’ was born right after a massive party in Primarie’s hometown and since then it delights us with a very underground sound. The percution and drums gives the track exactly the house feeling of Tzinah Records. The combination between Mr.John’s peacefulness and Primarie’s love for afterhours makes ‘Citcelce’ the perfect track to play after 5 am or even on your ipod while you’re fishing. If you mash up the dedication that Groove Soundsystem puts in their music, the experience in the field that Mr. Jon has and Primarie’s view and fingerprint in underground house music, comes out this big EP that really proves that back to back works.

Primarie – Back2Back Works EP [TZH012] (incl Adrianho, Groove Soundsystem, Mr.John) is supported by Richie Hawtin, Valentin Huedo, Philip Arruda, Camiel Daamen, Horatio, Todd Burns, Djohnny, Federico Luchetti, Dan Faserelli, Javier Carballo, Simina Grigoriu, Someone Else and many others.

Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Valentin Huedo: great release, looking forward to play it
Todd Burns: thanks downloading
Horatio: nice ep i like it
Camiel Daamen: Nice stuff again from you guys! After Midnight is my fav!
Philip Arruda: sick EP. good job you guys! thanks for sending
DJohnny: nice released, favorite after midnight, thanks for music
Federico Luchetti: “After Midnight” for me!
Dan Farserelli: Support this. Aftermidnight and Citcelce for me. Good work :)
Tim Rial: Downloading for Audiojack who will feedback if they like the track
Claude Solis: will play this weekend for shure! after midnight & underground are my favs! support!
Rods Novaes: very good work. support!
Javier Carballo: solid release,,!!! i like very much after midgnight!! tthanks!!!
Someone Else: citcelce is interesting.
Simina Grigoriu: funky. housy. dancable. very nice :)
Paco Garcia: Thanks Guys. Great tracks. After Midnight the best.
Molisans Brothers: The Underground is realy good…support it
Zotist: Good release, after midgnith for me!
Rhadow: after midnight sounds great.thx!
Dragosh: Support! nice release
Jeanm: Very good work !! :)
Alfredo Acri: Good EP, Citcelce for me, thanks guys, and continue this great project
M.A.M.: Awesome! Full support!!
ARI Girao: Another gr8 ep of TZINAH ;) well done Primarie & Groove Soundsystem in my Bag ;) thankx
Art Patrice: solid EP, i like it
Al Neville: good
Kokka: another big ep from tzh good work from primarie i love it.
Lorenzo Marrucci: Good EP! After Midnight my fav!
Berna: Very good release! “after midnight” is amazing!! will play for sure, thankss!
Alex Mind Games: the underground for me !
Fady: The Underground – Excelent work ! love it ! Full support
Robert Powlson: the underground is the one for me.. very nice!
Isaac Silva: very well the work
Angel Mora: Nice Ep thanks!
Tomika: Citcelce is fuckin rockin, will play! After Midnight is also great, love the bassline! Thanks
Hozoc: I like “Citcelce” thanks :)
Victor FL: Really good EP, very solid Tracks. Will test The Underground for sure this weekend. Thanks!!
Zemtsov: Citcelce very groove bomb!!!!!!!!! Amazing.
Primarie: What can i say… i love them , i love back2back

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