TZH009 // Groove Soundsystem – Colentina EP

The boys from Groove Soundsystem started making music inspired by their love for underground house music. They work hard to transpose the influences from nature, culture and their own feelings into sounds and that is what Tzinah loves about them. With a good debut at our label with the track ‘Simbol’ from latest VA, time has come to for them to show us who they are and where are they heading.

It all starts with ‘Morning Rain’, a lovely track for afterhours sessions, lovely for listening, just lovely. The continuous house feeling lets you enjoy the most beautiful rain of underground sounds. “Fabula” is a bomb , it’s a killer track, nothing more straight, more deep, and groovy then this one…  it just won’t let your shoes rest! Going further into this release and listening to Shooting America you will just realize what this whole EP is all about… Colentina is famous as an underground neighborhood from Bucharest, being the place where these guys have grown up. ‘Mai departe’ lets you walk further into the underground sound, with a very good mix of snares and claps, and finally ‘Citat’ is something that you will fall in love with from the first listening , perfect for main or afterhours. With various releases at other labels, we, Tzinah Records, like to think that this is Groove Soundsystem’s major step, because they are very valuable members of our label, with aiMar one of the brains of Tzinah.

Groove Soundsystem’s – Colentina EP [TZH009] is supported by Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Andrew Grant,Nick Warren, Philip Aruda , Tania Vulcano , Tato , Camiel Daamen, Carlos Sanches, Sami Wents, Mirco Violi, Javi Bora, Horatio , Federico Luchetti and many others.

Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Luciano: Thanks for the music, I appreciate but will take time to listen to it and send you a feedback asap. L
Nick Warren: Very cool house music all are great
Tania Vulcano: Downloaded for Tania Vulcano
Andrew Grant: Morning Rain is my fav, rocking sound…Citat also is kool
Camiel Daamen: Full Support, nice EP!
Javi Bora: Citat for me!
Philip Arruda: mai departe is a cool instrumental tool to play with! thanks for the send :)
Horatio: i like them good stuff
Mirco Violi: nice stuff, will try it.
Emill de Moreu: Really good flow in all tracks,nice rythm and sweet grooves, will play for sure!
Dani Casarano: mai departe
Dekay: Nice deep stuff , abit too loopy for my taste but Shooting America and Cicat has a nice flow
Tato: house!!!! complete ep…  full support whole tracks.. butmai departe is my favourite..  .. will play mostly
Carlos Sanchez: nice tracks! will check it out… thanks
Sami Wentz aka Saimont: Nice groove summer sound favorite is Citat! Thanks
Djohnny: nice ep i like all tracks but my favorite is citat,full support, will play, thanks!!!
Claude Solis: Great release, i follow all the releases of groove soundsystem, luve it! full support!
Art Patrice: nice EP
Diego Manzaneque: Very smooth and quality works!!! Thank you so much!!!
Gene: Fabula is awsome,something for my early sets ! Shooting america has a wicked groove, Mai Departe great vintage feel to it will drop this for sure,My fav is Citat fucking dancefloor rape. Overall great Deep,Smooth Ep full support,will pass this on to my boys in Tel aviv
The Midnight Perverts: Fabula & citat are my favorites, thanks
Rods Novaes: cool release! i prefer morning rain and fabula tracks! thanks!
Octav Paul: Steady! Ready! Go!!!
Alex Caro: Thank’s for the music!
Sylo Nakamura: Groove Soundsystem always delivers!!!!! fantastic EP
Alex Kaddour: Great pack, nice house and deep house here.My fav: “Shooting america, mai departe & citat” support!
Narcissa: Full suport!great sound!
Alex Gori: niceeee my prefer is MAI DAPARTE i will play sure!!!
Steve Kelley: Mai Departe is my fave
Ari Girao: Great Ep ;) Mai Departe & Citat in my Bag. Thankx ;)
Wade Bennett: nice groove on all of these
Egal 3: solid ep !
Hitch: Great package! Nice vibe ! Thnk so much!
Zeque: cool tracks
Chembass: citat is for me. thanks!
G.A.Mbeat: the track citat and shooting america is for me .. great great grooves. Luiz Telles
Simon Heyliger: good stuff guys.Citat is the shit!
Zotist: Good Release, i like moust Fabula, Mai Departe and Citat
Olivian Nour: A very strong EP.”Fabula” is my favorite. Tzinah, thanks for good promos.
Katoline: Thanks! Full suport for these talnted guys!
Al Neville: very good.
Hotrel: nice! thanks. we will promote this release in may
Francis White: support!
Angel Mora: Thanks nice Ep:):)

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