TZH008 // Olivian Nour – Boracay EP incl. Javier Carballo, Zemtsov, Octav Paul

Tzinah Records presents Olivian Nour, a young guy from Bucharest, who knows how to get your attention towards him and his ‘Boracay’ track, remixed by our friends – Sapriori, Zemtov, Javier Carballo and Octav Paul. This release is all about the Boracay feeling, Olivian really captivating us with the sound of the namesake beach. With a deep sound and wonderful percussion work, this track’s happy summer vibe will surely get your attention.
The fact that Javier Carballo remixed the track for Tzinah Records speaks volumes, for he is from Gran Canaria, having played at a lot at beach parties. The remix shows he is a man of the underground, and we surely like the vocal sample that he added. Owner of his own Overall Music imprint, he also released and remixed for labels such as Lowpitch, PiekUp, Melisma, and we will hear more from him at Tzinah.
Zemtsov is from another part of the world, where all is frozen, yet he succeeded in making this track very warm, deep and trippy. As a result, he made his way into introducing his sound to the Tzinah family and for preparing his EP at our label.
Tzinah welcomes Octav Paul to the fold, and says hello to his minimal take on “Boracay”, which is very well mixed and incorporates a charming melody line. Octav has previously released at labels like Baccara, Feiyr and Minimo Records, definitely adding a plus to Tzinah Records.
About Sapriori’s remix, we completely support this artist’s view on electronic music, as he speaks with his original sonic signature. This time, he brings a powerful techno bass and sounds from the original that were taken to the maximum. Following his powerful EP, which generated a lot of great feedback, Sapriori now comes to us again, in a pronounced trippy mood.

Olivian Nour – Boracay EP [TZH008] incl Javier Carballo, Zemtsov, Octav Paul and Sapriori is supported by Richie Hawtin, Andrew Grant, Philip Arruda, Mirco Violi, Mihai Popoviciu, Dirty Culture, Javi Bora, Dani Casarano, Pepe Arcade, Julian Perez, Javier Carbalo, Henfry Martinez and many others. Thank You!

Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Andrew Grant: yes I am digging this ep
Philip Arruda: Javier Carballo remix & Zemtsov remix are the tracks for me, Thanks for the send :)
Mirco Violi: Carballo remix!!!
Mihai Popoviciu: javier me gusta!
Dirty Culture: original and sapriori remix are DOPE! support on this one.thnx
Javi Bora: Great tracks. Javier Carballo Remix for my sets!
Dani Casarano: nice tunes
Pepe Arcade: Boracay (Octav Paul Remix) is for me! thanks!
Julian Perez: Very Strong release!!! Javier Carballo and Sapriori are my fav.
Javier Moreno: javier remix for me!! :) thanks
Feodor AllRight & Elema Mechta: Will test. Thank you.
Javier Carballo: thanks!!! nice release!!! support!!!
Art Patrice: solid EP, all mixes are nice
Hanfry Martinez: my fav is javier carballo remix …  Thanks
Francis White: nice nice ep! support!
Nasty Boy: Boracay (Original Mix)is a great deep stuff..i will play it in my next set!
Faster: Great release ! Big up for Sapriori remix
Rods Novaes: great house ep. i liked mor the javier and sapriori remix! thanks for send.
Andrea Loche: Great Work , for me Javier Carballo Remix
Diego Manzaneque: Really interesting deep!!! Original & Carballo Mix are my fav. Thanks!!!
Luis Bautista: Javier Carballo mix awesome
Will Sumsuch: Liking this- the Zemtsov remix is standing out on first listen… Downloading, and thanks for sending!
Vlad N: zemstov remix for me. thanks
Zotist: Cool Ep! will try!
Fady: Excelent EP. U can find tracks for everymoment to play ! Support
CiuPy & Mihai Bejenaru: Olivian is the man, big up, thanks for the promo, support !
Octav Paul: I like Sapriori’s Rmx too … Full Support!
Lorenzo Marrucci: Fantastic Ep!Love the original!
Sapriori: like the Javier Carballo…

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