TZH007 // Sapriori – One of These Days EP

For the love of underground and house music, this is why we are doing what we are doing, this is why Sapriori makes his music in the way that he does.  He loves good underground house music, he loves deep music and he knocked at our door a long time ago, saying ‘hey listen to this’. From that time, we knew that Sapriori is one of this scene’s future artists.

‘One of these days’ doesn’t need a presentation because from the first second you hear it, it will stick in your head. His vocal work is perfect for afterhours sets, or even for listening on your iPod when you want to catch a good house feeling with a beach vibe. ‘Tortillia 7′ is not a pie, for certain, but rest assured that it can easily make you look like one if the sound system in the building is strong. This one has a monster bass and the claps, hi-hats and the percussion will simply slap your face ‘till you’ll look like Tortillia. An artist expresses himself not in words but with his music, and with ‘Comp Express’ Sapriori tells everything. He tells us that he hasn’t forgotten that house music is dance music; so can you stop dancing when you hear this track ? Usually we let our artists experiment to the upmost on their production with a track when releasing a solo EP, and ‘Untitled’ really has something going on for it, even with its wired sound. You’ll see, it will blow the people’s minds away!

So for the love of underground house music we, Tzinah Records, and Sapriori let you enjoy this fine touchy house tracks, and once again we remind you that this is an EP from a Tzinah Family member so he will be assimilated as one, and he will do more and more work for us in the future.

Sapriori – One of These Days EP [TZH007] is supported by Richie Hawtin, Andrew Grant , Daniel Half, Mirco Violi, Philip Arruda , Julian Perez, Francis White, Art Patrice, Fredski, Christian Alexander Møller Bach, Julian Sanza, Marc & Mikkel, Deltano, and many others! Thank you!

Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Andrew Grant: Yes!!!
Daniel Half: Download. Thank you!
Mirco Violi: comp express is nice
Philip Arruda: One of these days Original mix is my pick. thanks:)
Julian Perez: Amazing Groove house tracks!! Comp Express is my fav, i´ll play all for sure. Thanks.
Francis White: nice ep!support!
Art Patrice: solid stuff! support
Fredski: great track all of them. will play for sure
Christian Alexander Møller Bach: Sapriori is my man! He is definitely pushing the Copenhagen scene at the moment – keep it up friend!
Julian Sanza: Tortilla 7 is fucking deep and dirty, i’ll give it a try!!!
Marc & Mikkel: Both track 2 & 3 are killers on the dancefloor. Will definately play this out! Super EP, really nice sound!
Optic: Amazing release by Samuel!! One of these days hits me deep, and a track like Comp Express really hits the grooving dancefloor nerve!
Marco Asoleda: Comp Express is nice !! thanks
Deltano: Tortilia for me!
Wade Bennett: awesome
Fran Alberola: Good sounds for tortilia! Thanks!!
Katoline: One of these days…bomb.Full support!
Egal 3: Full support for our friend !.
Faster: Great stuff !
Gabryel Casse: tortilla 7 is nice! thx!
Vid: Big big tracks ! support
Rods Novaes: cool house ep! full support!
Groove Soundsystem: big !!!!!!!!!
Narcissa: Full suport!Amazing Tortillia 7 ;)
2400 Operator: Solid ep! full support. nws4l.
Psimono: lovely 4 tracker. feeling comp express.
Jonas Hahn: Big ups for a great collection of house tracks! Loving One Of These Days and Tortilla 7 especially.
The Swift: One of these days…very nice one will play…like i did already :D
Adam Lundberg: Really nice tracks, will play. Nr 1 and 4 are the favs for me!
Morten Bruhn: ‘One Of These Days’ has one of the most effecting vibes I have heard in a long time. Lovely! My top player.
Javier Moreno: sounds cool :)
Will Sumsuch: One of these days sounds nice! Downloading…
Vlad N: comp express is nice. support
Fady: Full support ! playing there tracks for some time thanks to Sapriori ! Excelent job
Luis Bautista: One of these days full support!!

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