TZH006 // Mr.John – Johnny’s Trip EP

In order to continue with our concept, as we wish to develop it, we now bring you our sixth release. This one will show you who Mr. John is, through this EP which represents himself in the best way and brings out to the light one of the most valuable members of the Tzinah family. From the deepest house feeling to a fine current minimal sound, his EP is really groovy.
‘Johnny’s trip’… it’s all about a good, vibrant house! Keeping it on and on, the loop idea works perfectly. When Mr. John is in the studio and working, he truly becomes a sound engineer. This makes Johnny’s trip a track to be played at a main party and blow the audience’s mind. ‘Completely different’, with the same voice of ‘On the fiels’, is a hippier track, so you should expect the unexpected when you play or hear this one because it contains sounds dropped in and out. All these sounds complete the groovy house sound and give a more tropical and beach feeling. Wanna hear that old minimal? ‘ Hi Hai High’ is a mix between the old and the current updated minimal. This track is the right choice for afterhours, combined with the nice voice and house percussions. This one will definitely make you close your eyes and imagine the best sunrise that you could see, dancing on this track. A lady and a boy, with some help from Mr. John, will have a child named ‘Ladyboy’. The tutor, Mr. John, will feed him conga claps and house percussions, and more and more deep sounds will help the kid grow up, and also do the warm-up for you!
Mr. John has delighted us before signing to Tzinah with tracks relesead at labels like TheSounds, Quanticman Rec, Topas, Sonora, Go Freak Rec and Italo Business. And now we leave you listening to his representative Johnny’s Trip EP.

Mr.John – Johnny’s Trip EP [TZH006] is Supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Locodice, Livio & Roby, Andrew Grant, David Herrero, Javi Bora, Bas Amro, Fran Alberola, Phillip Aruda, Andrea Loche, Deltano, UES, Leon, Mirco Violi, Mihai Popoviciu, Ethyl, Nico Lahs, Lauhaus, Edu Imbernon, Negru, George G., The Model, Marco Faraone, Double Dash,Flex, Polarize, B. Green & Redmond, DOSlive, Ynk, Huxley,Horatio ,Mindhacker, Faster, Mr. John, Egal 3, Primarie and many more
Richie Hawtin: dowloading for r hawtin.
Andrew Grant: Very good music ;)
Brothers’ Vibe: Cool beats, samples…nice one!
Art Patrice: nice EP
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta: Title track is our fav in the package. Nice deep vibes. Thank you.
Javi Bora:  On The Field Cut for me
Fran Alberola:  Johnny’s trip cut is the one for me. thanks!!!
Deltano: hi hai high cut seems nice
B.Green & Redmond: Tzinah does it again.. Another nice release. Not exatly what we are playing at the moment, but cool trax anyway. Will try Ladyboy
Dirty Culture: good! one of my favorite upcoming artists! thnx
Andrea Loche: Nice Ep !! Johnny’s trip for me !
Dragosh: Good tools for my sets! support
Horatio: Tracj 1 and 3 for me… sounds good!
Diego Manzaneque: High quality EP!!! Johny’s Trip Out & Hi Hai High Out are my favorites!!! Thanks for the promo!!!
Isaac Silva: THanks friends
Alex Rath: Hi Hai and Ladyboy are pretty nice. will play them for sure. thx,alex.
Francesco Guareschi: cooolZotist: Good ep, ill try it!
Alex Caro: Great pack!! My favourite Johnny’s Trip
Narcissa: very well Mr…John!Love to play Jhonny`s trip and On the field.
 Good work full suport!;)
Olivian Nour: Hey nice pack, “Johnny’s Trip” and “Hi Hai High” are form me. Thx Tzinah
Katoline: Great. Johnny`s Trip – my favourite. My support.
Michy Rodriguez: Great groovin on “Hi Hai High” I like it!
Francis White: Nice ep! i will play!
Wade Bennett: Hi hai high is very nice
Claude Solis: download, thanx!
Mike Ashford: Nice stuff!!
Jeanm: Very nice EP !!!
Fady: Hi Hai – i heard it for the first time and sounds really cool ! The other three tracks i have it allready and play them for a while ! Thanks Mr. John ! Full support

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