TZH003 // Ciupy & Mihai Bejenaru – Slalom EP incl Sapriori, Dirty Culture

After 2010 when we were undecided, we were still learning we now know what is there to do we will do it so we present to you TZH003!

The release is all about house, and so are the artist that signed it.  Ciupy & Mihai Bejenaru are two guys that what they do all day long is house, one year ago they were just to kids playin as a djs but nowadays if you ask one of the dj that ar supporting house underground music they have just good words about them. With releases at labels like Groove, Escapism Musique, Lok Records, Dot One Records, Esemtrax, Gruelpound and many more they developed a very nice romanian sound. Dirty Culture doesn’t need a presentation in my opinion. Released a lot of house tracks at Soulman Music, Neurotraxx Deluxe, Zoo:Technique, Affin, and others, if you’ve been in the clubs for shure someone played at least a track by him. Sapriori on the other side is an house and detroit techno addict , very smooth and nice sound, you will hear more from him.

Original version of Slalom will do the party for you , will make them scream , with a really nice little distorted bass and housee tracks will be very good for a main set. If you will play Sapriori’s remix you will definetly feel the detroit sound constructed so good that you will love this track! Sarcas is great for a main afterhours set, with a really nice house vocal and tropical sounds will make you “feel so good” as the voice says and with the drums and the vibe from Dirty Culture remix will make this a bomb.

Ciupy & Mihai Bejenaru – Slalom EP [TZH003] incl Sapriori, Dirty Culture remixes is supported by Livio & Roby, UES, Leon, Mirco Violi, Mihai Popoviciu, Marco Faraone, Double Dash, Polarize, B. Green & Redmond, DOSlive, Ynk, Huxley, Horatio, Mindhacker, Faster, Narcissa, Mr. John, Zotist, Aeromaschine, Rhadow, Egal 3, GIC, Primarie and many more! Thank you!

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