TZH002 // Nasty Boy – Drop The Bass EP incl. DOSlive, Olivian Nour

We’re back! After the great feedback Tzh001 had, it’s about time to continue what we started at the begining of this year.
For our second EP We proudly present upcoming producer & dj from Italy – Nicola Penna aka Nasty Boy is a young producer who appeared on the italian house music scene in 1997 and so far he has been working in all the clubs of his city in the south of Italy. A couple of years later he decides to join a group of friends to create a small project for big events and they managed to take part in the most important festivals in the south of Italy. In September of 2008 he decided to take a step in the music production industry and he worked hard to achieve the right sound of his tracks.
Drop The Bass EP contains a pack of 4 original tracks and 2 remixes from already know italian project DOSlive, and other from upcoming romanian producer Olivian Nour.
The original tracks are appropiate for any particullar moment of the night, either it’s warm-up, main set or the afterhours.
For remixing we hooked up with already known and rising artists from DOSlive . Having remained more than a week in the Decks Buzz Chart they’re earning intense support from best artist on the relevant scene.
Their remix is an excellent oldschool deep house perfect for afterhours sets. You deffinetly you’ll hear more from these guys !
The second remix comes from young romanian producer & dj Olivian Nour from Bucharest. His tracks are a mixture of tech-house & deep house that catches your ears from the first seconds!

Nasty Boy – Drop The Bass EP [TZH002] incl. DOSlive, Olivian Nour remixes is supported by Livio & Roby, UES, Leon, Mirco Violi, Mihai Popoviciu, Marco Faraone, Double Dash, Polarize, B. Green & Redmond, DOSlive, Ynk, Huxley, Faster, Narcissa, Mr. John, Zotist, Aeromaschine, Rhadow, Mindhacker, Egal 3, GIC, Adrianho, Primarie and many more! Thank you!

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