Tiberiu // Interview // Tzinah Podcast // August 2019 //

“Having a brother and a sister older then me, was easy for me growing in the 90s with beats from Depeche Mode, Milly Vanilly, Head Way, Culture Beat, Prince Ital Joe and I consider that this was the base for me. From here I have stared to listen to all types of music, but my focus went on ambiental music and trance at the beginning.  But after all of this years in search for good music, I felt in love step by step with electronic music and beats especially, and at some point in my life I started to play for the audience only electronic music and I realised that this is the type of music that I want to play for the rest of my life. This thing got me gigs here in Romania but also abroad, alongside DJs like Cezar, Suciu, Lizz, Charlie, Paul K, Incolor, CAP, Dubtil, Priku, Arapu and also important festivals and showcases.”

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Tzinah Records: To start with, please, recommend us something to listen to while we go through this interview. It can be anything.

Tzinah Records: Could you remember when and where have you felt it for the first time that you were to become a music artist?
Tiberiu: Yes I remember. I was in my hometown club where a good friend of mine was playing there, and from 03:00 to 04:00 he played club music, and this was actually one of my first contact with this music and the dj booth and I felt like this is what I want to do , I want to share club music with other people.

Tzinah Records: Why did you choose to create and play this particular type of music? Are there any artists that touched you deeply while developing your own style?
Tiberiu: I have been listening to a lot o f music styles, gathering information from all of them , trying to know better the style and the artist. But a good friend of mine, and also a good artist, Vaida, who was also playing music at that time, showed me his style of music and slowly but surely I felt for it.

Tzinah Records: Please, briefly, describe for us, the current state of the underground music scene in the place you come from. Is it any good?
Tiberiu: The underground scene from where I came is a solid one and is growing very fast.Now I’m part of a label/ event planner DINSUBSOL and our roots are very deep and with a lot of meaning while we are playing, we are a gathering of friends playing with passion and this thing united us.

Tzinah Records: Without giving out too much about your secret weapons, please tell us how does the magic work in your production routine. Software? Analog? What does your DJ set-up imply?
Tiberiu: From the beginning I started playing on CD players ,I did not use any software, I remember first one from pioneer witch I played cdj100 s …..damn you can put now the young dj on test with that CD players.. hahah

Tzinah Records: What are the aspects of your daily life that are influencing the shape and sound of the music that you currently make?
Tiberiu: I am always on move, my daily job requires to move myself from a place to another so I’m an active person that’s why I play more dynamic rhythms and grooves that put your feet on move.

Tzinah Records: Which underground house DJ or producer would you love to take out for a summer picnic? With which artist (from any music genre) would you spend 24 hours stuck in an elevator?
Tiberiu: I think I’ll like to spend 24 hours stuck in a elevator with Barac, and also I’ll enjoy taking him to picnic, I’m in love with the studs that he put in differit songs, not really the song that I enjoy,but the sounds that he uses in his projects are very natural.

Tzinah Records: Have you already played in your most-dreamed about venue? Which one is that?
Tiberiu: I played in a lot of festivals and good clubs in our country and also abroad , but for me my dream event is to play music in midi club , I don’t now maybe for others is nothing but that club shaped my personality and music culture and growing with it made it on my bucket list.

Tzinah Records: What motivates you to be an active part of the underground movement?
Tiberiu: Keep on moving, keep on growing, being part of this allows me to be in a continue research in music , finding new elements and emotions describing tracks that I like to share.

Tzinah Records: What’s your favorite type of breakfast?
Tiberiu: My moms sandwich and tea.

Tzinah Records: What do you do when the music is not playing?
Tiberiu: I enjoy to play football, visiting places a never been before , go out in nature and watching movies.

Tzinah Records: What’s the story behind your Tzinah Family Podcast? How did you record it and are there released or unreleased tracks?
Tiberiu: The story is quiet a funny one, I tried to make this mix for a long time but I couldn’t find a good time and place, so in one free weekend I went to visit my girlfriend in Oradea, and there is our DINSUBSOL studio and we started to play some music and after a few hours a decide to record my vision for Tzinah Family Podcast. Most of the tracks are from my vinyl collection and few of them are unreleased received from good friends that are also playing and making music.

Tzinah Records: Are there any of your plans/upcoming projects that you would like to share with us? Where can we see you play next?
Tiberiu: Slowly I started to buy things for my little studio , I hope that you will reach for me from my own productions not only for the music I play.

Tzinah Records: Supposing you come back reading this interview in 10 years from now; could you try saying something to your future-self?
Tiberiu: Thanks for beliving in me Tiberiu.

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