TZH027 // Puicea – Pasarele Sub Soare EP incl. Double Dash, Iar

For this new release we present to you the other half of Public Order, Puicea, who crawls through the underground of Bucharest and brings to our ears ‘Pasarele Sub Soare EP’. For remixing we bring the pure italian taste, Double Dash, and also a new romanian artist in our team, Iar, who started to draw attention at labels like Pleasure Zone Records and Retoric Vibe. ‘Pasarele Sub Soare EP’ is starting with ‘Briz’ which is slow and hard at the same time. You don’t know what to expect from it’s beats and percutions. In the end you’ll fall in love with this groove, with it’s unexpectancy and weirdeness. As for the remix, Double Dash does the job, nice groove, nice atmosphere, these boys are back! All smooth this track is great for afterhours and lovely moments. ‘Pasarele Sub Soare’ comes and complets this EP with a sound brought straight from nature, from the middle of the woods, we dont wanna come back from that place, do you ? That’s why Iar’s remix stays there, in that place, where we listen to those birds singing over and over again, kind of finishing the story and telling us what matters more, and that is nature. Remixed by the great italian duo Double Dash, who recently release with us a great EP, and by Iar, who’s also preparing a future release with us, our new romanian artist Puicea makes his first message heard out there through our family, Tzinah Records.

Puicea – Pasarele Sub Soare EP [TZH027] (incl. Double Dash & Iar) is supported by Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Andrew Grant, Dani Casarano, Felipe Valenzuela, Gel Abril, Mirco Violi, Daniel Sanchez, Superlounge, Andre Butano, Guti, Someone Else,Jorge Savoretti, Kolombo, Davide Benedetti, Andrea Loche, Jason Hodges, Lowris, Stefano Lotti, Nexus, Edground, Camiel Daamen, Seb Zito and many others!

Feedbacks :
Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Luciano: thanks!
Andrew Grant: Support
Dani Casarano: nice music, my fav track is double dash remix
Felipe Valenzuela: originals for me! support.
Gel Abril: cool deepness in here tnx
Mirco Violi: Double Dash remix for me
Daniel Sanchez: Iar Remix, great 1
Superlounge: Thank you for the music! Nice
Andre Butano: nice tracks , cool package , thankssss
Guti: Downloading. Thanks
Someone Else: tracks 1 and 4 for me
Jorge Savoretti: nice breakbeat track!
Kolombo: Downloading… thnx
Davide Benedetti: Double Dash for me! Thx!
Andrea Loche: Thanks for the Release !! really good sound ! Full Support for Tzinah Records
Jason Hodges: Double Dash Remix is the cut!
Lowris: Nice vibe on Briz, deep underground shit !Thx :)
Omar Salgado : Full support… I love Briz… and Double Dash Remix.
Stefano Lotti: Nice E.P. Thank you!
Nexus: double dash remix for me !! thank you !
Pelle: Briz Original for me! Super!
Edground: Very nice EP. My fav is Pasarele Sub Soare. What a deep !!!???!!
Camiel Daamen: Cool tracks! Briz original is supernice! Also Pasarele Sub Soare Iar remix is wicked!
Voltereto: ………… Double Dash is great , Love this groove , thx !
Drummer: Briz original and remix double dash is the special one for me,great track this one…I´ll play for sure…thankyou so much
Seb Zito: nice ep, full support.
Michy Rodriguez: Downloadin’! Thanks
Nadja Lind: both orig. are ACE! will also try the Iar Rmx. thanks
Zeitgeist: Really love the Iar Remix, really moody and atmospheric, excellent track
Psykoloco: Briz is a bomb ! like the remix by Iar ;) will play for sure ;)
Mon: nice ep! support!
Blackmambo: Nice EP !
Sebas Ramis: nice ep!! for meBriz and Pasarele Original!!
Francesco Farfa: listening and downloading for Chus, thank you very much!
Caspar: nice release, briz original and remix is it for me! thanks
Frann Delice: very nice &complete ep ;)
DJ BEE: Excellent. Calidad 100%
Farfan: thanks for great ep, support from me! ;)
JP Chronic: nice ep, thanks for sending
Hippie Torrales: Nice grooves. Workin.
Nick Hollyster: Double Dash remix for me. Thanks for the music
DjSossa: nice ..
Matteo Gatti: lets try out !!! thanks !!!
Holchin: Great, ep! Support and download!
Venitez: great music!
Crocodile Soup: great ep!
Victor Polo: good song!
Luis Groove: Pasarele Sub Soare and Briz are nice. Will test it. Thanks for the music!
Toni Espagne: Good work… The original is my favourite
Venitez: support @ 2702 online radio
Blagoj Rambabov: Double Dash remix is outstanding im really in to it,will play it for sure
Primarie: Super tracks! full support!
Archie Hamilton: Awesome package, loving Pasarele Sub Soare Orig and Briz Orig
David Oniani: Puicea – Pasarele Sub Soare (Original Mix) excellent! Thank you!)
Mikhail Lopez: great very good track!
Miguel Garji: Great e.p. Full support, thanks
Zotist: Good release, briz original for me ;) ty
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta / AMDJS Radio Show : Dig the stuff!
Moliner: Briz is my choice, nice groove with a chunky percussion, loving the melancholic pad. Looking forward to hearing more stuff from this artist
Houmz: Briz Original for me !!!!! thx
Dance One Radio: Good.
Label Leaks: Good EP ! Like Pasarele Sub Soare (Original Mix)
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta / AMDJS Radio Show : Dig the stuff!
Ferro: Briz Original for me ! like it!
Dirty Culture: Double Dash !
Dj AX: All the tunes sounds really good, Pasarele Original is my fav, full support
Tomika: in love with the Double Dash remix!
Rhadow: double dash remix sounds good. thanks!
Dai Zon: great ep. double dash remix for me
Max D. Blas: Amazing groove!
Little Hado: originals for me !! thanks
Iuly.B: Iar’s remix is smooth and good !
Adrianho: Briz . original mix. for me . thx
Sapriori: best EP on tzinah in a long time
Wayne Brett: Nice EP but perhaps a little too deep for me…
Madeni: great ep! thanks
Guy From Downstairs: Great sound, originals and remixes! Pasarele all over the place!
Baraso: Wow! Nice Package! Love both originals thx!
Chago Mota: Nice deep package!! Double Dash remix is hotness!!
Deep J: Both originals for me, thanks!
JP Chronic: will try them, thanks :)
Chris Hirose: Briz is my pick here!
Dj Kelemen: sub soare is realy nice,thx
Dj Greg P: Cool and Exclusive tracks!!!
DJ_KIK: Deepness release !
Pako Mike Dj: Thanks Guys!!!!Support!!!!
DjAlexia: Very Nice DEEEEEp House Full Support! Dj Alexia ;)
Hozoc: Briz, original and Double Dash remix for me! Thanks
Chris DB: Love the originals . Nice work !
Arthuro: Nice EP full support ! Briz org is very nice
Max D. Blas: Great Work!
Just D’light: Briz works for me! :)
Joachim Marijnen: nice ep
Oliviu: Great release. Double Dash remix for me. Thank you!
Narcissa: nice groove!
Mihai.T: Great release , Briz Original mix for me!! . Thanks

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