Primarie // Tzinah Podcast // September 2018

It is pretty obvious why Primărie plays music, his purpose is to raise the frequencies all around and to bring in good vibes. Given his abilities to translate various influences, he is making people dance, meditate and heal themselfs through the power of the groove and high frequency vibrations. It’s hard to describe in words the positive vibe flooding the crowd at any of Primărie’s gigs.
Playing marathons at infamous after-parties, presenting his groovy sound in small packed clubs, inducing smiles on underground dance floors. Constantly searching for the perfect rhythm, Primărie managed to capture the hype around the Romanian electronic wave into his own label: Tzinah Records. No artistic bullshit, no experiments, just tunes covering a huge territory between techno and minimal house, designed for the most pretentious dance floors!
Being a good A&R, Primărie gathered many unreleased tunes mesmerizing his sets. With various electronic influences it is pretty hard to tag Primărie’s minimal house style, though his sound is powerful enough to make a statement on its own.


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