Known as Objectif, Hedi Dabbabi tunisian young DJ producer was born April 22, 1990. As a teenager he bathes in a musical universe, beginning his initiation early on, he was able to make a name between the gods of the underground art scene. In 2011, Objectif continued his career beyond the borders of his native country by moving to the city of Bucharest European temple of anti-culture and electro, famous for its never-ending nights. He began his productions in 2012 influenced and supported by some of his elders (Rhadoo,Raresh, Petre Inspirescu, Villalobos ..) and sustained by some of them as well as Rhadoo,Barac, Herodot…. Versatile and bubbling with ideas, his musical achievements spans from jazz infused rhythms and classical and orchestral arrangements up to deep almost meditational dubbed sonic grooves. Unique, Hedi AKA Objectif aims to communicate to the international electronic music public an energy and an unusual talent by making the dance floors vibrate, and making an unforgettable name in the scene of the world’s underground electronic music.
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