Monetic // Interview // Tzinah Podcast // May 2017 //

Monetic – dj and musician since 2001. Born in the east of Russia in Vladivostok when move to Moscow he starts searching his own music style in minimalistic and deep manner. Influence – music as itself – drum and bass or hip hop, techno or disco – we are strong because the Roots.
Started as scratch master in alternative band, walked across the bass and broken music Monetic just start to find himself again and again. Love, peace and unity…Future as the salvation. Released on Tzinah, Cyclic, Bondage.
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Tzinah Records: To start with, please, recommend us something to listen to while we go through this interview. It can be anything.
Monetic: I would definitely recommend to check out Dj Sodeyama in Dommune Studio, Goldie XLR8 podcast.

Tzinah Records: Could you remember when and where have you felt it for the first time that you were to become a music artist?
Monetic: The first time I ever felt I wanted to be a musician was at 8 years old, when I begged my dad to buy me an acoustic guitar. Since I can remember, I have always wanted to play in a band, so that guitar was a symbolic start of my journey.

Tzinah Records: Why did you choose to create and play this particular type of music? Are there any artists that touched you deeply while developing your own style?
Monetic: There is a very large list of artists that influenced me, from old school hip-hop all the way to bass music. So it was a logical development of my music taste that brought me to where I am today.

Tzinah Records: Please, briefly, describe for us, the current state of the underground music scene in the place you come from. Is it any good?
Monetic: I come from a city on the Far-East of Russia – Vladivostok. In 2015 the underground stage had experienced a 180 degrees turn and became the main source of musical attraction there. But, it is declining now, that’s why I decided to relocate to Moscow where this type of movement is heavily diversed and supported.

Tzinah Records: Without giving out too much about your secret weapons, please tell us how does the magic work in your production routine. Software? Analog? What does your DJ set-up imply?
Monetic: As far as production goes, there aren’t many secrets. I rely on Logic Pro X and old school samples from 50s to 80s. My personal touch would be searching for interesting film dialogue or an interview with a well known artist, sample it and change till you can’t tell what it was originally. I am a cinematic lunatic really.

Tzinah Records: What are the aspects of your daily life that are influencing the shape and sound of the music that you currently make?
Monetic: I always try to devote some time during the day exclusively for writing new music. Turned it to a discipline really: you don’t wait for the inspiration to hit you before, just go straight in and it will come to you eventually. Nature, art, architecture and old movies –
these are my primary sources of inspiration.

Tzinah Records: Which underground house DJ or producer would you love to take out for a summer picnic? With which artist (from any music genre) would you spend 24 hours stuck in an elevator?
Monetic: Ok, picnic is reserved for D.A.L.I exclusively. The elevator ride would be fun with Natalie Imbruglia. Don’t ask.

Tzinah Records: Have you already played in your most-dreamed about venue? Which one is that?
Monetic: I was «this» close to play in Womb (Tokyo), but that mountain hasn’t been conquered yet. So far, the greatest venue I’ve been were the mountains in Toyama (JAP).

Tzinah Records: What motivates you to be an active part of the underground movement?
Monetic: Freedom of expression, I guess. A chance at sincerity without boundaries.

Tzinah Records: What’s your favourite type of breakfast?
Monetic: Porridge. With honey. That shit is dope.

Tzinah Records: What do you do when the music is not playing?
Monetic: Read books, watch movies, walk around the city, admiring the streets. Man, I’m old.

Tzinah Records: What’s the story behind your Tzinah Family Podcast? How did you record it and are there released or unreleased tracks?
Monetic: Podcast was recorded live in a Moscow studio on a Nexus DJ-set. All of the tracks are official releases.

Tzinah Records: Are there any of your plans/upcoming projects that you would like to share with us? Where can we see you play next?
Monetic: Plans: create as much music as I possibly can, growing as an artist and engineer. My next release is schedule for summer on Baile Music Records.

Tzinah Records: Supposing you come back reading this interview in 10 years from now; could you try saying something to your future-self?
Monetic: I would say: don’t waste time. Make your life as productive as possible.


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