Mar 03: Tzinah Showcase Madrid with Love from Primarie & Angel Mosteiro

Aiming at spreading a unique sound that combines all elements that are surrounding our soul everyday and interact with our lives, we are a family of like-minded people, each of us brings together these elements to form diverse shades of deep house and techno patterns from the Romanian underground scene.



Angel Mosteiro

+ Residents.

Starts at 1AM

Private Club – Restricted access (only by invitation)

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Entity is an organization dedicated to the diffusion and promotion of new and established talents within the most cutting-edge and underground electronic music scene.

Our events are private and secret, only for our guests. The location will vary depending on the characteristics of the event.

Remember that when we do a double event (Friday and Saturday) you o my have to pay the members fee once and you’ll have access on both days! Crazy!!

Location will only be provided through private message or invitation. If you’re one of the lucky ones who’s already invited, congratulations. If not, don’t hesitate to ask for an invitation.

*Secret location Madrid (We’ll let you know the exact location a few hours before the event). IF YOU WANT TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATION AND BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT, CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK AND FILL OUT THE FORM:

Having filled out the form does not guarantee that you will become a member of the or that you will be able to participate and the event. All applications will be checked before the event



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