Junodownload Review: Mihai Pol – Late Summer LP / TZHA002


“Romanian upstart Mihai Pol is back with his album titled Late Summer for local imprint Tzinah and it is actually his second release for them since 2015’s Ideas EP. Starting out with the sunny deep house of “Summer” he then shows off his diversity of grooves; such as on the late night sexiness of “Val Gardena” or “Tampa”, the more rolling and abstract sounds of his local scene on “Wendy” or Crpytogram” which are truly geared for dancefloor trance induction. Add some glitchy and quirked out microhouse such as on “Wonder” or “Fuzz” (which are reminiscent of early Force Inc or Mille Plateaux) and you’ve got quite an impressive album on offer which explores a variety of moods and grooves. Highly recommended.”

Read on Junodownload here: http://www.junodownload.com/products/mihai-pol-late-summer-lp/3309114-02/


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