Iunsub Review: Rave Roumanie, Rêve Techno – Tzinah Records

1622729_593651200720937_1006071992_nRomania is not, in principle, a nation that attracts party-animals. Romania is commonly associated to glue-sniffing junkies, denatured alcohol lovers and haunted post-soviet lost souls.  Don’t be so sure ! Open your ears and get rid of those clichés only good to feed the boring Sunday talks at Auntie Caroline’s place.
For a dozen years already, the Romanian scene, Arpiar as the spearhead, refreshes techno with a new production approach and a resolutely underground party spirit as Sunwaves for peak which takes place every year along the Black Sea beaches.

Read all the review about Tzinah Records here http://iunsub.be/actualite-news-dj/rave-roumaine-reve-techno-tzinah-records.

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