TZH034 // Hansel! – Abstrakt EP incl. Javier Carballo, Primarie

Because in Romania we still find talented people that would live just with beats and rhythm, we uncover for you Hansel!. From the north of our country he comes forward presenting his best material of ‘Abstrakt’ music, beats and minimal journeys. On our trip to reveal this EP we hooked up the father of Overall Music, Javier Carballo, and our authentic soldier Primarie. With recent releases at Kina Music and Leone Music, on ‘Abstrakt EP’, Hansel! reveals his more deepy and experimental part, with ‘Praalin’ he finds a smoothy groove compiled together with aggressive beats and super happy minimal percussions letting us wonder what the crowd whispers in the background. The claps, drums, and all the other percussions are arranged perfectly to move your shoes fast. Javier Carballo’s remix is another great weapon, delivered after ‘Yo Soy Esa’ from our last VA, here he comes with the same tricky sound, the same perfect groove. He plays with the snares, with all the drums and he let’s the people scream even more. Now passing over to ‘Titlee Lost’, Hansel! again builds up slowly the perfect rhythm creating a massive deep house track. He has ‘turned back’ to basics and wants ‘all the people’ to follow him. At least that what the accapella says. What would you sing? Well Primarie had the chance to sing and he’s also ‘turned back’. Being so he constructs another smooth rhythm and it fills it up with all kinds of percussions, hats and shakers, getting all the deepnes out of the main synths. Playing also with own minimalistic drums and snares, the ‘Genau’ remix is great for after-hours and laid back parties. With future releases on our label, Hansel! is another great Romanian artist and we’re happy to release him. Happy for the pure underground remix from Spanish soldier Javier Carballo and happy to make our presence in the after-hour parties with a great remix from Primarie. From Tzinah with Love.

Hansel! – Abstrakt EP [TZH034] incl Javier Carballo and Primarie is supported by Richie Hawtin, Raresh, Robert Dietz, Gel Abril, Paco Osuna, Butch, tINI, Livio & Roby, Felipe Valenzuela, Guido Durante, Seb Zito, Leon, Carlos Sanchez, Hector, Patrice Meiner, Maximiljan, Roon, Davide Benedetti, Mihai Popoviciu, Horatio, Deltano, Maertz, Re-UP, Federico Luchetti, Jorge Savoretti, Deepshape, benoit.tsugi, Camiel Daamen, Edgar De Ramon, Stefano Lotti, Andrea Loche, Psykoloco, Andy Spinelli, John Dimas, Clio, Joachim, Faster, Scan Mode, Sonodab and many more.

Feedbacks :
Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Raresh: pralinn for me . thanks
Robert Dietz: hansel is my personal next big thing. please send wav! thanks.
Gel Abril: great as usual tnx!
Paco Osuna: downloaded thanks :)
Butch: javier for me
Roby: Nice! I like Pralinn, Thanks
Felipe Valenzuela: pralinn original is my favourite. the complete package anyway is super nice!!!
Seb Zito: Full support on this on as always great stuff from ou guys
Leon: i like it :)
Guido Durante: Hansel! is for sure one of the greatest new talents, his tracks are what I’m searching at the moment. thx
Carlos Sanchez (Supernature/Overall/8bit): carballo is on fire!! full support
Hector: Great ep and javier Carballo is on fire !!
Mirco Violi: good carballo remix
Patrice Meiner: great tracks my favs are pralinn original , javier carballo rmx and primaries genau rmx…all have a place in my sets!
Maximiljan: Very cool EP. Titlee Lost Oiriginal is my Fav. full support! thx
Roon: wonderful Ep! will test it for sure!my pick is primarie’s genau remix:)
Mihai Popoviciu: i like both versions of pralinn and will try out! thanks!
Davide Benedetti: Caballo rmx spin me round round!!!
Horatio: super ep
Deltano: Great stuff! will play
Maertz: Nice release again, my fav Pralinn (Original Mix), I will play for sure. Thanks so much!!!
Re-UP: Nice smooth ep from our mate Hansel! keep up the good work! Re-UP
Federico Luchetti: ”Titlee’ Lost” is super! full support
Jorge Savoretti: Javier RMX is great but all good :)
Deepshape: Javier Carballo remix – I love this beat
benoit.tsugi: Pralinn original for me
Camiel Daamen: Ace stuff from Tzinah again!!
Edgar De Ramon: Realy nice stuff, i’ll plsy , thank you :)
Stefano Lotti: Nice E.P. Thank you!
Andrea Loche: Thanks for the music !! Primarie’s Genau Remix for me !!
Psykoloco : Nice Ep, Javier Carballo remix for me , thnx ;)
Andy Spinelli: great ep!! full support!!! thanks!!
John Dimas: Javier’s rmx rocks !!!
Andrew Technique: nice ep
Clio: Hansel makes great music ! really love ”Lost” and ”Pralinn”
Joachim (Sound Architecture): Really like Titlee’s lost and the last track..
Randall M: really nice ep
Nuno Clam: Javier Carballo Remix for me. Thank you
Fabio Neural: Javier Caballo rmx is mine
DJSOSSA: nice…
Faster: The originals are very cool! Thanks !
Scan Mode: Javier Carballo Remix is my fav here,thanks
Sonodab: Cool ep :)Titlee’ lost both for me.Thanks.
Mariano Mateljan: Love it all but Carballo Remix stands out for me here!
Gianluca Gaffi: nice pack thanks
Drummer: very good stuff,cool remix from Javier Carballo…thankyou very much
Oshana: Nice tracks. Pralin (original) and Primarie remix are top
Frank Hurman: prallin(javier carballo rmx) & titlee lost for me,good work!! i like it
Nicco ( Recline-Bla Bla – Resopal ): Nice music , thanks
Colin Chiddle (Art of Dark): Titlee Lost is real nice! Supporting
Lars Wickinger (So What Music): I like Track 3. (Original)! Thanks
Chembass: Titlee’ Lost (Original Mix) for me! very nice stuff! thanks!
Djohnny (Overall Music): tittle lost org and javier carballo remix, full support
Alexandar Kyosev: really cool tracks !!!
Christian Hawk (High Definition Rec): Javier’s for me!
Nexus DJ: Pralinn original sounds great, thank you !!!
Isaac Fabregat ( Kiara Records): Another nice release of Tzinah, Pralinn org & Javier Remix for me, other tracks are good also. Thanks
Enrico Saba aka C_sky: Very nice ep..Thanks
Wade Bennett: lovely stuff hear, thanks
Dr.Needles: Cool Sound, Thanks.
Andrea Bigi: Javier Carballo Rmx for me ;) thanks
Alo & Ritu: Support for all the ep. both the original are our favorite. thank you
Mousse T.: no 1
Message Body:
Ferro: Very Nice Pralinn Original Mix!
Tony Jaguar: downloading, thanks
Nick Chatelain: downloading for nick & danny chatelain, support!
Jose Armas: Big Carballo…Nice Track…
Dalbe: Javier Carballo for me …Thx
Archie Hamilton: Both Mixes of Pralinn for me, thanks
Francesco Zani: pralinn and titleè lost for me!!support tzinah!!!
Toni Moreno: Javier Carballo rmx for me, full support on Ibiza Global Radio, thanks!
Dj Kelemen: Mr Carballos mix is my fav,thx
Blagoj Rambabov: yet again no surprises, stunning release from tzinah,all around tracks good but my pick here is titlee lost original and primarie remix
Chris Hirose: as usual javier’s one is muy caliente!
Matteo Gatti: good for tonite .. carballo remix for me ! very smooth ….nice
Mr.John: full support for all ep.great job mr. hansel,and tzinah too!thnx
Primarie: Love the originals!
Crocodile Soup: Great Ep!!! Love all tracks!!! One love Tzinah!
Adrianho: Javier Carballo for me , thanks !
Guy From Downstairs: Thanks. Primarie remix, really diggin` that! :)
Mon (Pild Records – Basswalk Records): great tracks!
Francesco Zani: Support this!!!
Baraso: Hard to choose! Really nice! Thx
D.Jordan: thank x the music,good vibes¡
Coeptis: Titlee’ Lost (Original Mix) is the one for me!
Vltereto: ……………… Music is my life , thx , Javier Carballo for me !
Chris DB: Pralinn original mix foe me ! Hansel rocks !
Madeni: Another interesting Release! Prallin Remix andTitlee’ Lost (Original ) for me… tnx
Isaac Silva: Javier Carballo Remix
Rods Novaes: ”prallin” original and remix for me! thanks!
JJ Mullor: Nice!
Just D’light: I love Pralines, original version the most… :D
Briosa: Primarie remix is the winner for me! big thx, keep up the solid releases!
Frann Delice: Javier Remix for me!!! Thanks!!
Cabi: Digging Javier Carballo’s remix. Nice groove
Hozoc: nice tracks, Pralinn original and Primarie remix for me. Thank you
Alex Caro: Pralinn (Javier Carballo Remix) for me. Thank’s
Tomika: amazing EP
Heyos: Good work! Thanks :)
Chago Mota: Really nice tracks!
Ciprian Iordache (Microtech Records) : original mixes for me ! thanks folks
Holchin: Great ep. pralinn for me, Good stuff Tzinah records.
Manali Shah: Nice!

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