Fady // Tzinah Podcasts // Interview // April 2012 //

Born in december í78, in Bucharest, Fady was always attracted to music and clubs. Ever since childhood he thought that DJís are doing an incredible thing and couldnít realize what life would have been without music.
At he age of 22 he starts mixing tracks on his computer. In the same year, as he was in Ibiza, he made up his mind and become a DJ.
He starts with some computer mixes, and, after a while, he considers it was about time to buy his own players and mixer. As he got here, the first gig was on the way.
He played in clubs like Silver, Studio Martin, Goa, Kado, Mojito Beach, Kudos Beach, Ultima Playa, Khemia(Bacau), Escape (Targoviste), Backstage (Slatina)etc. and participated in the Extreme Beach Dj contest. He was on the second place.
He a resindent at Silver Club, one of the best after- hour clubs in Bucharest.
He was even invited in some radio shows like Live mix @ ONE Fm, One Guest @ One FM, BPM @ MiniSat Targoviste, Dance Floor @ TribalMixes Radio and Sounds of Electro @ Delta FM.

Tzinah Records Fady’s interview:

1. So how did all begin for you?
Fady: Well…i had allway’s been at party’s, knowing people, making friends, knowing Dj’s, then I tried to play with some software on my pc… it was fun…I wanted more…so I was buying my own mixer and players asap …and this is how the story begins.
2. Where did your name came from?
Fady: From my ID !!! Hahahaha
3. What brought you more close to the house music?
Fady: I’ve had a friend, who got some new mixes , and he give some …love it a lot !
4. Did the djing or production came first for you? Tell us about your roots.
Fady: The Djing first…and then I tried to make some my own sounds…It was hard at the beginning, but I worth for me, I love when I play a track that I just finished !
5. What was the first important event that you played at? How did it feel?
Fady: Every party is very important ! Every event is unique !
6. Who’s throwing the best parties in your opinion?
Fady: Everyone who knows how to make a good event, pick the right place, right location, the right dj’s and there u have a party !
7. Which other contries have you played ?
Went to a lot of party’s outside my country but I never had the chance to play some music…but I hope this will happened soon.
8. What do you think about the music scene in your contry? What is your opinion about european underground music scene , new tallents, old producers, what do you think about romanian artists?
Music scene….constant growing ! About European underground music scene I like that it’ changes, always…new sound’s,new people, like in our life, reinventing. The Romanian artist’s…what shouls I say…look at the party’s headliners all over the world…u will find one Romanian at least !
9. If you could pick one place you would like to play where would it be and why ?
Let’s see….Ibiza for sure…on a beach ! I love to play on the beach ! ☺
10. Do you see yourself being a dj all your life?
Nope ! U see…this is a passion for me, but I can’t make a living for it .
11. Out of all tunes you have made , which one you think ‘never fails’?
Hot Couture for sure , but I think it all depends on the time u are playing and choose the right tracks !
12. Which artists inspires you the most ?
All…realy…and I like to sort my music to find more tracks and more new artist’s ,u know .. reinventing…
13. Are you focusing more on djing or on production right now?
Got some hardware problems right now so…for now Djing, and hope very soon to make some new sounds as well .
14. When you’re not working, when the party is over, how do you like to chill out?
Listen to some music…having a talk with friends…with my girl.
15. What projects are you working on at the moment?
I think I responded to this question upside…
16. Describe your relationship with our label from your point of view.
Young team, open to new things, new sounds ! what can I say more…passion

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