Damien K Sahri

Damien K. Sahri is a young artist from NYC. Producer, dj and engineer, music has been his passion for a long time. Living in Paris, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Buenos Aires and Berlin, he plays, organizes and takes part of the major underground events of the world. Through his travels, Damien K. Sahri is always offering a unique vision of electronic music to experienced crowds around the world. His minimal grooves are based on a modern blend of very different types of sound. He gets his influence from various cultural backgrounds and always manages to blend heavy, bassy hypnotic techno music to a wide diversity of sonic references from the four corners of the world. Damien K. Sahri gets his inspiration from the dance floor and countless hours of partying in the best clubs of the world but also from his trips and all the different kinds of cultural experiences he has gone through. In collaboration with a lot of upcoming artists, Damien K. Sahri is undeniably someone you should follow from up close. He will continue his progression towards the peeks of musical evolution and his passion for music and partying promises you many more nights of mayhem and other mental getaways.

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