Vern // Interview // Tzinah Podcast // September 2020 //

Catalin Chifan aka Vern wars born in Romania, Constanta. His passion for music started 10 years ago when he was first introduced to electronic music festivals in Constanta, intially familiar with techno through deep grooves and minimalistic sounds. His background made him capable to be inspired from a variety of music styles. The appreciation of different grooves managed to develop his abilities as a producer. Catalin’s sounds are considered unique in their essence due to his profound dedication to discover new music patterns helped him to be capable of manipulation of the deepest sounds.
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Tzinah Records: To start with, please, recommend us something to listen to while we go through this interview. It can be anything.
Vern: Avishai Cohen Trio – Remembering

Tzinah Records: Could you remember when and where have you felt it for the first time that you were to become a music artist?
Vern: The first time was when I did my first loop in fruity loops. (A kick. A clap and a simple bass) It sounded terrible but I was very confident and I started to learn slowly.

Tzinah Records: Why did you choose to create and play this particular type of music? Are there any artists that touched you deeply while developing your own style?
Vern: Because there are no rules. Because you can experiment without limits and because you can get a story out of some simple noises. You can play with a sound and give it a new identity in your story. There are many, many artists I like. Janeret, Silat Beksi, Dewalta, Afriqua, Ricardo, Archie Hamilton and the list is very long.

Tzinah Records: Please, briefly, describe for us, the current state of the underground music scene in the place you come from. Is it any good?
Vern: I come from Constanta where once the scene was very strong. Unfortunately, lately the parties have been very few. I hope it gets better soon.

Tzinah Records: Without giving out too much about your secret weapons, please tell us how does the magic work in your production routine. Software? Analog? What does your DJset-up imply?
Vern: At the moment I only use software and a small midi keyboard. In the future I would like to add some hardware in the setup. The best times are in the morning with a coffee when the mind is calm. I try to move pretty quickly with the basic structure. Kick bass hats and further add movement elements that connect with each other.

Tzinah Records: What are the aspects of your daily life that are influencing the shape and sound of the music that you currently make?
Vern: I think the most important aspects are the feeling of peace and freedom. Then it seems to me that I can put something deep on the,, sheet.,,

Tzinah Records: Which underground house DJ or producer would you love to take out for a summer picnic? With which artist (from any music genre) would you spend 24 hours stuck in an elevator?
Vern: Ricardo Villalobos for the picnic and Hans Zimmer for the elevator

Tzinah Records: Have you already played in your most-dreamed about venue? Which one is that?
Vern: Not yet. But I hope Berlin or London soon

Tzinah Records: What motivates you to be an active part of the underground movement?
Vern: The fact that I received good reactions from people.

Tzinah Records: What’s your favorite type of breakfast?
Vern: Eggs and a strong coffe )

Tzinah Records: What do you do when the music is not playing?
Vern: When I don’t work all day, I prefer all kinds of activities. Nature walks, fifa or a quality sleep.

Tzinah Records: What’s the story behind your Tzinah Family Podcast? How did you record it and are there released or unreleased tracks?
Vern: It is a combination of released song and some upcoming releases. The mix is recorded at home in the morning

Tzinah Records: Are there any of your plans/upcoming projects that you would like to share with us? Where can we see you play next?
Vern: Yes. I have some ep`s ,almost done but I’m thinking about the final arrangements. About the events, unfortunately, were postponed.

Tzinah Records: Supposing you come back reading this interview in 10 years from now; could you try saying something to your future-self?
Vern: it’s worth the effort

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