My name is Dan Primaru, I’m a DJ, owner and manager of Romanian label Tzinah Records and we’re contacting you with two offers for your events:

1. Primărie – available for booking –
Playing marathons at infamous after-parties, presenting his groovy sound in packed clubs, inducing smiles on underground dance floors. Constantly searching for the perfect rhythm, Primărie managed to capture the hype around the Romanian electronic wave into his own label: Tzinah Records. No artistic bullshit, no experiments, just tunes covering a huge territory between techno and minimal house, designed for the most pretentious dance floors!
Primarie [Tzinah Family]: Podcasts and Recordings
Primarie Releases / Discography (Original tracks and Remixes)

2. Tzinah Records Showcase Event. Our record label has now over 160 artists that we can showcase and do events with, they are all around Europe and not only, we will remind here a few ones: Dani Casarano, Felipe Valenzuela, Nima Gorji, Funk E, Julie Marghilano, Miss Jools, Seb Zito, Jessica Diaz, Ferro, Ilario Liburni, Archie Hamilton, Javier Carballo, Julian Perez, Hermanez, Deaf Pillow, Maki Polne, U-More, Arapu, Dubsons, Posh111, Vadim Svoboda, Cosmjn, Cally, Mihai Pol, Costin Rp, etc. Basically we can showcase any artist that has a release on Tzinah Records. Until now we had showcases in Berlin, London, Austria, Holland, France, Spain and, of course, Romania.
Tzinah Family Agency DJS: Primarie, M-Phunk, Mr.John, Hansel!, Adrianho, Alex Kravitz, Vid aka Egal 3, Chazzy Chaz, Faster, Crocodile Soup, Jamie Lie a Kwie, Little Hado, Jozhy K, Silat Beksi, Patrice Meiner, Adam Touch, Claudia Amprimo, Plusculaar, Psykoloco, Herck, iON, Alex Rusu, Metafore, vlf, alter (visuals).

www.tzinahrecords.info – Official website;
www.facebook.com/tzinahrecords – Tzinah Records facebook page;
www.facebook.com/tzinahfamily – Tzinah Family Agency facebook page;
www.soundcloud.com/tzinah-records – Soundcloud profile.


Our South-American Artists are:
Felipe Valenzuela
Dani Casarano

Alejandro Vivanco – Santiago, Chile
He Did – Lima, Peru
Deaf Pillow – Lima, Peru
Christian Berger – Lima, Peru
GhostHorse – Lima, Peru
Jessica Diaz – Cordoba, Argentina
Cossmos – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Wender A. Rods Novaes – Brazil
Dee Bufato – Sao Paolo, Brazil
Millidiu, Rio Grande do Sul – Brasil
Kike Mayor – Broklyn, NY
Claudia Amprimo – Lima, Peru – December

Hope to hear from you soon and start a good collaboration! From Tzinah with Love! Have a good day! You can write us at hello@tzinahrecords.info.