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Kirik_Tzinah_RecordsKirill Kirik was born in the south of Ukraine in 1985. He started listening to an electronic music when he was quite young. Later he did the experiment in creating his music , but it was like a hobby until 2007. And, after a while, he considered that it was time for a serious action.At the beginning of 2008, his passion rapidly became with burning desire to learn how to play and produce his music.
KiRiK is a person with a great passion for a quality sound.His sound is constantly progressing and always strives to satisfy the crowd.This guy ,with his personal style , spacing from deep to tech, with powerful grooves , supported by the most biggest names of European Underground scene .

I listen to my feelings …I’m always experimenting with sounds, what I will make in the future I do not know , I do what I feel.

Tzinah Records interview

Tzinah Records: So how did all begin for you?
Kirik: As a child I have found music like rock and rap, to be a listener is good but then I wanted to do something of my own, so in 2002 I came across a simple program for making music … and until 2007 it was a hobby, then I discovered Ableton and started to take it seriously .

Tzinah Records: Where did your name came from?
Kirik: I simply took my real name and surname .

Tzinah Records: What role does the artist have in society in your opinion? Why do you do what you do?
Kirik: When for the first time I was on the dj decks and saw the satisfied people on the dance floor , I realized it’s addictive, their energy inspires me and everytime I want to come back as soon as possible, in the dj booth, and make people happy. I got a kick out of making music for a long time but my tracks were lying “on the shelf” for a long time, but eventually I started to play my tracks and I saw that people on dance floor love them, therefore I have extra energy and a desire to work more !

Tzinah Records: Why did you chose to play this music?
Kirik: This is what I feel inside , long time ago I played and made other kind of music , but now I just came to this sounds and I really like it . I listen to my feelings …I’m always experimenting with sounds, what I will make in the future I do not know , I do what I feel.

Tzinah Records: Describe a real-life situation that inspired you.
Kirik: I still play football and it inspires me.

Tzinah Records: What is your point of view on labeling genres? Music is so complex and genres get intermingled so often these days. What is your opinion regarding this blend and you think we should find names for them or just let them be?
Kirik: So many genres nowadays, that I don’t pay too much attention to it, I like the track or not , that’s all! If someone divides music genres is his personal opinion .

Tzinah Records: What do you think about the music scene in your country? What is your opinion about European underground music scene, new talents, old producers, what do you think about Romanian artists? Kirik: In Ukraine is a very difficult situation with the underground scene, only a few cities can see a really high quality party but not as often as we would like! In recent years there is a shift in a good way and it pleases me! Yes Europe is a completely different level, I have little experience in order to compare, what I saw amazed me.So my plan is to move to Europe. Now there are a lot of new artists that surprise me and is a very cool . About Romanian scene I would say that it has a big influence on my taste of music, I am constantly guided by Romanian artists, a lot of good examples, i think we have someone to learn from them !

Tzinah Records: If you could pick one place you would like to play where would it be and why?
Kirik: So difficult to answer this one, there’s a lot of places.

Tzinah Records: If you had the opportunity to change something about the music industry what would it be? Kirik: I think everything is going very well , don’t have to change anything , each holds its direction .

Tzinah Records: Out of all tunes you have made, which one you think ‘never fails’?
Kirik: In each song I put my soul’s fingerprint, but I want to mention my first release on vinyl “Wish You EP”, these 4 tracks on the album have a long story …also track “Stay body”, always in the top ;)

Tzinah Records: How do you see yourself changed over the years, both personal and music-wise and what did you learn?
Kirik: Yes of course I have gained experience, this year the first time I had gigs in Europe and realized that you need to work even more efficiently and and more and more diligently .

Tzinah Records: What inspires you to keep going and how do you keep yourself motivated?
Kirik: I listen to a lot of different music and get inspiration, if in a couple of weeks i don’t open ableton I understand that I can not go on living without it , it’s already a habit and I do not get tired of it , is a work from which you get pleasure .

Tzinah Records: What else do you do besides playing music?
Kirik: I am a professional football player and all time in parallel I make music, now I’m playing on amateur teams because devote my time to the music !

Tzinah Records: What makes you angry?
Kirik: I very rarely get angry, but when I do is because people often use profanity :)

Tzinah Records: What is your favorite food?
Kirik: I love to eat and have a lot of favorite foods, it’s seafood, mushrooms, pizza, sushi.I’m glutton lol :)

Tzinah Records: What computer/gear do you use?
Kirik: I work with Ableton and i use many vst’s but the focus is on samples I cut and change them, also use a dictaphone to record the sounds and use them.

Tzinah Records: It sounds quite easy to make music today, with the amount of software programs/synths being readily available for everyone. What do you think about this evolution?
Kirik: Yes is true , the number of DJs and producers is increasing, but even if you have a huge studio and a lot of equipment and you just buy and put samples without the experiencing and without using your imagination .. is not so easy ! It a long-term practice .

Tzinah Records: Dark electronic music has been never as “popular” throughout the scene as it has been in the past few years. Why do you think there is this newfound fascination for darker music?
Kirik: Growing number of DJs and producers in this area expands and the fans of dark music also, I think all of the styles are developed at the same time, some more, some less popular .

Tzinah Records: Do you have the fondness for playing vinyl or have you developed a preference for new media, such as CDs or a purely digital format?
Kirik: Earlier I played with CD now prefer a laptop and a controller, for me it is more convenient and comfortable, but once I said to myself: as soon as my first release will be released on vinyl I have to play on vinyl and now I must master this, I also have plans to play live. But overall I think it does not matter on what and how to play, the main thing to do it with love .

Tzinah Records: What are you working on at the moment? Any present and future projects that you want to share with us?
Kirik: I’m working on my album for Mulen, also soon will be a new EP for Novus and track in the VA for Memoria Recordings , a few vinyls but it’s still a secret ;)

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