TZHA007 // Pattern Tusk – Moment to Realise LP

Young and restless, Pattern Task is new on the stage. Filled with energy and with true vibes, he continues our album series with twelfe super techy tracks. Being the album season for us, we let him showcase his sound to the best, with a deep and precise hand. It’s the “Moment to Realise” we have so much inside us, and so much to share with the world. And this is what we do best, putting our feelings into sounds for the dance-floor. This is Pattern Tusk – Moment to Realise [TZHA007] from Tzinah with Love.
Pattern Tusk – Moment to Realise LP [TZHA007] is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Mihai Popoviciu, Jorge Savoretti, Arado, Bryz, Primarie, Ted Amber, Iuly.B, Mihai Pol, Costin Rp, vlf, Alex Rusu, Chad Andrew, Crescent, Sebastian Eric, Petit Batou, Suolo, Michel de Hey and many more! Thank you!
richie hawtin: “downloaded for r hawtin”
marco carola: “downloading for Marco carola: thanks”
joseph capriati: “downloading for joseph capriati: thanks !”
paco osuna: “Will try thanks
mihai popoviciu: “nice album here!”
Jorge Savoretti: “some interesting tracks here! will def play a bunch”
ARADO: “Really cool stuff: so trippy. Love it.”
BRYZ: Thanks!
Primarie: “Super duper tracks: love them all”
Ted Amber: “Really nice LP”
iuly.b: “Really nice stuff”
mihai pol: “thank you!”
Costin Rp: “ms frumos :)”
vlf: nice!
ALex Rusu: “love it ! thanks”
Chad Andrew: “Really nice release!!”
crescent: “great work : nice sound ! thnx a lot !”
Sebastian Eric: “niceee !! thank you”
Petit Batou: “Great LP! Moment to Realise: Carvin Star and The Birdhouse for me ! thanks”
Suolo: thanks. downloading
michel de hey: “thanks for this”
Dorothy’s Dream: “Amazing album! congrats”
fiL: energising!
arseniu: “very nice”
Gri: Nice Release. Boundary & Carvin Star for me! Thanks!!
Arthus: “nice LP thanks for send! will play :)”
Origins Of Time: “Awesome Album !!! will try all !!”
Vygo: “Some great stuff here! Thank you!!”
Bronxy: “Great! Thank you”
sossa: cool
petyt: gut
jack cheler: “nice full support”
Vern: “Pure gold here: one of my fav artist!”
Los Bastoneros: thanks
Tiberiu: “thank you!”
Pablo Cornejo: “Nice songs here: thanks for the music !”
Catalin Cristian: “Nice LP. Favorite track Carving Star!”
Bronxy: “Boundary awesome! Thank you for music”
Mau.: “Solid ep thanks !”
Razvan ban: “Thank you and keep up”
Mihut: “Thanks for the tunes.”
german luque: “nice album!! thank you family!”
Techu: “Thanks a lot!”
Osvit: “Cool LP!”
iON: “Strong LP”
Los Bastoneros: Thanks
Lurre: “Really nice LP! I can’t wait to play it!”
Podime: “Great Album: will try it out!”
Saboar: “Caterpillar & Third day power out Thanks!”
josh wicks: “top quality LP”
Sebes: “amazing ep! thanks”

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