TZH116 // Crescent – Imaginations EP incl. Gorbani, Sebastian Eric

The groove goes on, the groove comes back! The same with us, Tzinah goes around. For this marvelous EP, we get a groove from the past, we look anxious to the future and we come forth with Imaginations EP, by Crescent. With a great collaboration track made with Gorbani, and with a smashing remix by Sebastian Eric, this EP goes to favourite. When it’s in your “imaginations”, you write it down on a “pergament” especially if it’s “3 A.M”, this is the story of Imaginations EP, from Crescent, Gorbani and Sebastian Eric, from Tzinah with Love!â
Crescent – Imaginations EP [TZH116] incl. Gorbani, Sebastian Eric is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Tania Vulcano, Andrew Grant, Arapu, Lizz, Varhat, Mihai Popoviciu, David Gtronic, Iuly.B, Hector Moralez, Petar Cvetkovic, Prichindel, Primarie, Jamie Lie a Kwie, Crocodile Soup, Dean Marc, Deaf Pillow, Black/Tuesday, Cesar Merveille, Camiel Daamen, Jorge Savoretti and many more! Thank you!
richie hawtin: “downloaded for r hawtin”
marco carola: “downloading for Marco Carola, thanks”
Tania Vulcano: “Great Ep Gorbani 3 am super good!!!! thanks for the music!!!”
Andrew Grant: “Sick grooves, I like 3 A.M. a lot”
Arapu: “I will try it!”
lizz: “3 am for me. thank you”
varhat: “tank you for Tzinah Records – Crescent – Imaginations (Original Mix) Preview”
mihai popoviciu: “nice! will try 3AM”
David Gtronic: “Nice one thank you!!”
iuly.b: “nice ep, thanks!”
Hector Moralez: “Nice trax will play :)”
petar cvetkovic: “great one thank you”
prichindel: thanks!
Primarie: “mmmmmm yess!! loving these grooves”
Jamie Lie A Kwie: “Crescent is always good! Thank you”
Crocodile Soup: “Yess! Will play it!”
Dean Marc: “AMAZING thanks”
Black/Tuesday: “Great EP – Imaginations and Pergament stand out!”
Cesar Merveille: “Good stuff thanks for sending”
Camiel Daamen: Awesome!
Jorge Savoretti: “Imagination is my pick here!”
Haydn: “Nice ep!! Thanks!!”
Vincent Casanova: “Dope summer jams, many thanks!”
Costin Rp: “thanks :)”
patraulea: “cred ca sunteti singurul label ce creste pe calitate odata cu cantitatea.incredibil felicitari!”
Petrutt: “beautiful tracks, Thanks!”
Paradoxal: “Wow, top sound!”
scott kemp: “great pack again”
Petit Batou: “Great sound ! my favorite is 3 A.M, many thanks for the promo !”
Lurre: “Thank you for this dope EP, a lot of good artist on this one! Well done Tzinah.”
Vern: “Nice music ! hard to pick a favourite, thank you guys”
Vygo: “Thanks!! I like Imaginations…”
crescent: “bomb ! thnx !”
Enivrez Vous: “Fantastic ep! Thank u !”
gorbani: “This marvelous EP. Glad to be the part of it”
Millidiu: “3 A.M and imagination will go to the clubfloor well done”
bronson (RO): “The Gorbani collab. is just delicious and it steals the show aka hat off !”
podime: “Pergament is the one for me.”
GREGO G: “very very nice as always on tzinah ,thanx”
Los Bastoneros: “Nice ep! Thank you!”
vlf: thanks!
Valeriu: “Very energetic tracks. I like both versions of ‚Äúimaginations‚Äù. Sounds good.”
bizar: “nicely done guys looking forward for other good pieces.”
Sapir Viner: Thanks
Daniel broesecke: “Thank you!”
josh wicks: “thanks tzinah, always quality”
Little Hado: “nice one ! thanks”
Nova Caza: “Nice and deep ep again. Keep up the good work ! Thanx NC”
Jhobei: “3AM is the best here for me. Pumping and delicate. a+”
petyt: gut!
Amo: “3 A.M is a heater bomb for me, the entire EP is done well, all solid grooves and quality sounds :)”
Junker: Delicious!
fiL: “thank you!”
djsossa: cool
Rods Novaes: “Cool EP THanks!”
Andrea Speed: “3 am is dope…perfect for every night & day ! dope!”
danielle nicole: “cool sounds. thanks !”
Reverse: “GOOd job! Thanks”
Nici Frida: “great! Thank you!”
Adrianho: thanks!
Mau.: “super nice ep ! 3 A.M for me . thanks”
Angel Mosteiro: “Great release! Thanks!”
Franco Y Gael: “very cool music thnx !!”
sergej p: “nice thanks”
GhostHorse: Thanks
Jaime mayer: “solid EP!! will try it out! thanks for sharing !”
Mihut: “Super, super good. Thanks”
Marlie: “Thank you :)”
Pierre C: “Thank you !”
Chrivu,”great ep! seb eric remix for me”
Steve: Fantastic
Phoq: “Nice Ep ! 3 A.m for me”
Fady: “Imaginations for me, sounds good ! Thank you”

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