TZH115 // VA – Tzinah Diving Deep Session Three

We keep moving forward, we keep the rhythm groovy and we always keep an eye for new artists! With smooth tracks by Primarie, vlf, Sebastian Eric, Dragusanu, He Did, Mera, Emee and Turturu this VA is already so juicy. To make it special, as we like it, we say hello to new artists on our label like Tiril, Farao and Laza Stojanovic. This is VA – Tzinah Diving Deep Session Three from Tzinah with Love! Enjoy!
VA – Tzinah Diving Deep Session Three [TZH115] incl. Primarie, vlf, Sebastian Eric, Dragusanu, He Did, Mera, Turturu, Tiril, Farao, Emee, Laza Stojanovic is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Raresh, Javier Carballo, Jorge Savoretti, Giovanni Verrina, Vinyl Speed Adjust, Archie Hamilton, Negru, Deaf Pillow, Varhat, Hector Moralez, Suolo, Lizz, Hermanez, Primarie, Prichindel, Little Hado, Alex Rusu, Varoslav, Black/Tuesday, Ted Amber, Olivian Nour, Petar Cvetkovic, Iuly.B, Horatio, Dragutesku, Andu Simion, Jamie Lie A Kwie, Josh Wicks, Miroloja and many more! Thank you!
Feedbacks :
richie hawtin:”downloaded for r hawtin”
marco carola:”downloading for Marco Carola, thanks”
raresh:”mera’s track for me, merci fain”
javier carballo:”nice stuff here!!”
Jorge Savoretti:”nice tracks! sebastian eric is my pick here… bomb!”
Giovanni Verrina:”thanks guys always nice stuff :)”
VSA:”nice tracks! thanks”
Archie Hamilton:”Nice thanks :-)”
Negru:”Tiril tune sound phat as motha’fucka’! top”
Deaf Pillow:”Very Nice Release!” “FARAO – Unknown ONe
varhat:”very nice thank you”
Hector Moralez:”Nice release :)”
lizz:”He Did -solo el sabe for me”
Hermanez:”Amazing ! Nice family compilation again !”
prichindel:”nice selection. thank you”
Primarie:”:) every track is bomb! thank you to everyone involved! much love!”
Little Hado:”Nice VA ! Thanks”
Alex Rusu:”nice music ! thanks”
Varoslav:”Nice compilation here.good vibes .good trcks to play .thx”
Black/Tuesday:”Whole release is top… and Laza – Way Back :)”
Ted Amber:”Great selection! ++++”
Olivian Nour:thanks!
petar cvetkovic:”thank you”
iuly.b:”nice va, thanks!”
Horatio:”cool va”
Dragutesku:”Multumesc frumos!”
Andu Simion:”Thank you!”
Jamie Lie A Kwie:”Thank you! Farao & Tiril are my favs after first listen.”
josh wicks:quality
Miroloja:”Nice thanks ++”
Vygo:”Good stuff here! Thanks a lot!”
vern:”great pack as always! thanks a lot”
Petit Batou:”New amazing VA, full of hits ! Many thanks ! Petit Batou :)”
Lurre:”a lot of good artists on this V.A! well done tzinah! can’t wait to play it.”
Avidel:”Nice VA as always”
Millidiu:”Psycho Love , special Love it , but all V.A it’s good! thanks”
Daniel Broesecke:”some cool tracks here, thank you!”
Sapir Viner:”Always great to have some fresh music”
Chrivu:”great VA, thank you!”
Amo:”Top EP as always, Tzinah with Love!!”
Pawlo Tojeda:”great VA, top sounds, I like it, thx for music and full support”
Tobi More:”Very nice Collection :)”
Los Bastoneros:”Great EP!!! Really nice work.”
kristijan S:thanks!
iON:”Cool VA!”
anna banana:”some really good tracks , favourites are by vif, mera , turturu”
Junker:”Massive VA!”
valeriu:”nice tracks over all. i am into Laza Stojanovic’s vibe.”
Phoq:”All great tracks! Really love dragusanu one and Happy to discover new artists! Laza one sounds nice too !”
Andrea Speed:”Mera and Farao my fav! good job as always!”
crescent:”great VA ! thnx a lot !”
Franco Y Gael:”Very cool music thanks”
Mau.:”super pack ! thanks”
Bronxy:”Sebastian Eric top! But all track is good. Thx Bronxy”
Clara Da Costa:”Amazing collection of production. Full support from me on Jacks’s House ibiza Global Radio. Thank you”
Reverse:”Frumos… Thank You!!!”
Enivrez Vous:”Fantastic VA! Thank u”
Rods novaes:”Great VA. Thanks!”
Michael Scullion:Nice
GREGO G:”lots of good stuff as always”
Nova Caza:”Great collection of minimal deep tracks. Thank you ! Nova Caza”
danielle nicole:”lovely, thanks !”
Podime:”Some nice gems inside, will try it out! thanks.”
Sapir Viner:”Great deep sounds! Love it , thanks”
Dcore:”Bomb VA! Thanks”
Osvit:”Cool VA! Thanks!”
Jaime Mayer:”great va!! thanks for sharing!”
Saboar:”Very nice EP! Several tracks will be used. Thanks!”
Marcelo Cura:”Great VA thx”
Razban:”Thanks a lot! Keep it up”
Pawlo Tojeda:”Great va many thx for music”
arseniu:”nice,thank you”
Louiv:”nice nice +++”
Demika:”Too many good tracks, so hard to choose. Great VA!”
dragos ungureanu:”mersi frumos

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