TZH108 // Octave – Toomanie EP incl. Gabi.B, Libe

It is time for Octave to make a step up, coming forward with Toomanie EP, he brings in collaborations with Libe and new up-and-coming artist Gabi.B, and it is time for us to gather our special tools from the shelf and present them to you for the upcoming winter season. So stay warm with this groove machines… this is Toomanie EP by Octave including Libe and Gabi.B, from Tzinah with Love.
Octave – Toomanie EP [TZH108] incl. Libe, Gabi.B is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Cesar Merveille, Gel Abril, Michel de Hey, Faster, Andrew Grant, Archie Hamilton, Manuel De Lorenzi, Deaf Pillow, David Gtronic, Petar Cvetkovic, Chad Andrew, Varoslav, Costin Rp, Suolo, Camille, Primarie, Alex Rusu, Dragos Ungureanu, Sebastian Paiza, Crescent, Gorbani and many more! Thank you!
richie hawtin: “downloaded for r hawtin”
marco carola: “downloading for marco carola, thanks”
joseph capriati: “downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !”
cesar merveille: “Great stuff! thanks for the music”
Gel Abril: “quality !”
Michel de Hey: “good stuff, thanks!”
Faster: Thanks!
Andrew Grant: “Smooth techy vibes”
Archie Hamilton: “Nice thanks :-)”
Manuel De Lorenzi: “cool trax here.”
DEAF PILLOW: “Glass Half Full”
David Gtronic: “Really good stuff, thank you for the music!!”
Petar Cvetkovic: “thank you”
Chad Andrew: “Nice release thanks!”
Varoslav: “Great ep ! i will play thx.pls send me wavs.”
Costin Rp: “thanks :)”
Suolo: “I lile the first track. thanks”
Camille Encode: Thanks!
Primarie: “good groove !!!”
plusculaar: “nice, thanks”
Alex Rusu: “Massive weapon here :)) ! love the music . Thank you !”
Dragos Ungureanu: “good ep. Quickie is great. Thank you”
Sebastian Paiza: “Serious groovers! I will def play”
crescent: “glass half full for me … thnx .”
gorbani: “Nice one. Thanks for the promo.”
plusculaar: “nice, thanks”
Sacke: “Great tracks. thank you”
Bronxy: “Good EP. My fav is Sir Jinggle! Thank you for music!”
avidel: “nice sound”
Marlie: Nice
Millidiu: “Sir jiggle full support”
Pawlo Tojeda: “massiv tracks, I like it, thx for music”
Steve: “Nice ep, will go for a Quickie :)”
Pierre C: “Thank you”
sossa: cool
petyt: nice
Black/Tuesday: “Hot one! Glass Half Full and Quickie for us :)”
Ben Abrahams: “Best ep i’ve heard in a while, so consistent. Love it and will play all of these)”
GhostHorse: Thanks!
Motion Therory: “Best ep this year from Tzinah Love it”
Daniel Broesecke: “nice! will try!”
kristijan Å¡: “great one”
podime: “Nice pack, will try them out!”
Bvoice: “1 & 2”
Jhobei: “Top quality EP by Octave here. Always consistent. Sir Jiggle for me )”
Vygo: “Thank you!!”
Camiel Daamen: “Great pack! Thanks for sending!”
Franco Y Gael: “Thnx nice tracks”
vlf: “nice EP!”
albert hipman: “Great Ep! Quickie for me”
chrivu: “nice, thanks!”
Petrutt: groovers
Iftodee: “very nice, i will play, all of them.”
sandro kuhne: “thx for the music”
Lurre: “Thanks for the good music! Strong release, toomanie my fav.”
Adrianho: “thank you”
Osvit: “Cool EP! Thanks!”
Junker: “Will play them for sure!”
nici frida: “nice, thank you!”
Scopter: “great music, will play!”
Petit Batou: “Nice ep from my friend Octave ! Sir Jiggle is my favorite track, cheers”
Saboar: “Nice EP/ Toomanie goes as fav. Thanks!”
Jaime Mayer: “BOMB EP!”
This Moment On: “Very good. thanks.”
Ohm G: “Glass half full is cool”
Angel Mosteiro: “Great release! Thanks!”
jaime mayer: “BOMB EP!”
Edground: “Very nice release. Great tracks.”
patraulea: “this is huge! thanks”
anna banana: “glass half full for me”
Cossmos: “I really liked all the tracks”
lixir: “nice EP”
sami wentz: “support from Sami, will try it :)”
danielle nicole: “good stuff ! thanksss”
Amo: “Top music from Tzinah Family as always, favorite is Toomanie :)”
Josh Wicks: “toomanie is a banger.”
Louiv: “groovie trax”
Andrea Speed: “Very nice guys! as always.thanks!”
He Did: “awesome ep! thanks”

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