TZH105 // VA – Tzinah Diving Deep Session Two

Back with an attitude and more decisive then before, we are here to make it happen for true artists and pure souls. Here we revive a session we started few years ago, a session which we cherish. So we brought our cherries forward with artists like: Primarie, Crescent, Reclame, Pierre C, Zgaav and Petrutt and we added new souls to our community of artists like: Amo, Tripio X, Valeriu and Emee. Here is VA – Tzinah Diving Deep Session Two, from Tzinah with Love.
VA – Tzinah Diving Deep Session Two [TZH105] incl. Primarie, Crescent, Reclame, Pierre C, Zgaav, Petrutt, Amo, Tripio X, Valeriu and Emee is supported by Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Marco Carola, Jorge Savoretti, Hector Moralez, Rossko, Iuly.B, Georgia Girl, Deaf Pillow, Alex Rusu, Janina, Vincent Casanova, Costin Rp, incolor, Chad Andrew, Sandro Kuhne, Lumieux Petar Cvetkovic, Dragutesku and many more! Thank You!
richie hawtin: “downloaded for r hawtin”
PACO OSUNA: “Will try thanks
marco carola: “downloading for marco carola, thanks”
Jorge Savoretti: “Some goodies here! my favs are Pierre C and Tripio X”
Hector Moralez,”Thanks for the great music :)”
Rossko: XL!
iuly.b: “Crescent and Pierre C tracks for me, thank you!”
Georgia Girl: “Nice VA! Really like the Zgaav & EMEE tracks in particular! Look forward to playing :)”
DEAF PILLOW (Rodrigo Lozano): “Nice compilation!! Will play some of this tracks!”
Alex Rusu: “Very nice V.A. ! thank you”
janina: “nice tracks”
Primarie: Massive deepness love this all
Vincent Casanova: “Lovely collection, the Valeriu track is my favorite! Many thanks”
Costin Rp: “thanks :)”
incolor: “Reclame and Amo for me. Thanks”
Chad Andrew: “Great release thanks as always!”
sandro kuhne: “thx for the music”
Lumieux: “Thank you!”
petar cvetkovic: thx
Dragutesku,”Multumesc frumos!”
Adrianho: “nice vibes all round !”
Black/Tuesday: “Great release! Dreamupin and Shifthappens for us!”
Angel Mosteiro: “Very nice pack! Thanks!”
M-Phunk: “Reclame, Amo, Valeriu are my favs, great tracks ! will play them”
Ben Abrahams: “Zgaav is rad, will also play the valeriu track Thanks!”
Dcore: “Amazing stuff”
Emill de Moreu: “Goldie after goldie ! wicked stuff as always , Zgaav Shifthappens is the one I would choose for my sets , thanks!”
gorbani: “All tracks are great. Thanks for the promo”
Monetic: “Thanks for great promo!”
Vygo: “Some nice tracks here! Thanks!!”
anna banana: “amo – let it be pierre c- crossover zgaav- shift happens are my top 3 ! supe tracks”
Junker: “Great tracks!”
Cheise: Thanks
petyt: gut!
Lurre: “Strong release filled with strong names. Will def play it.”
andrea speed: “crescent & primarie for me!”
Millidiu: “Amo and Reclame tracks goes to the case! Thanks!”
Steve: “Can’t decide between Petrutt and EMEE! Fine release! Go Tzinah!”
danielle nicole: “nice VA ! thanks !”
Rods Novaes: “Great VA! support! thanks for sending.”
Dragos ungureanu: “Reclame & Crescent for me! Thank you ! :)”
sossa: cool
Avidel: “Nice VA”
Crescent: “great work for all the boyzz !”
Arseniu: “nice ,thanks”
Daniel Broesecke: “nice one. thanks!”
Petit Batou: “Awesome VA! nice original tracks from Crescent & Zgaav, i will try all of them, thx”
Chrivu: “cool thanks!”
Osvit: “Cool VA! Thanks”
Marlie: “Solid EP”
RazvanBan: “Good job guys!”
Reverse: “GUT ! Thank you”
Iftodee: “Very nice.”
plusculaar: “great music, thanks”
patraulea: “sweet! thanks”
Saboar: “Them sounds! Shithappens got my attention, have to listen to them all! Thank you!”
Clara Da Costa: “Great selection, favourites are Zgaav & EMEE, full support as always on Jack’s House, Ibiza Global Radio”
Demika: “Amo, Crescent, Pierre C, Zgaav, Valeriu, EMEE… so many good tracks! Love this one, thanks!”
Giovanni Agugiaro: “Nice tracks :) Thank you!”
Michael Scullion: “Bomage Frais.”
SERGII: “Crescent is my type of groove. Thanks!”
Albert Hipman,”Great VA! Thank you”
nici frida: dopeee!
Pawlo Tojeda,”top sounds, very cool VA. thx for music”
sossa: cool

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