TZH044 // Julie Marghilano – Harmonic Silence EP incl. Miss Jools, Jessica Diaz

TZH044It may seem like there are many J’s in our newest EP but we guarantee there’s a lot of jamming, also! Sweet, sweet jamming beats just as the doctor ordered! Coming up fresh, we’re happy to have Sol Asylum founder and lady in charge, Julie Marghilano, signing two main productions, alongside Miss Jools and Jessica Diaz delivering their primo remixes. Julie’s “Harmonic Silence” brings a sublime groove to our collection with the eclectic Berlin underground dance floor sound. Trippy, but in the same time dead-serious, “Silence” creates a distinct mood with its rolling bass and metallic hats. With a touch of a hidden melody and a handful of playful percussions, when you feel there’s less going on in the track, that’s when “Harmonic Drift” takes everything out of you and brings you in the right place. Hard-hitting bouncing kicks are Miss Jool’s weapons in her straightforward remix for “Silence”, with some catchy echoing bells making their way through the pounding groove. We already see this bringing some ruckus at those after-parties! Hailing from South America, Jessica Diaz takes a smooth ride through space, creating a dissimilar atmosphere for “Harmonic Drift”, peaking with a dreamy break that keeps you moving with its springy drums. Enjoy a new Tzinah EP ‘Harmonic Silence’ from Julie, Jools and Jessica!
Julie Marghilano – Harmonic Silence EP [TZH044] incl. Miss Jools and Jessica Diaz is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Gel Abril, Dan Drastic, Butch, Oxia, Felipe Valenzuela, Hector, Marc Antona, Nima Gorji, Marko Nastic, Leon, Stacey Pullen, Chaim, Daniel Sanchez, Saso Recyd, Pirupa, Francisco Allendes, Horatio, Felipe Venegas, Los Suruba, Mirco Violi, Luca Bear, Deltano, Javi Bora, Re-UP, Hugo, Psykoloco, Someone Else, Francesco Bonora, Macromism, Ben Teufel, Guido Nemola, Lomez, Oliver Moldan, Nino Santos & Lightem, Camiel Daamen, Andreas Bergmann, Lilith (NL), Lightem, Lorenzo Bartoletti, NiCe7, UGLH, Alex Piccini, Nova Caza, Andrea Colina, Edground, Edgar De Ramon and many more.
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Marco Carola: downloading for marco carola, thanks
Gel Abril: love silence original tnx!
Dan Drastic: Great tracks.
Butch: Very good EP
Oxia: Nice EP !
Felipe Valenzuela: originals for me
Hector: FUll support to my gal xxx
Marc Antona: Silence has a great groove
Nima Gorji: Thanks for the music ! Nice work .
Marko Nastic: nice like always, support! miss jools mix for me
Leon: super cool
Stacey Pullen: cool thanks
Chaim: nice ep thx
Daniel Sanchez: miss jools remix for me, thanx!
Saso Recyd: Silence original, i like the spooky atmosphere
Pirupa: Good ep!! will try!
Francisco Allendes: Miss Jools remix for me
Horatio: miss jools remix is awesome
Felipe Venegas: Jessica Diaz remix for me support!
Los Suruba: Nice release! We like Julie’s works, will play for sure, thanks!
Mirco Violi: miss jools remix for me
Luca Bear: nice ep! thx tzinah crew!
Deltano: strong release! thx
Javi Bora (Robsoul / Kehakuma): Nice beats
Re-UP: Full support !!! Thanks for sending!!
Hugo: nice..thx!
Psykoloco (Minibar/Bodyparts/CrazyJack): Very nice Ep , will definitely play for sure ! Thanks
Someone Else: nice ep. especially both original versions.
Francesco Bonora: loving the original mix of Harmonic Drift
Macromism: Miss Jools remix is my fav ! thx
Ben Teufel: nice, thx for the music
Guido Nemola: Silence original is my fav, all the package is cool
Lomez: 4/5 liking the Miss Jools remix, the Harmonic Drift origi also
Oliver Moldan: diaz remix of harmonic drift is the one for me
Nino Santos: Quality EP here !! My pick is Jessica Diaz remix will play & chart for sure !! Wavs please !!
Camiel Daamen: Silence Original and Harmonic Drift both versions are my favs!!
Andreas Bergmann: …all 3 j’s sounds good!!!
Lilith NL: Awesome girls!!
Lightem: full support :)
Lorenzo Bartoletti (Alfa Romero, Mindshake Records): Huge Ep, full support for all mixes here! Thanks
NiCe7: interesting release! thanks for the good music!
UGLH (Marco Duranti): Great release. Thanks
Alex Piccini: Silence for me!! thank you
Nova Caza: Silence Original does the trick for me ! Love it.. Full Support
Andrea Colina: Nice thanks
Edground: I like the bassline. Will play.
Edgar De Ramon: Really nice Ep, i’ll play for sure, thanks :)
Petar Cvetkovic: great release, cant wait to try it
David Gtronic: Downloaded, thank you!
The Junkies: Miss Jools rmx is nice. Thanks!
Mariano Mateljan: Lovely release from Julie with amazing remixes! Will play a lot! Thanks. M
Mauro Alpha: silence both versions, thx!! :)
Colin Chiddle: Original mix for me x
Roberto Apodaca: excellent release all tracks are great :D
Philipp Ort: Silence (Original Mix) is great. thx
Javi Sampol: Great Ep!
Bastien: Great tunes, originals are great!!
David Durango: two original tracks are FAT!
Nina Soul: Thank you so much, that great album Miss Jools and Jessica is for me :)
U-More: Nice release! Support to my sisters!
ASNP (Smoke City/FFH): Our picks is Silence & Harmonis Drift tnx for sending really good ep
Jozhy K: full support! Sick tracks! Gonna play for sure
Stefano Lotti: Downloading… Thank you!
Giacomo Greppi: Nice originals and remixes !! thnx
iO (Mulen): Jessica rmx best
Cesar Sanchez (lovedahouse): harmonic drift (original)…..nice
Kasbah Zoo: Cool Release! Support
Archie Hamilton: Awesome stuff here – hard to choose a favourite!
Ilario Liburni: Thnx Tzinah! ;-)
Djohnny (Overall Music): nice release, both remixes for me!! thanks
Sercan: nice stuff
Rene Sandoval: Download, Thanks crew!
Valentin (Ibiza Sonica): Downloading, will check, thanks
Olderic: Harmonic Drift original for me!
Aney F.: Miss Jools remix for me here, will try it, overall nice EP from girls :) thanks
Alexandar Kyosev: amazing ep..miss jools remix is dope
Crocodile Soup: AMAZING AS ALWAYS!!!
Voltereto: Harmonic Drift , yes , thx !
Peter Schumann: Miss Jools Remix is for me..;-) but i like the whole package, very nice release Julie thank you !!
Uno Taman: Dope EP! Silence original and Harmonic drift remix for me. thanks
Noël Jackson: Beautiful record! Huge support! Silence original is my favorite.
Fabio Neural: Cool stuff, 2 versions of Silence my favourite.
Chube.Ka ( Intacto / Sntach! ): so far one the best ep heard this year
benoit/tsugi: miss jools remix for me
Danilo Schneider (Enough! Music): Silence (orig.) Is My Favourite! Really Cool. Thnx :)
Loopdeville: Thanks
Sossa: nice
Alessandro Borsari: All tracks are really good! thanks!
Patrick Zigon: great ep!
Dimitri Monev: Like this EP all the way! Support
John Dimas: nice originals and remixes !! thnx
Zetqa: wow!nice ep! Silence original and Harmonic Drift (Jessica Diaz remix) are my favs ! support!
Zotist: Good ep! thx!
He Did: Harmonic Drift ! amazing! full support
Primarie: One of the best EP so far! Love it!
Adrianho: Outstanding Ep ! Full support
Blagoj Rambabov: Silence is my favorite here, Julie and Tzinah will rock!
Alex Kravitz: Nice!
iar: harmonic drift is great thank”s
Claudia Amprimo: Another great EP from Tzinah!
Alex Kaddour: Nice one! cool ep, Miss Jools remix is my pick but all mixes work. thanks
Brett Jacobs: Support. Thanks !
Ivanov: Harmonic Drift Original mix best for me! thx
Herck: Great EP. Full support !
Albert Rodriguez: TOP as always!!! miss jools and jessica & original mix
Dipsas: Dope EP! Like all the tracks, especially original mixes of Silence and Harmonic Drift. Jessica Diaz remix also good! Will use them!
John Denis: massive again julie
Juan Zolbaran: originals are the one for me
Baraso: Super ep!! Thank you :)
Rush Arp: Thank you for the music Really Nice EP…
M.A.M.: SUPERPACKAGE! love all tracks! Thanks
Youngerbros: Fantastic, as usual
Bvoice: Will try in the floors! Danke)
John Moss: Nice release !
Bolumar: This release is Great!! like both them, will play for sure! thanks a lot!!
Rodrigo Villanueva: awesome release! loving the J’S
Luca Doobie: cool stuff! originals my fave.. thnx
Chris DB: Originals are awesome . Especially Harmonic Drift , will play for sure !
Kambo Río: Nice ep.
Maertz: Amazing release as usual difficult to pic only one track, I will play for sure. Full support.
Matteo Gatti: i like armonic drift (jessica rmx )
Fabrizio Sala (Goa Club): I love it!
KiRiK: My fav Julie Marghilano – Silence (Miss Jools Remix) , Thanks
Alex van Ratingen: Loving the whole EP! Thanks a lot for sharing!
Scan Mode: Yeah! Best tzinah in 2013 for me!
Drummer: Miss Jools remx rocks…thankyou
Berna: Nice sounds as usual, silence original and Jessica DIaz remix for me, thanks!
Tree’mend: Thanks for this fantastic EP!
Arthuro: nice vibe ! thx
Sebas Ramis (Sub_Urban / Purobeach): Harmonic Drift Original for me!! thanks for the music
Narcissa: great ep!!
Gliso: Pink Ep for Tzinah :-) Support!
Chazzy Chaz: Jessica Diaz for me! lovely remix as usual.
Suolo: J in the house! nice EP !! thank you!
Andrew Technique: good music but not exactlly what i play… anyway quality!!!
CrossNineTroll: Great as always. Full support! Thx!
Igor Marijuan: great stuff julie.
Claudio Masso: nice deep package, will pick for sure ”Harmonic Drift (Original Mix) for the hypnotic vibe. cool release though!
Mark Ramsey: Jessica Dias remix is Illlllll will support :) CHEEEEEEERS!!!!!!
Alfred S.: Damn! Girls! Bomb!
Igor Kostoski: This ep is Huge!!! Silence(Original Mix)Dope!
incolor: Harmonic Drift is dope. God bless Tzinah !
Manchini: Loving Jessica Diaz! Heavy beats
SANtiago: Cool pack!
Dee Bufato: Huge EP, girls. ++
Alisonn: massive ep silence original and jessica diaz rmix best
Just D’light: Silence original works for me.. :)
Tomas Mehes: Harmonic Drift (Original) is my pick here. Thx!
YunaRadio: Support. Thanks!
Joy Kitikonti: Killer release!! Harmonic Drift makes me fly..Tnx
Rods Novaes: very interesting EP! full support! thanks!
Rèclame: Silence (Original ) / Harmonic Drift ( Jessica Diaz) – nice works!
Alex Highman: great EP! perfect combination between the three J’s!
Logannn!: Well done guys! Julie Marghilano-Silence (Miss Jools Remix) is the one for me!

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