TZH039 // Nina Soul – Brisnas de Recuerdos EP incl. Seb Zito, Dubsons

TZH039For this release we’ve prepared something with a sweet summer flavor. Something exotic and tropical coming from Buenos Aires area, Nina Soul delivers it so well, underground sound with a hot vibe of summer inside. For remixing we choose Seb Zito who is really touching our taste and we are sure this tune is gonna touch the same senses when you hear it! For the second remix, Dubsons is doing the thing, they’re transforming Nina’s track into a romanian techno bomb! Listen and just dance! With no more words, with summer vibe, and with love , of course from Tzinah Family! Enjoy!
Nina Soul – Brisnas de Recuerdos EP [TZH039] incl Seb Zito & Dubsons is supported by Richie Hawtin, Raresh, Gel Abril, Leon, Livio & Roby, Terence :Terry:, Hector Moralez, Nino Santos, Guido Durante, Stacey Pullen, Felipe Venegas, Brothers’ Vibe, Audiofly, Nico Lahs, Arado, Danilo Schneider, Marko Nastic, Guido Nemola, Chris Carrier, Michel de Hey, Camiel Daamen, Mihai Popoviciu, Javi Bora, Clio, Satoshi Fumi, Mirco Violi, Philipp Ort, Horatio, Federico Grazzini, Alex Piccini, Deltano, Roon, Fernando Costantini, Carlos Sanchez, Utku Dalmaz, Sasch BBC, Dan Farserelli, Hugo, Francisco Allendes, Hot Plate, Andrea Loche, Lorenzo Chiabotti, Ekkohaus, Egal 3, Lightem, Omar Salgado, ONNO, Doomwork, Fabio Giannelli, Olderic, Superlounge, Samuel Deep, Rene Sandoval, Die Haustiere, Elia Perrone, Sonodab and many more! Thanks!
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Raresh: good tracks . thanks
Gel Abril: Biznas de recuerdos original is super for me tnx!
Leon: lovely :) i will play it
Roby (Livio&Roby): Very good release!!! Thanks
Terence :Terry:: Nice stuff as usual from tzinah ..
Hector Moralez: dope release.. thank you.
Nino Santos: Another great release from Tzinah !! Seb Zito remix for me here !!
Guido Durante: Seb Zito remix for me!
Stacey Pullen: cool thanks
Felipe Venegas: cool stuff from nina… i will try the org mix. cheers. f.
Brothers’ Vibe: ALL good…Tks!
Audiofly: sick ep. love all the tracks
Nico Lahs: sounds fat! ”aferrados a la Ninez” is simply epic. will play. full support NL x
Danilo Schneider: really strong ep! try it out. thnx
Marko Nastic: nice one, support!!
Guido Nemola: good music
Chris Carrier: Cool ep
Michel de Hey: Thanks for the tunes
Camiel Daamen: Seb Zito’s mix for me! Nice EP!
Mihai Popoviciu: both versions of briznas are cool! will play!
Javi Bora (Robsoul): Dope. Will play
Clio: Loving all tracks here,Tzinah records always delivers good stuff !
Satoshi Fumi: really love all!quality trax!
Mirco Violi: nice tracks.
Philipp Ort: Briznas de Recuerdos Original and Dubsons Remix are great! will play. thx
Horatio: cool ep
Federico Grazzini: nice pack, quality music
Alex Piccini: Great as usual! thx
Deltano: Love it! Especially Seb Zito’s remix!
Roon: amazing ep full of wonderful sounds! dubsons remix is my choice!
Fernando Costantini: nice ep! Support my man nina ! And remix are nice too ! Well done
Carlos Sanchez (Supernature/Overall/8bit): great ep! dubsons rmx sounds good as well! thanks
Utku Dalmaz: Thanks.Downloading…
Sasch BBC: very nice and fresh originals and remixes. thanx alot
Dan Farserelli: nice. Big up my boy Seb x
Hugo: nice..tnx!
Francisco Allendes: loving both remixes
Hot Plate: Great ep, Seb Zito’s and Dubsons is a Killer!!! Support! Many thanks. :))))
Andrea Loche: Great work !! Full Support !
Lorenzo Chiabotti: Thanks so much for the music !! Nina Soul is the man!!! For me the two originals mix and Dubsons rmx !!
Ekkohaus: Seb Zito and Dubsons remixes are cool, original too, thanx…
Egal 3 : cool ep , thanks
Lightem (Memoria / Genial): Great release as always! Dubsons remix is a killer!
Omar Salgado: Really love these tunes.
ONNO: Zito remix is ace! thanks
Doomwork: Super cool Release! Dubsons remix for us! thanks
Fabio Giannelli: nice stuff. Seb remix is my fav here, thanks
Olderic: Lovely EP, Dubsons remix rocks, thanks!
Superlounge: Thank you for the music!
Samuel Deep: Briznas de Rescuerdos original Mix!!
Rene Sandoval aka Deepshape: Good release! Thanks crew
Die Haustiere: as always great sounds..seb zito rmx my fav
Elia Perrone: the remixes are cool! thanks! support
Sonodab: Cool ep, full support thx!
Alessandro Borsari: Really Nice Original Version! Great the Dubson Remix! Thanks
Psykoloco : nice ep, nice remixes ! will play for sure .
CrossNineTroll: Cool EP as always! Seb Zito remix is our fav. Thx!
Bella Sarris: So good. Can’t wait to play these..
David Gtronic: GREAT EP!!! thnx for sending
Oshana: Always nice music from Nina…my favorites are Briznas de Recuerdos (original) and Aferrados a la Ninez.
Richard Belsom (Zeitgeist): Love the Dubsons Remix, excellent work!
Giacomo Greppi: All track are good… Seb Zito and Dubsons remixes are cool.. Full support for this label…Thanks…
John Dimas: Another good ep from Nina , support !
Alexandar Kyosev: great release…seb remix is great thank you
Alfred Azzetto: Really like it … Seb Zito’s Pins Mix is suitable for me
Andreas Bergmann: Solid EP…all tracks are quality! Thanks!
Fosky: Really good release. Thanks
Sepp: V. Cool ep. Thank you guys.
Andrea Bigi : Full Support !! Thanks
Scan Mode: My support!
Zotist: Good Release! thx!
Re Us: Seb titos remix for me, will try it!
Xandru: nice tracks! thank you
Felix Hüther (Groove): dubsons remix for me!
Nathan Barato: Original is hot !
Julie Marghilano: real strong ep all around! hard to pick just one! downloading and playing this weekend. thanks
Lilith (NL): Love Big support thanks! Lilith
Mariano Mateljan: Massive!! Thanks for sending M
Petar Cvetkovic: fine tunes, all tracks have place in set, thx on music…
Jamie Lie A Kwie: Wow! All tracks are great. Thanks for sending will play them for sure :-)
Patrice Meiner: nice tracks all around the board here lovin the rmxs alot
Rhadow: Great tracks. thank you!
Chembass: Briznas de recuerdos original is my favorite, but amazing EP as always. Tzinah records rocks!! thanks
Ozgür Bay: yeahh..nice tracks..
Andrew Technique: nice tracks.. not exactly my type but still nice
P. Jones: All the tracks are so nice!! I just can’t choose a favorite. thanks!
Mood_Out: Seb Zito mix for us…thank youuuu
Archie Hamilton: Awesome stuff, will play all of these. Thanks :-)
DonRafael: nice package! dubsons remix for me. thanks!
Nick Hollyster: Original are great !
Boronas / square room heroes: nice tracks..i will try it !!
Maertz: Really nice release again, difficult to decide witch track is the best… Really great originals and remixes, I will play for sure. Tzinah rules :) Thanks so much for sending.
Loopdeville: Quality release!Thanks
Ferro: Cool, Seb Zito remix for me!
Ilario Liburni: Love it! Thnx! ;-)
Bartolomeo: i love Seb Zito’s mix thnx for your music!
Bolumar: Great pack original and seb zito remix are great! thanks a lot!
TAVO: Zeb Zito’s and Dubsons Remix for me. Nice heavy pieces ready for a smart crowd! Support!
Francesco Zani: Full Support!!!
Baraso: Really nice EP, hard to choose !! Briznas original and Aferrados my favorites :)
Little Hado: nice ep !! thanks
KiRiK: nice release all tracks for me ;) thanks
Crocodile Soup: Super !! dubsons rmx is my fav!
Primarie: Lovely!
Adrianho: Great vibes from Tzinah as always. All tracks sounds great, my favourite here is Briznas de Recuerdos
Blagoj Rambabov: Super EP from my bro Nina Soul, i really love the dubsons remix will play it for sure
Rodrigo Villanueva: in general in enjoyed the whole ep, loving dubsons rmx
Drummer: amazing ep….seb zitos and dubsons rock it!!
Just D’light: Dubsons remix works for me! :)
Van Bonn: again a very nice and soulful ep by nina soul! support!
Denizio Valdemar (aka De:Vo): Dope release! Thanks
Herck: Great Ep, i like Dubsons remix. Thanks !
Suolo: nice ep as always! thank you tzinah!
Andy Baxter: Very nice release, will play for sure
Arthuro: Dubsons remix for me thx
Audiobirdz: Dubsons Remix for sure
Dee Bufato: Great EP. It’s possible to hear Nina and his lovely soul into the tracks. Briznas de Recuerdos ++
Berna: Nice release, congratulations, Seb Zito´s remix is super. Thanks
Stefano Sini: Good work, my favorite Briznas de Recuerdo (original mix)
Luis Groove (Lowpitch | U Wanna Escape?): Biznas de recuerdos original is my fav here. Seb Zito is very nice too. Thanks for sending!
Alfred S.: Last track from Nina Soul was good for mysets, this ep is a confirmation. Thanks
Cabi Tuso: Great release, Seb Zitos Remix is my pick here, although the other tracks are nice too. Thank you very much.
Dai Zon (caracter:e): great ep. seb zito’s remix for me. thx for the music.
Nicolas Duvoisin: difficult to choose one all are nice!
Iuly.B: Dubsons remix for me, thx !
Holchin: excellent ep! Thnx! Tzinah is very great!
Brothers In Progress: Nina Soul – Aferrados a la Ninez (Dubsons Rmx) for us..
Angelo Draetta: Seb Zito remix rocks !!!
Alex Caro: Briznas De Recuerdos is my favourite. Thank’s
Zetqa: Nice release ! Afferados a la ninez (original ) is good and Seb Zito’s remix of Briznas de recuerdos! Thankss a lot ;)
Madeni: Another great ep!! tnx Tzinah
Victor Polo(Dok Jebeni): Seb zito mix for me!! ;)
Frank Hurman: i like briznas de recuerdos original,it’s different,thaks
Chris DB: WOW . Super good EP . Good originals and remixes . Thanks for the music , Tzinah rocks !
Gianluca Gaffi: dubson for me
A++: dubsons remix is pretty nice
Lucio ( Spain ) . Bla bla / Stereo Prod. / Monique .: thnx u for the music.
Isaac Silva: Support Thx
Luis Bautista: Donwloaded!!!
Tomika: Seb Zito remix is my favourite!
Hozoc: Nice tracks, Thank you!
incolor: nice
Olivian Nour (Melotherapy): Oh yes, ”Brisnas de recuerdos”, original and remix are for me. Thanks Tzinah
Bvoice: Always hot stuff Nina does! You see..) Dubsons this time.
Chris Hirose: briznas de recuerdos is my pick here!!! gracias
Eddy Romero: Will try Dubson remix thnks !
Cipian Iordache: some cool beats here ! Support
Eman: will support…

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