TZH015 // VA – Underground House Music 002

After a great summer Tzinah Records collects its best tracks that are ment to be more then just house music, more than great artists, more then you can imagine. Not only that everyone has its own deepness but in everyone you’ll find a groove that will bring back the summer feeling.
The beginning of this great selection of tracks is so full of love and heat in ‘Bondo Bongo’. Andreas Lindemann sing…s his serenade with a lot of guitars, violins and drum instruments merged smoothly by a superb voice and grooving us with techno beats.
After a great release Francesco Zani comes back at ‘Afternoon’ loaded with great deep vibes. His track is a game of a massive house beats and some crazy hats and snares that will play dirty with you. After a summer of being rebel Javier Carballo gathers his thoughts and what he learned during this season in Grand Canario’s scene into his ‘Madruganda’ track. The real ‘Groove’ comes from Bayt who came up with one of the biggest bombs in the previous VA and who is ready to rewrite the rules of groove. With great trumpets this track takes a serious attitude in the house scene and we don’t even have to describe the feeling of it. It gets stuck in your head once you listen to it.
Floskà is a trio of young italian dj-producers, coming from Taranto, introduced to us by Flex who is member of our family and also a member of this trio. He did a great work with another release from us, and soon will be ready for his own ep signed at Tzinah Records. ‘Still balling’ is the best example of old schools sounds screaming in the name of house. Oh yeah, the abrupt style found in ‘Someday’ is from the creative part of Groove Soundsystem’s team, that is Nu Zau. The voice and it’s melodic theme will take you back in the early 60’s and 70’s when the jazz was traveling into more house rhythms. Not only that ‘Raw Dub’ sounds fantastic but some of the greatest italian artists had began to take good seats in our family . Now its time for Raffa FL to put his fingerprint on our labels’ sound. Raw Dub will simply put a smile on your face. Our gangstar, M-Phunk grows more and more along this family, he drops this big attitude which will grow the groove in ‘I Want You’. Snares and hats playing between themselfs will get through your deepest thoughts. With Back2Back Works, a good supportd ep out, now Primărie has to put his signature on this big compilation with a track that is gonna take you from one minute to another into a tripping feeling. Anthony Rondelli is the one that brings up the last big bomb ment to relax you in the dance floor. The voice and the trumpets suits well at fancy afterhours.
In the first compilation we started a house campaign and now the time has come to improove our sounds, so on this second one we’ve opened our doors for new members into Tzinah family and another Underground House Music Va has been brought to you by this wonderful team.

VA – Underground House Music 002 [TZH015] incl. Javier Carballo, Nu Zau, Primarie, Bayt, Floska, Francesco Zani, Andreas Lindemann, Raffa FL, M-Phunk and Anthony Rondelli is supported by Richie Hawtin, Dj Sneak, Loco Dice, Daniel Sanchez, Hector Moralez, Chris Simmonds, Luca Albano, Arado, Tato, Andrew Grant, Psykoloco, Philip Aruda, David Labeij, Simina Grigoriu, Horatio, Javi Bora and mani others, Thank You!

Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Dj Sneak: ok traxx
Loco Dice: Will check please send me the wav. Thanks
Daniel Sanchez: Nice pack here, will try some of the tracks in my sets
Hector Moralez: downloading for Hector Moralez.. thanks.
Chris Simmonds: Thank you, I will give this my full support!
Luca Albano: Really nice! Will try out!
Arado: downloaded …..thx
Tato: Nice VA Madrugada and Still Ballin for me! Thanks
Andrew Grant: nice VA luv the artwork too
Psykoloco: Nice music, will try it on my next dj set. thanks
Philip Arruda: Floska, Nu Zau, Primarie, and Rondelli get my love in this pack. Thanks for the send :)
Tim Rial: Downloading for Audiojack who will feedback if they like the track
David Labeij: Anthony & Raffa the ones for me!!
Simina Grigoriu: Lindemann trak beton.
Camiel Daamen: Night Jazz is amazing!! Also love Francesco’s Afternoon and Madrugada from Javier! Great tracks!
Horatio: Full support on this one
Javi Bora: Support
Someone Else: tracks 4 and 7 are interesting.
Federico Luchetti: ”Francesco Zani – Afternoon” , ”Floska – Still Ballin”& ”Anthony Rondelli – Night Jazz” are nice, will play
Papol: Really really nice compilation great classic sounds i will play for sure thx
Primarie: It’s the next generation of house feelings, music, and new members of our family, i enjoy it the most! Thanks guyz!
Cristian Varela: javier Carballo is nice!
Andrea Loche: Great Work !
Zotist: Good Compilation!
Julian Perez: Great sound in this Pack actually!! Madrugada for me is the one here!
Dan Farserelli: Nice :) Will support
Dean Facer (OurHouse Magazine): 10 solid tracks…. really nice vibe throughout the album….
Egal 3: solid solid v.a
Jorick Croes: very nice !
Isaac Silva: Gracias por los tracks amigos,muy buen trabajooo
Katoline: Another great VA. Thx Tzinah and good luck! Full support
Chemars: Great selection of tracks and artists…difficult to choose a favorite one. Will support.
Orlando B: real nice collection of deep and jackin house… francesco zani kills it
Nick Perry: Nice Va my choice is afternoon, still ballin, someday raw dub, joy full night jazz great fucking VA full support
Molisans Brothers: Cool Trax… support some one
Pepe Arcade: thanks! afternoon is cool!
Papol: Really really nice compilation great classic sounds i will play for sure thx
CiuPy & Mihai Bejenaru: Support for our friend Anthony Rondelli, great track, will play ! thanks for the promo !
Robert Powlson: love it!
Kennedy Smith: love it
Alfredo Acri: Jazzy and old school, downloaded, thanks!
Peter Schumann: great compilation !
Rods Novaes: great sounds! support! thanks!
Indie Jules / Jules und Jazper: Bay – Groove, Nu zau – Someday and Anthony Rondelly – Night jazz hit the spot for me! Nice.
Alex Santana: cool grooving
Alec Troniq: Andreas Lindemann created a good feeling :)
Bayt, Floska and Anthony Rondelli too. Will try. Thanks fellows!
Nasty Boy: a mixture of sound quality for this various artists.. excellent!! Jazz Night is my favorite, brilliant track with the right touch of jazz.!! Tzihan Docet!
Flowers Groove: Massive tracks !
Angel Mora: Nice EP,thanks!
Dubphone: nice VA !!! Anthony Rondelli – Night Jazz and Andreas Lindemann – Bondo Bongo are TOP Tracks . thank you
Art Patrice: solid stuff!!
Francesco Zani: Very Nice VA!!!Full Support!!!
Floska: anthony rondelli night jazz, great idea! :D
M-Phunk: 2,4,6,8 for me…nice tracks! i’ll sure play them :)
Mr.John: very good VA….will play.
Victor FL: party bangers, some really cool cuts in there! Thanks guys¡
Djohnny: nice release!! favorites nu zau-someday and javier carballo-madrugada, will play
Toufik: madrugada and raw dub 4 me… coolsounds!!
Tomika: what a bomb va., all track are cool, my favourite is the Andreas Lindemann track, really amazing!
Raffa FL: Primarie – Joyfull my fav!!! also nu zau sound good!!!
Atapy: nice various, can’t choose a favorite one but will try a few, thanks
Dr.think: good music to my ears, good rhythms, good grooves and good energy to the dance floor.
Just D’light: My fav’s are Francesco Zani and M-Phunk, keep it up!
Alex Mind Games: Night Jazz and Bondo Bongo , sick tracks!
Hado: Thanks!!…Full support !!
DaiZon: great release. i love it.”bondo bongo” ”still ballin” and ”i want you” my favorites
Kokka: i like primarie joyfull delusion
Andy Herembas: Good Work !! Support
Klaus: cool ep. raffa fl is my fav
Octav Paul: great vibes .. My Fav: Night Jazz & Joyfull Delusion

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