TZH013 // M-Phunk – Gang Starr EP

We presented M-Phunk for the first time in the most recent VA that we released at the beginning of summer and now the time has come for him to release a whole EP called ‘Gang Starr’ that he says it’s representative for him. In the first track he goes ‘Out of Control’ under a storm of techno sounds and drops the drums and snares as thunder and lightning that makes you go crazy. ‘Diggin’ is just simply a bomb you will love the way it takes you by surprise and seizes you in the spell. It’s a house killer track structured very well, with techno drums , house hats and snares and minimal rhythm. ‘Vio Lin’ is like a night at the opera or a walk in the park. You will always have some good thoughts to remember after both of them. This is how Tzinah family pictures the way M-Phunk played with the violin in his studio. In ‘Konica’ we see his underground roots straight from the hood to maniac crowds. You will dance your shoes off when you hear this one. With a ‘Gang Starr’ attitude M-Phunk is ready to be a great member of our family and we are glad that an artists like him reveals his underground house music at our label.
M-Phunk – Gang Starr EP [TZH013] is supported by Richie Hawtin, Dani Casarano, Tato, Chris Simmonds, Brothers’ Vibe, Horatio, Simina Grigoriu, Camiel Daamen, Tom Ruijg, Steve Kelley, Deltano, Floska, Pepe Arcade, Todd Burns, Varoslav and many others, thanks.

M-Phunk – Gang Starr EP [TZH013] is supported by Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Dani Casarano, Tato, Chris Simmonds, Brothers’ Vibe, Horatio, Simina Grigoriu, Camiel Daamen, Tom Ruijg, Steve Kelley, Deltano, Floska, Mike Grant, Pepe Arcade, Todd Burns, Varoslav, Julian Perez, Resident Advisor, Paco Garcia, Faster, Djohnny and many more! Thank you!

Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Paco Osuna: download thank you :)
Dani Casarano: nice stuff
Tato: out of control is really cool.. will play it for sure…
Chris Simmonds: Very raw, with a lot of energy sounds heavy. Send me a copy I will support for sure!
Brothers’ Vibe: All around good project. Vio Lin is fav!!
Horatio: Diggin’ is the masterpiece…
Simina Grigoriu: diggin is awesome. will play for sure :)
Camiel Daamen: Nice tracks love the deepness of Out of Control!
Tom Ruijg: Cool release, I like Out Of Control very much!
Steve Kelley: Diggin by far the most powerful! REally feeling this. thanks.
Deltano: I dig Diggin :)
Floska: nice , i like diggin’ and vio lin
Mike Grant: Hi, nice stuff. I liked out of control best. Thanks for sending. MG
Pepe Arcade: Out of control is the best for me, thanks for the promo! P
Todd Burns: thanks downloading
Varoslav: looks good music but i need more to check it good ..plse send me full trx :-) cheers!
Molisans Brothers: soulful release… support it
Pablo Fierro: Imnovate!! i like the music like this! great pack!
Luis Groove: Out of Control sounds like a nice tool. Vio Lin sounds interesting too. Will test it. Thanks for sending.
Julian Perez: Great EP!! Full support ;)
Tim Rial: Downloading for Audiojack who will feedback if they like the track
Paco Garcia: Thanks… Konica its great… My favourite…
Resident Advisor: Thanks!
Luis Vae: Out of control for me. Thanks
Tom Pooks: yop, thanks for promo, will tell you after check,tom
Faster: A very nice release
Katoline: Full support. Out of control my favourite. Nice ep
Rods Novaes: very good EP! support! thx
Danny Chatelain: downloading for nick & danny chatelain, thn’x
Raffa Fl: diggin!!!! Love it!
Art Patrice: nice ep
Djohnny: Nice EP my favorite-out of control,fantastic deep sound, will play for sure,full support
Koljah: Out Of Control and Konica for me. Nice tracks. thx…
Jorick Croes: Nice Ep !
Jeanm: Very Good EP. Good work.
Francis White: support!
Trev0r Vichas: diggin out of control.
Deepshizzol: Konica is the track for me!!!
Al Neville: very nice
Robert Powlson: All killers!! very nice.
Tomika: cool release as always, Diggin’ and Vio Lin are bombs!
Alex Mind Games: Diggin` for me !
Isaac Silva: Full Support
Zotist: Good release!
Primarie: Support from the hood !!
Nu Zau: diggin’
Kokka: out of control is a good track and i love konica
Roger: Great EP
Hado: really nice release! ill play it loud…thx

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