TZH011 // Zemtsov – Music About Me EP incl. Primarie

Another special release from Zemtsov, another good house music EP from Tzinah Records. We all know that romanians and russians had always a strong connection, not only musically speaking… so we developed our releationship with our russian rezident Zemtsov from the first time he sent us his work and we tooked him in our family. Now time has come to let him show us, through a whole release, what kind of music he represents in Music About Me EP.
Speaking of, the first track comes out with a very russian sound but still remains between the borders of house music. The vocal screams out our motto in this industry ‘underground house music’ and this makes you enjoy every second of it. ‘Sentimiento’ really messes with your feelings and with a fine groove makes you wanna dance and forget about anything that’s all around you. When he trips you with good house synths, he slowly gets you back in good feelings with a very nice acapella. When you think he switches into a more slow sound, he actually brings up a good deep house track with very nice chords that can keep you awake and just dance at 6 a.m., or whenever you wanna play ‘switch’ durring the afterhours. As a house music maniac, Primărie makes you imagine yourself on the beach watching the sunrise and when he blows the bass into your face and makes you dance your shoes off. ‘Switch’ remix won’t let you press stop when you hear its rhythmic hihats and snares.
With an allready good feedback from ‘Don’t Cross The Line’, this is what Zemstov pressents us, being his trully representative sound, which is, of course , his ‘Music About Me EP’. So whenever you wanna be sure you’re in an underground house music feeling, these are the right tracks to play, brought to you by Tzinah Records and our russian friend Zemtsov.
Zemtsov – Music About Me EP [TZH011] incl Primarie by Tzinah Records supported by Richie Hawtin, Dani Casarano, Kabale und Liebe, Horatio, Dragosh, Rosario Internullo, Alessandro Sensini, Philip Arruda, Javi Bora, Emill de Moreu, DJohnny, Le Vinyl, Javier Carballo, Federico Luchetti, Camiel Daamen and many others. Thank you.

Richie Hawtin: download for r hawtin
Dani Casarano: primarie mix
Kabale und Liebe: will try out music about me at some big rooms.
Horatio: nice ep i like it
Dragosh: music about me is ace!
Rosario Internullo: great pack Swithch is for me
Alessandro Sensini: nice release! all tracks are good, thanks
Philip Arruda: Nice EP! Originals and remix are great! thanks for the send :).
Javi Bora: Support
Claude Solis: Great pack. Switch (original) and Music About.. are my favs!, will play!. Support.
Zotist: Nice release, i like Switch the most ;)
Emill de Moreu: liking all tracks, Switch original is my fav,thnx.
DJohnny: nice ep!! my fav swith original, thanks for the music
Le Vinyl: switch for me thx
Javier Carballo: nice  release, switch original & remix are very very really nice…. thanks!!!
Atapy: nice one, Switch is awesome, thats my favorite, sill support, thanks
Rhadow: “sentimiento” and “switch”.thx!
Federico Luchetti: great package, will play all the tracks
Tomika: cool ep, Music About Me is my favourite, amazing track!
Primarie: I love this tracks, good house music, and very good tracks for afterhours.
Groove Soundsystem: yes!
Camiel Daamen: Nice tracks, love Switch  Original mix!
Cabi: Music About Me is my pick. Switch is nice too. Thanks
Just D’light: Really good ep, like all the tracks, especially “Music About Me”, good job guys! :-)
Art Patrice: solid stuff, support!
David Sense: I like Switch original mix. Nice summer track. Will play
Todd Burns: thanks, downloading.
Alessio Collina: Music about me and Switch for me! thanks good tracks
Andrea Loche: Great Work !! Full Support !!
Tim Rial: Downloading for Audiojack who will feedback if they like the track
Cesar Coronado: Thanks!
Michael Ashford: Really nice, great energy in ” music about me”.
Lex : switch sounds very interesting!! thanks!
Luis Vae: Music about me great track!
Lorenzo Marrucci: Music about me is good! Nice track!
Jordan: nice track.¡¡¡
Raffa FL: Music about me original! Really hot tune!
Bert Jimmink: Music About Me and Switch original are the best for me! Keep them comming
Alex Kaddour (Homecoming, Lucidflow, Piekup, Idea ): My fav. here is Switch original mix. Nice one!Primarie remix also cool.Thanks
Robert Powlson: great stuff!! tnx
Jorick Croes: Music About Me
Al Neville: good
Michael ashford: Stunning!! Great variations in style.
Molisans brothers: good package…support it
DEKAY: Switch is my favorite here, thanks!
Julian Perez: Music About Me is a groovy track ;) The full ep is nice!
Luis Groove: Switch Original and Remix for me. Thanks for sending.
Vas floyd: nice work digging the Primarie remix
Berna: Very good release! nice house vibes… love Switch original & Primarie Remix, Thanks!
KOljah: Sentimiento and Switch sound really good.. will try them. thx…
B.Green & Redmond: Zemtsov does it again. Detroit rulez at this time, we really love his style. Full support for him and Tzinah!
Ari Girao: Props to Tzinah !! Switch Primarie in my bag. thankx downloaded!!!
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show): “Switch” sounds like very nice track. Will test it out for sure. Thank you!
Alex Mind Games: nice vibes !
NastyBoy: Switch for me..! Slow and Deep
Rods Novaes: very good ep, i like all! thanks!
Hozoc: Music about me – nice track, thank you !!!
Olivian Nour: “Switch” original & Primarie’s remix are for me …
Octav Paul: “Music about me” is the heavy sh*t I love!
Daizon: great ep . ” music about me” for me:D
Isaac Silva: THanks for the tracks

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