TZH005 // VA – This is Tzinah

This is Tzinah, a compilation of tracks that we’ve been collecting for about an year now. It’s what we wanted since we started this label: to seize all the styles and genres which we will deal with in the future. We tried to go deep in house until there is nothing more than the beat and to go up in techno to make you scream and feel like all you want to do is to be there on the dance floor.
‘La patrat’ is a deep house track with eclectic claps that go along really well with big bass and a dizzy voice. It will surely make you attentive. Behind this project there are Alex Mind Games, who is a natural born minimalist, and Michael Pato who is all about the house. After the big succes of Dreams EP, Egal 3 reminds us what deep house is all about : fine, happy, and deep sounds. This track will bring out the joy in you. Even if you are on a beach in Ibiza or walking along the streets of London, this is the track that brings together the deep from the underground and the joy from house. ‘Peopleeeeee’  from Groove Soundsystem’s Simbol track will definitely surprise you. The deep chord is meant to give you an adrenaline rush, a feeling which you don’t get very often from listening to these kinds of songs. Everything is cool with ‘Dirty Disco’, nice shake , nice drums , and how the bass fits there… You should be blown away by this song. In a real old school style, Mr. John just drops nice drum beats and plays with the hihats and a really nice voice. It’s all about old school sounds! 
Olivian Nour introduces himself to us in his own way with : ‘Oh Yee’, Good. We welcome you to our label and Oh yee from now on..  because this tech house bomb won’t fail to make you dance and feel good! ‘I Am Your Superman’. You either want to believe that, or this track will convince you! Anyway, this one made us believe that there should be no great party without this track being played every time you wanna move your feet. ‘Moto Sicli’ is a track which shows us that CiuPy & Mihai Bejenaru can ride all the day the drum beats and still know how to come out with a brilliant house track. This will be the track that you’ll be playing years from now on. ‘Ah Oh’ is just a preview of the upcoming EP from label owner Primarie. It’s pure house and a joyful voice that makes you close your eyes and get lost within the melody, the voice and the drums. Russian music was always straight, deep and hard.  In this way, Zemtsov comes up with a very precise work, with a bassline that will make you wonder if it’s real , if it’s good , if it’s bad, if it’s too hard, if it’s too nice and in the end you will have no words , no expression, no explication , you just shut up and listen. 
From the ‘most underground Dj in Constanta, Romania’, you will hear among the bass, the claps and drums , a really underground voice and you will enjoy the way Paspar2 drops the beats and they make you move your body. Nasty Boy presents El Marrrrr, from his point of view. He presents his vision of the next summer. You will certainly bring the feelings and emotions of a summer’s night on the beach everytime this track is played. Speaking about the beach atmosphere, we brought you the trumpets from ‘Take 2′, but only Dan-Ce and Levii know how to arrange them to make you wonder: is there a better way to hear these drums? You will stick with this track a very long time from now on. The first time when we heard this song we said we had to hear more from Sonicvibe and Paspar2. Doing this track, they really experimented with sounds and ways to arrange them.Thanks for that! Now let everyone hear ‘Csv’. Oh, Sapriori’s first track at Tzinah is all about him, all about his sound, his drums, his nice trips about house music and the Chicago sounds. One , One two… Check One , One two three … Check… and the connection between the bass, drums and melody is back! So here comes Faster, the bass man, playing to blow your mind with the deepest chords. You will feel like dancing and screaming together with beat of the drums. These sounds move your feet continuously because it’s an loopdeville. After talking so much about this lovely album that we now bring to your ears and your fans ears, we wanna say that this is a preview of ‘Tzinah Family’, a group concept that will be presented to  you in the future. If you will be up to date with the posts on our website, you will see interviews with our “family members” and also hear their mixtapes. Enjoy, This Is Tzinah.
VA – This is Tzinah [TZH005] Is supported by Philip Arruda, Art Patrice, Paula Cazenave, Jose Maria Ramon, B.Green And Redmond, Valentin Huedo, Carlos Roll, Javi Bora, Javier Carballo, Boris Horel, Dani Casarano and many others.
Philip Arruda: Some great tracks in this package! thank you for sending
Art Patrice: Superb!
Paula Cazenave: Great compilation of tracks, cool & fresh.Full support.
Jose Maria Ramon: Really cool sound amigos, very groovy and perfect for airplay, full support from Ibiza Global Radio
B.Green & Redmond: Many intresting trax here. The Zemtsov’s is out favourite, but we’ll play and support a lots of these trax. Quality sounds from Tzinah, really luvin this compilation!
Valentin Huedo: Sounds cool. Will support lots of tracks of lp. Thanks.
Carlos Roll: Great compilation! Good vibes! thanx;
Javi Bora : Big VA! Love Tzinah sounds. Full support;
Javier Carballo : Nice compilation.. i like a lot of tracks.. willi play!!! thanks!!!
Boris Horel: 2,14,15 seems more interesting to me at first listen, and a nice compilation altogether, thanks !
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show): Tzinah! Ahhhh! We dig a lot of crazy tracks and would like to thank you for this, Guys! Keep it up!
Max Riolo: Cool sound some tracks soon in my radio show on Tam Tam Network (Italy);
Dani Casarano: Egal 3, Primarie, Nasty boy, Mono+mono, Sapriori, Faster .. nice music;
Wade Bennett: Great selection here, will play some for sure.
Zoubir Madani: Very nice compilation my favorite track is i’m your superman ..wicked  full support thanks;
Terje Bakke: Great tracks in here! loved the Egal3 track, Groove Soundsystem and Faster track.
Deltano: Cool tracks in this VA!! thx
Hectik Rivero: Solid.
Roberto Apodaca: Amazing va will def play all tracks ;)
Dan Farserelli: Faster – Loopdeville is the one for me :)
Francis White: I will play!nice tracks!
Horatio: Support for dance & levii… i love them;
Andrea Loche: Great work ! Thanks for the promo;
Gabryel Casse: Nice, downloading thanks!
Rhadow: Zemtsov – Don’t cross the line ! thx;
Katoline: Great label and great artists! Good luck. My support!
Jeanm: Very Nice compilation. I will make it full support special track 10. Best Regards Jeanm;
Zotist: Nice compilation, for sure ill find some good vibes!
Fady: Full support ! 15 tracks…and it’s hard to pick a favourite. Love them all. Great mixture of feelings,beats and groove’s. Will play them all for sure ! thanks Tzinah
Mr.John: Faster & Junkyard Gazzete…..great sounds..will play for sure!thnx
Faster: Nice release from my guys !
Just D’light: Nice one! I especially liked “Simbol” and “Loopdeville”…

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