TZH101010 // VA – Tzinah 10 Years Best Of Session

Not just good sound but memorable tracks. Tracks that we love, that we fell in love with our dear ones listening to them. This are the tunes that remind us of good times and bring back memories we cherish the most. These is the music that represents ...


TZH133 // Etc.u – Music Therapist EP incl. Petrutt

It's time for new music and uplifting moods so we come out with Etc.u EP because it's time for some therapy. So Music Therapist EP is best solution for people like us, to forget and get back to us, get back to dance and to club situations where we ju ...


TZH076 // Vincent Casanova – Flatland EP incl. Psykoloco

Coming after a nice summer break and concluding the season we set off these beauties, three melodies from Vincent Casanova. Either pointing out a 'Deaf Wave' dance or just playing the 'Hustle', Vincent showcases different personal grooves, customized ...


TZH071 // Alex Rusu – Fiasco EP incl. Patrick Weblin

Because we love to bring in your ears, true underground and authentic artists, is time for Mr. Alex Rusu to express his feelings into the new 'Fiasco EP'. Coming from the heart of Moldavia, Alex is an active icon in the music scene arround his area, ...


TZH066 // VA – Route66

It’s our sixty-six release and as the number says.. stay alert for trouble! We’ve took inspiration from America’s biggest road “Route66” to name our compilation and we joined together big players from our label and not only. We welcome with ...


TZH065 // VA – DN7C

For our sixty-five instalment, we choose to release the grooves we chewed on this summer, the fragrances we like in our auras and we support the artists that are close to our label's heart. Jozhy K welcomes Pauly to Tzinah with a featuring track whic ...


Leon // Tzinah Podcast // April 2015 //

No interview this time // Tzinah Podcast comes together with an interview from our artists which can be found on our website. Tzinah Podcast is broadcasted every Sunday from 19:00 (GMT+2 and GMT+3 during summer) at Moodytech radio (www.moodyte ...


TZH0555 // VA – Tzinah Best Of 5 Years

We couldn’t resist the temptation of going back for a moment or two… to remember all the great memories and moments we lived trough this 5 years since we started our project. For sure we could not gather all the melodies we wanted but to sum up w ...


TZH055 // VA – Mine Catre Tine

Autmn has arrived, and here at Tzinah Records, everybody is warming up with glowing melodies from new, fresh artists that are now part of our growing team. Through our latest V.A., entitled “Mine Către Tine” (“Me To You”), we’re showcastin ...


TZH054 // Kambo Rio – Bossous EP incl. Camiel Daamen, Chazzy Chaz

Kambo Rio – Bossous EP [TZH054] incl. Camiel Daamen & Chazzy Chaz is supported by Luciano, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Danny Tenaglia, Stacey Pullen, Leon, Gel Abril, Livio & Roby, Jay West, Re-UP, Brothers’ Vibe, Hermanez, Alexi Delano, Mathew Decay, Nino Santos, ONNO, Joachim, Jorge Savoretti, Cesar Sanchez, Luc Ringensein, Randall M, Jason Hodges, Superlounge, David Pher, Maceo Plex, Chad Andrew, Patrice Meiner, Lilith, Javier Carballo,David Labeij, Psykoloco, Julie Marghilano, Camiel Daamen, Alessio Collina, David Gtronic, Philipp Ort, Joseph Capriati, Deltano, Kazbah Zoo, JP Chronic, Just_Me, Saso Recyd, Alex Piccini, Edgar de Ramon, Jessica Diaz, Oshana, Giacomo Greppi and many others, Thank you!


TZH053 // Silat Beksi – Treat EP feat. Max Tolmachev incl. Deltano, Baraso

Silat Beksi – Treat EP [TZH049] (feat. Max Tolmachev) incl. Deltano & Baraso is supported by Raresh, Richie Hawtin, Leon, tINI, Nima Gorji, Stacey Pullen, Andrew Grant, Francisco Allendes, David Labeij, Matthew Decay, Cesar Merveille, Chaim, Arado, Horatio, Re-UP, Archie Hamilton, Patrice Meiner, David Gtronic, Jun Akimoto, Carlos Sanchez, Alex Piccini, Saso Recyd, Jessica Diaz, Seb Zito, Lilith, Uno Taman, Chad Andrew, Psykoloco, Joseph Capriati, Guido Nemola, Ekkohaus, Giacomo Greppi, Bunte Bummler, Oshana, Luc Ringeisen, Micha Klang, Julie Marghilano, Omar Salgado and many more! Thank you!