TZH101010 // VA – Tzinah 10 Years Best Of Session

Not just good sound but memorable tracks. Tracks that we love, that we fell in love with our dear ones listening to them. This are the tunes that remind us of good times and bring back memories we cherish the most. These is the music that represents ...


TZH011 // Zemtsov – Music About Me EP incl. Primarie

Another special release from Zemtsov, another good house music EP from Tzinah Records. We all know that romanians and russians had always a strong connection, not only musically speaking... so we developed our releationship with our russian rezident ...


TZH006 // Mr.John – Johnny’s Trip EP

In order to continue with our concept, as we wish to develop it, we now bring you our sixth release. This one will show you who Mr. John is, through this EP which represents himself in the best way and brings out to the light one of the most valuable ...


TZH004 // Egal 3 – Dreams EP Incl Vid, Flex and Primarie

Egal 3 – Dreams EP [TZH004] Incl Vid, Flex and Primarie is supported by Marco Carola, Andrew Grant, David Hererro, Marco Faraone, Mihai Popoviciu, Javi Bora, Bas Amro, Fran Alberola, Daniel Half, Decay, Philipp Arruda, Andrea Loche, Javier Moreno, Javier Carballo, Deltano and many others.