Sebastian Eric

Sebastian Eric is a Romanian DJ / Producer, established in UK where discovered electronic underground music in London night clubs from where also was inspired in his style which is a combination of Techno, Tech, Minimal, where u can find his mark on a dark and strange sounds on energetic rithm. In 2012 start a lots of events around England and Romania under the name “Reset Privat” where he shared this style of music to the crowd. Was Resident at Output / Backspace Birmingham (UK) where has had the opportunity to share a desk with many names like Raresh, Barac, Valentino Kanzyani, Nima Gorji, Bill Patrick, Praslea, Sepp, Dubtil , Cally .. and many others who are also to support him in his own production with a series of digital Ep and vinyls over the years ! Now is Resident at Zebra Booking Agency where you can found more about him !
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