Primarie // Tzinah Podcast // March 2023 //

Primărie’s purpose is to play good-vibes music to uplift the spirits all around and to bring in future-fractal sounds. He is a master at managing the tension between the power of the groove and the relief from high frequency vibrations. His own realm is his record label, Tzinah Records: no artistic bullshit, no experiments, just tunes covering a huge territory between minimal and house, designed for the most pretentious dance floors!
Dan Primaru, also known as Primărie, started his musical journey back in 2007 after discovering his passion for DJing and love for club culture. From endeavours at local radio, to exploring Bucharest’s scene, his path was unclear. In 2010 he decided to create something for the community and started his own record label. After spending some time in Berlin he realised his playground is Romania, so he relocated. Playing marathon sets at infamous after-parties, presenting his groovy sound in small packed clubs, Primărie performed in every Romanian city from his hometown to the most delightful locations. Inducing smiles on underground dance floors all this years, he has been summoned to play all over Europe’s major cities at a wide range of unique clubs and events. Latest years saw Primărie’s adding further value to Tzinah Records, expanded his djing performances on other continents too, a residency, and an album of his own music productions.
With his own funk-related touch, Primărie mesmerizes with his sets and captures the hype from the Romanian electronic wave into his label. Given his abilities to translate various influences, it is pretty hard to tag Primărie’s minimal-house style, though his sound is powerful enough to make a statement on its own.
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