Osvit // Interview // Tzinah Podcast // October 2018 //

Osvit is a follower of underground teсhno and house music. Dj and musical producer from Odessa, Ukraine. Started his career in 2007 and until 2015 was known under another name. Osvit is working hard in all directions of music industry. For ten year career Osvit won public attention being a welcome guest in most clubs of Ukraine. In 2012 Osvit founded his own music project [“to be hip” underground and intellectual side of music] and held several successful parties. In 2013 he becomes part of the cultural music project “cult.beat”, presenting series of conceptual club parties. As a part of this project Osvit played on the same stage with artists from labels as All in Records, Plue/Noir, Sleep is Commercial, Akkult, Contexterrior. Each of this party has its own history, script, characters and appropriate atmosphere …

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Tzinah Records: To start with, please, recommend us something to listen to while we go through this interview. It can be anything.
Osvit: I would recommend to listen new live recorded at Hacienda (Ukraine) played by me and Leparente(Maxim).

Tzinah Records: Could you remember when and where have you felt it for the first time that you were to become a music artist?
Osvit: In school when I was 12-13 years old I used to bring music player from my home and made school disco.

Tzinah Records: Why did you choose to create and play this particular type of music? Are there any artists that touched you deeply while developing your own style?
Osvit: There are a lot of artists who’s music I like but unfortunately none of them can inspire me for something. I had a long path to find my own sound. I remember it was 2011 when I turned up at one event and heard “Romanian techno” and same style minimal, micro house, that day I felt that my inside vibrations are a perfect match to vibrations of this music. From that time I am experimenting at this type of sound.

Tzinah Records: Please, briefly, describe for us, the current state of the underground music scene in the place you come from. Is it any good?
Osvit: Odessa is a capital of Ukrainian minimal and longest after parties…

Tzinah Records: Without giving out too much about your secret weapons, please tell us how does the magic work in your production routine. Software? Analog? What does your DJ set-up imply?
Osvit: I love practicality and mobility. I don’t use analog. I am using Ableton and different plug-ins, emulators of analog instruments , it gives more flexibility at production. Modern soft sounds very cool. I stopped using vinyl and ect. My opinion is that future is in digital!

Tzinah Records: What are the aspects of your daily life that are influencing the shape and sound of the music that you currently make?
Osvit: There are no aspects I think…Don’t even know how to answer at this question.

Tzinah Records: Which underground house DJ or producer would you love to take out for a summer picnic? With which artist (from any music genre) would you spend 24 hours stuck in an elevator?
Osvit: For a picnic it would be Djs from Moldova because for sure they would take a lot of wine with them and it will be the happiest and funniest picnic ever, believe me). Stuck in an elevator I think with Salvatore Ganacci , I’d made bits on iMachne 2 in my iPhone and he would dance in his roller skates like in that video on YouTube. )))It would be very funny.

Tzinah Records: Have you already played in your most-dreamed about venue? Which one is that?
Osvit: I think no)

Tzinah Records: What motivates you to be an active part of the underground movement?
Osvit: I don’t need motivation , just it’s me in this and my life can’t be without it

Tzinah Records: What’s your favourite type of breakfast?
Osvit: Pizza

Tzinah Records: What do you do when the music is not playing?
Osvit: Enjoying silence

Tzinah Records: What’s the story behind your Tzinah Family Podcast? How did you record it and are there released or unreleased tracks?
Osvit: Story of podcast for every listener has to be it’s own , I recorded it at nice home atmosphere with a good mood and yes all tracks are released.

Tzinah Records: Are there any of your plans/upcoming projects that you would like to share with us? Where can we see you play next?
Osvit: There are some solo projects and some collaborations with other artists which are ready already and soon will be known, and some projects are still at work , don’t want to share information now about it. Soon you can get on my set at Crimea,Yalta city in “South Cafe” club and at party of 10 years anniversary of CULT.beat our project in Ukraine,Odessa.

Tzinah Records: Supposing you come back reading this interview in 10 years from now; could you try saying something to your future-self?
Osvit: Well done that you are not turning away from your path!

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