M-Phunk // Tzinah Podcasts // Interview // April 2012 //

M-Phunk is a young and ambitious Romanian dj that carries on the underground culture in house music. His passion for electronic music began in 2000 and since then it made him hungry for more than just listening to it, but being a part of it as well. In 2009 he holds a residency at an local underground club and tries to put his mark on the Romanian scene by playing at numerous parties in different cities but also abroad. Being a resident of Tzinah family he releases records that are supported by artists like Chris Simmonds, Tato, Brothers’ Vibe, Horatio and many others. His unique style combines genres of house and techno and he knows that by producing music, he can contribute to the underground culture and grow his own musical skills. M-Phunk’s self confidence, passion and dedication will help him spread his music and feelings around the world.

So how did all begin for you?
M-Phunk: Maybe I was drunk, I don’t remember.

Where did your name came from?
M-Phunk: I just added the initial M from Mihai + one of my favourite genre of music that is Funk and I thought of making it smoother by modifying it with “ PH” and this is it (M-Phunk)

What brought you more close to the house music?
M-Phunk: Sounds, feelings, people. Did the djing or production came first for you? Tell us about your roots. Djing first, I was resident dj at a local club here in my hometown and I hated commercial stuff and I started producing what I wanted and here I am.

What was the first important event that you played at? How did it feel?
M-Phunk: First important event was in Hungary and it was great.

Who’s throwing the best parties in your opinion?
M-Phunk: Sunrise

Which other contries have you played ?
M-Phunk: Hungary

What do you think about the music scene in your contry? What is your opinion about european underground music scene , new tallents, old producers, what do you think about romanian artists?
M-Phunk: I preffer not to talk about this.

If you could pick one place you would like to play where would it be and why ?
M-Phunk: Los Angeles (USA) on the rooftop of Standard Hotel, great view, great party’s, great people.

Do you see yourself being a dj all your life?
M-Phunk: I hope so.

Out of all tunes you have made , which one you think ‘never fails’?
M-Phunk: M-Phunk – I Want You (Dub Mix)

Which artists inspires you the most ?
M-Phunk: Mr. G, DJ Sneak, Phil Weeks, Chris Simmonds, Chris Carrier, Mark Farina, Nathan Coles, Gideon Jackson, Mood II Swing, Kenlou, Todd Terry, Grant Nelson, Native Soul, Armand Van Helden, Terry Francis, Boo Williams, Paul Johnson, Cisco Ferreira and many others…. But these are the most important one’s!!

Are you focusing more on djing or on production right now?
M-Phunk: Production.

When you’re not working, when the party is over, how do you like to chill out?
M-Phunk: Alcohol + ambiental music = Smooth relaxation

M-Phunk: What projects are you working on at the moment?
Finished Primarie – Let Me Tell You Something (M-Phunk Remix)

Describe your relationship with our label from your point of view.
M-Phunk: We are family!

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