Tzinah_ContactTzinah Records Demo Submission Approach

We are an underground music label so we’re very open to hearing your work and eager to discover new emerging talents. But, since we’ve been receiving a lot of demos lately, please, keep in mind that you have to follow these steps in order for us to consider your submission :

1. Make sure you’re familiar to our sound before submitting your tracks. We cherish creativity a lot but we always want to keep the high standards that we have accustomed our niche with.

2. Either way you choose to do it, please also include a brief bio or description and your contact details. We wouldn’t want to work with ghosts.

3. Send us only exclusive demos. This means the tracks you are sending are private for us, and no other record label has access to them.

4. Don’t contact us personally about submitting demos on social networks. All demo enquiries has too pass trough our contact form below or to our email, after you make sure you are familiar with our sound and releases! We do not answer at demos sent via Soundcloud Message!

5. Please allow us around 3-4 weeks to reply with an answer before sending the same tracks to another label of your choice. We answer to demos and we will tell you if we keep it just for us or not. VERY IMPORTANT: If we answer positive to your demo, then please allow us 2-3 months to give our final answer.

6. You can use Soundcloud private links (Don’t forget to enable the download option!) or you can either upload a pack (on WeTransfer) and send the download link to us.  Tracks must be full lenght, WAV 16 Bit. No master is required..

7. Please don’t send us more than 5 tracks in a row. We love to hear tracks that are specific to our label. We will check your other works in the meanwhile.

8. We listen to all demo submissions that respect our guidelines and we will get back to you for sure. If your demo submission does not follow our rules, we will not answer. Thanks for understanding.

9. E-mail for demo submission is:;

Here are latest Tzinah sounds from @Soundcloud: