TZH041 // VA – Tzinah Anul Trei vol.2

TZH041It’s about time we stop everything and just celebrate our three little years! Don’t get us wrong, we won’t ever stop bringing new quality music! For this one we stand out of the box preparing you twenty tracks, twenty artists that we believe in and wanna be part of our celebration album ‘VA – Tzinah Anul Trei’ .

For part two we present tracks from Crocodile Soup and Baraso, artists that will be close to Tzinah Family from now on. We welcome in the family new romanian artists like diferiT and incolor and from London, Loopdeville. The rest of the tracks are coming from Arapu, Primarie, Hansel!, Guy From Downstairs and Chris DB. We hope we touched your senses again and that we catch you in our anniversary vibe. Enjoy Tzinah Records at its three years of creation! Love is everything!

VA – Tzinah Anul Trei vol.2 [TZH041] incl Crocodile Soup, Hansel!, Arapu, Primarie, Baraso, diferiT, Loopdeville, Guy From Downstairs, Chris DB, incolor is supported by Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Marco Carola, Gel Abril, tINI, Guti, Robert Dietz, Miss Jools, Hector, Marco Nastic, Dani Casarano, Leon, Stacey Pullen, Nino Santos, Terence :Terry:, Enzo Siragusa, Tato, Seb Zito, Carlo Lio, Julian Perez, Deltano, Horatio, Guido Durante, Chris Carrier, Carlos Sanchez, Mihai Popoviciu, Francisco Allendes, Julian Perez, Alex Piccini, Michel de Hey, Funk E, Re-UP, Fernando Costantini, Randall M, Jorge Savoretti, Psykoloco, Sonodab, Doomwork, Superlounge, Daniel Sanchez, UGLH, Mountain People, Die Haustiere, Giovani Verrina, Roon, Samuel Deep, Someone Else, Lorenzo Chiabotti, Stefano Lotti, Nicolas Duvoisin, Chicks Luv Us, benoit/tsugi, Lightem, Chris Lake, ONNO and many others, Thanks


Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Luciano: Thanks for the music, downloading for Luciano
Marco Carola: download for marco carola
Gel Abril: great selection of tracks as usual from this fine label!
tINI: and another strong pack here from you guys! thank you, will play a couple of them for sure…right on time for the ibiza season x x
Guti: downloading
Robert Dietz: primarie, hansel!, loopdeville are my picks here. great tunes. please send wav. thanks.
Miss Jools: Amazing..totally spoilt for choice .. Really strong VA… ”Love Key” is my favorite but i could all the tracks here ,,, thanks for the great music! :)
Hector: Full support as always !!!
Marko Nastic: full support!
Dani Casarano: full support
Leon: great great pack!
Stacey Pullen: cool thanks
Nino Santos: Awesome release !! Really feeling Primarie and Chris DB tracks here !! Will also try Arapu !!
Terence :Terry:: Strong various here ,quality music as usual from the tzinah crew Support !!
Enzo Siragusa: Great EP, quality all round!
Tato: strong pack… nice grooves as ussual… thank you
Seb Zito: Lovely music, full support.
Carlo Lio: dope release…. lots of goodies here
Julian Perez (Fathers & Sons): Always great packs of music, i will try them. Quality.
Deltano: Same here again :) great compilation! thx
Horatio: incolor dezorientat….
Guido Durante: Every track is playable… thx
Chris Carrier: great stuff
Mihai Popoviciu: baraso stands out for me here!
Carlos Sanchez (Supernature/Overall/8bit): great tracks!!!
Francisco Allendes: super comp!!
Julian Perez (Fathers & Sons): Full support to Tzinah!
Alex Piccini: Support!! thx
Michel de Hey: Nice package!! Support
Funk E: good
Re-UP (Omar): Super!!! Lot of great tunes here Thanks
Fernando Costantini: Nice Pack…Tzinah working hard in here…Really spoiled here ! Good one…
Randall M: full support, Crocodile soup and GFD are killing it
Jorge Savoretti: Many good tracks in here! As usual from the Tzinah crew
Psykoloco : nice vol2 ! a lot of good tracks , will test everyone , thanks
Sonodab: Great and solid pack, I’ll play a lot, 100% support thx!
Doomwork: Great Pack! We’ll play for sure
Camiel Daamen: Always good stuff! Some great work in here! Thanks guys!
Superlounge: Thank you for the music!
Daniel Sanchez: And this is also huge!
UGLH (Marco Duranti): Nice VA. Thanks
Mountain People Rozzo: fantastic. profound.
Die Haustiere: incolor track my fav!
Giovanni Verrina: this is the Tzinah sound! i like more this vol2
Roon.: Support!! really nice second part of the new VA! Arapu track is my choice! test out for sure:):)
Samuel Deep: Dope trax again!
Someone Else: this comp is great.
Lorenzo Chiabotti: Good pro solid pack!! all the tracks are in Tzinah style! For me Loopdeville, Baraso , Crocodile Soup
Stefano Lotti: Thank you!
Nicolas Duvoisin: nice one!
Chicks Luv Us: Great VA! Support =)
benoit/tsugi: cool one
Lightem (Memoria / Genial): great as always! support!
Chris Lake: downloading
ONNO: as always, right on point!! loving these!!

Felix (Groove Magazine): cool! thank you.
David Gtronic: GREAT music!! tnx for sending!
Lilith (NL): F ***** I ***** V ***** E ***** S ***** T ***** A ***** R ***** S
P. Jones: Vol. 2 is deeeep! Nice!
Archie Hamilton: More goodies! Thanks :-)
Paula Kasnav: Cocodrile soup – Rootzy and Hanzel – Etriniez are my favorites. Thanx!
Petar Cvetkovic: very nice, thx for music
Javier Carballo: great selection! thanks
Elia Perrone: love all tracks, support thanks!
Gui Ferreira: great selection, full support thanks!!
Julie Marghilano: great music! at first listen hansel! is doing it proper. a real strong pack! looking forward to playing these this weekend.
Petar Cvetkovic: big support for Tzinah
Patrice Meiner: wiiiicked pack all around !!!! thanks for the great music
Alexandar Kyosev: full support for my friends Loopdeville and Crocodile Soup here !!!!!!
Scan Mode: Nice one!
Jamie Lie A Kwie: Tzinah is on fire! :-) Thanks a lot for sending, as always full suport.
Andreas Bergmann: ….also vol.2 sounds very great!!…thanks!!!
Nick Hollyster: Wicked VA here, love key is my fav, thanks for the music !
Xandru: thank you
Andrew Technique: nice tracks, hansel is my pick. tnx
Julien Fuentes: great label
Javi Sampol: Great Ep, downloading ! thank you )
Nuno Clam: Luv it!!! thanks!
Colin Chiddle: Baraso doing the biz!
Faster: Great pack! Thanks!
Oshana: nice release as usual…thanks for these!
Ilario Liburni: Also here, all tracks are very good! Great productions! Thnx! ;-) Tzinah power!
John Dimas: Great stuff as always from Tzinah , Arapu is my fav , thnx
Djohnny (Overall Music): great package!!! full support
Brett Jacobs: Great VA, support on alot of these, thanks!
Federico Luchetti: Crocodile Soup, Incolor, Hansell, Baraso
Benoit Annuit: Crocodile Soup,Guy From Downstairs and Hansel for me! good pack, thanks!
Zotist: Nice goodies here! thx!
Baraso: Pffff!! No words to describe this!!! Congratulations!!
Dean Facer: Superb selection of tracks…
Bolumar (Luna records/Novus/Recycle): Really nice pack! good weapons inside! thanks a lot!
Loopdeville: Great package,thanks!
Giacomo Greppi: All track very nice…In my bag…..Thanks!!
Scott Kemp: amazing music again
D.Korablev: super nice list of artists, solid tracks for now Arapu is my pick! Thanks for the music
Dimitri Nakov: very nice atmospheric music. supporting.
Alex Sesto: Happy Birthday Tzinah! Excellent!
CrossNineTroll: great pack again! support! thanks!
Mariano Mateljan: Amazing selection once again!!! Thanks a lot! M
Dalbe: Nice pack,Support
Olderic: love this, thank you!
Aney F (Innocent Music): Hottt stuff , cant wait to try this :) thanks
Olderic: Great pack! Support to all!!
Nina Soul: Thanks so much, exelent selection, all tracks for me :)
Mood_Out: Nice pack!!!! thanks guys!!!
Bartolomeo: A really cool pack from Tzinah! i will try for sure some tracks! thnx for your music!
Bastien: few great tunes here.. tanks 4 the music :D
Drummer: congrats for another quality stuff pack,Full support
Dubsons: Big support for Crocodile Soup and Arapu. Thank u
Fosky: Great pack!!!!
Fosky: Great sampler! Thanks for the pack
Joe Seff (EKLAT Booking): all tracks special in its own way! great release with great tracks.
Dubsons: Loopdeville and Arapu for us. Thank u
Chus (Chus & Ceballos): Great selection of cool tracks, lovin this label lately! thanks.
Blagoj Rambabov: Huge love for one of my favorite label that give me so much, i wish you more years of spreading special sounds and love, my picks here are Baraso, Primarie, Loopdeville and my brother Crocodile Soup
Guy From Downstairs: Great being on the same V.A. with these awesome artists! Congrats to everyone! Happy Birthday, Tzinah!!!!
Primarie: Happy ! Happy ! Happy ! Happy ! Happy ! Happy ! Happy ! Happy ! Happy !
Adrianho: thx for the pack, all tracks sound great !
Little Hado: great tracks !! thanks
Alfredo Acri: My congrats4 Tzinah, good VA, my favourite tracks are: Etriniez from Hansel! – Udri Bassa from Loopdeville – Nou Para Nor from Guy from downstairs.
Sammy W & Alex E [Tobus]: Nice ep, thanks!
Mood_Out: very cool VA, thank you!
Dee Bufato: Great tracks, guys. Full support!
Bvoice: Baraso + will listen more to get bliss) M e r c i !!! V.
Tomas Mehes (Artist Booking & Management): Dope VA! Thx
KiRiK: thanks all track very hot ) will play
Suolo: perfect tracks!
Maertz: Amazing music as usual, Tzinah rules, nowadays one of my favorite labels, support!!!
Brothers In Progress: Nice Va…Thx
Essam Gawish: support
Duky: Nice VA! Etriniez and Trandsveral stand out for me! Thanks!
Alex Puicea: nice music!:)
Re Us (Pild Records – Harthouse): Same as part 1, hard to choose one, the whole pack is really great! nice work, support !
Zetqa: Great VA EP! ;) all tracks are interesting,full support! ;)
Luca Doobie: i like the most of the tracks here, pretty cool style for warm-ups and afterhours.. considering some for my next radioshow.. thnx ;) L
Luis Groove (Lowpitch/ U Wanna Escape? Ibiza): Very nice compilation like always guys. Baraso, diferiT, Chris DB will play for sure. Thanks a lot for the music.
Marcos Valdés: Nice music! Full Support!!
Manchini: Unde by Primarie ,some serious tune. Deep, dark and slow!
Dimitri Monev: Quality sound all the way !!
M.A.M.: No words… dope package! Full support!!
Angle Linde: All the Vol 2 its so good…thanks playinggg
Carlo Toma: very nice VA. cool sound! tnx for the music
Alex M (Italy): Nice Va thanks
Fabio Neural: Full support!!
Rush Arp: Greet tracks i play for sure… Support
Gianluca Gaffi: thanks again
Alex Kravitz: Great VA!
Herck: Huge VA. Thanks !
Francesco Belfiore: downloading it, tks – full support for diferit!!!!
Francesco Zani: Support for Tzinah!!!
Bas-relief: Loving this!
Uncle Dog: Very Good !
Youngerbros: Fantastic
Hans Tavera: Will play them on my show :)
Angel Moe: great release lots of goodies on this one.
Arthuro: NICE!!!!!! part II full support
Chazzy Chaz: Thank You!
Alfonso Padilla: very nice, downloading thanks
Alessandro Borsari: Great music guys! Crocodile Soup, Hansel!, Arapu and Baraso the best for me. Thanks!
Danny Panagiotou: great stuff full support item!
Dai Zon: Happy Birthday !
DJSOSSA: nice..
Ari Girao: Full Support ! Thankx
Casari: very nice ep, fully underground, i like this!
Chembass: baraso 100%, the others 99%. no words… thanks
Nova Caza: Arapu – Space Vision Superb Track fro my 4deck sets !!
Chris DB: Happy to be a part of Tzinah Family . All the tracks rocks !
Just D’light: Great one!! :)
Alfred Azzetto: Great Package
James Damian: Road testing these
Holchin: Happy Anniversary Tzinah!
Max J : Great tracks in this volume too! Support!!
Tree’mend: Crocodile Soup – Rootzy (Original Mix) TOP!
Matteo Gatti: etriniez preview is nice . thanks
incolor: nice quality
Dj Kelemen: brilliant works here!
Luiz Telles: very very good. this is for me
Ciprian Iordache : great pack ! can wait to play some tracks
Jbd (zece): As usual Tzinah delivers! Guy from downstairs & Chris DB for me!
Iuly.B: Arapu, diferiT and Loopdeville’s tracks for me, thanks!
Chago Mota: Really Nice music pack!! Feeling Baraso’s track.
Rods Novaes: Cool VA. 2, 3, 4, 9 are my fav! thanks!
Klaus: serious music, baraso is my fav
Ario: Very Good Pac! TNX A

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