TZH0555 // VA – Tzinah Best Of 5 Years

TZH0555We couldn’t resist the temptation of going back for a moment or two… to remember all the great memories and moments we lived trough this 5 years since we started our project. For sure we could not gather all the melodies we wanted but to sum up we came up with 25 tracks that represent best our sound. 2015 started with a recap attitude for us and this Best Of starts the new adventure we are heading out to. Join us trough the high and lows of our journey, be part of our roller coaster! From Tzinah with Love!

VA – Tzinah Best Of 5 Years [TZH0555] incl Adrianho, Alex Kravitz, Archie Hamilton, Baraso, Bayt, Chazzy Chaz, Chris DB, Claudia Amprimo, Crocodile Soup, Egal 3, Cumsecade, Diferit, Faster, Ferro, Hansel, Guy From Downstairs, IULY.B, Javier Carballo, Julie Marghilano, He did, Kirik, IVANOV, Nina Soul, Little Hado, Patrice Meiner, Nicholas Deca, Primărie is supported by Richie Hawtin, Bill Patrick, Reboot, Leon, Paco Osuna, Cesar Merveille, Negru, Giovanni Verrina, Mihai Popoviciu, Horatio, Luca Bear, Giacomo Greppi, Re-UP, Francisco Allendes, Bastian Schuster, Miss Jools, Chad Andrew, Joseph Capriati, Jun Akimoto, Jessica Diaz, Robert Powlson, Konrad Black, Camiel Daamen, Deaf Pillow, Hermanez and many others. Thank you!

Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Bill Patrick: yo congrats on 5 years of dope music. here’s to 5 more and beyond. play with some butts and get in some mario kart princess daisy diddy kong style. respect.
Reboot: Great compilation !
Leon: this label have work very well…and i love it! thanks for this
Paco Osuna: Will try thanks ;)
Cesar Merveille: happy 5th bday
Francisco Allendes: nice pack!!!
Negru: thanks! all tracks have something to tell… full support for this one!
Giovanni Verrina: very nice stuff inside thanks!
Mihai Popoviciu: i like baraso most!
Horatio: nice stuff
Luca Bear: great!!! thanks a lot! tzinah rocks!
Giacomo Greppi: Full Support For This Guys !!! … Thanks For The Music
Re-Up (Omar): nice stuff.. thanks;)
Francisco Allendes: super compilation!
Bastian Schuster: best of the best! love nearly every track. already playing them ;)
Miss Jools: Congrats Tzinah! on all the great music over 5years! :)
Chad Andrew: Best of the best! Thanks!
Joseph Capriati: Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks.
Jun Akimoto: nick pack!
Jessica Diaz: happy 5 years!!
Robert Powlson: Thnx very nice!!
Konrad Black: Solid 5 years! Thanks for the music…
Camiel Daamen: Super pack!
Deaf Pillow: Full Support for the VA, we have been playing some of this bad boys for a while now, congrats to our Peruvian crew He did and Claudia!
Hermanez: very nice, congratulations !!
Julie Marghilano: Im very honored to be included here with all these brilliant artists! Happy 5th year anniversary Tzinah and here is to many more to come! love and respect always x
Little Hado: Nice VA !! Thanks
Daniel Sanchez: Thx for the tracks!
Cesar Sanchez: good tracks !!! thnaks
Simon Garcia: Excellent music boys!
Alex Kaddour: Dope compilation! lots of cool tracks here. Thanks!
Nekes: Great package !!! thx
Yaroslav Lenzyak: wow ,thank !
Olderic: some great remastered tracks here, thanks!
Clara Da Costa: Congratulations on 5 years of great tracks, keeping it real and having integrity. Always full support from me on Jacks House, Ibiza Sonica Radio.
Jesus Soblechero: Big package .. really hard to pick one .. will try. many thanks
He did: happy to be part of this! thank you :)
Petar Cvetkovic: thank you
Maertz: Happy birthday Tzinah, always amazing music. Thanks so much!!!
Mr.John: the best VA from Tzinah.thnx and full support!
Brett Jacobs: Great picks here! Thank you :)
Bvoice: Thanks for some remastered works ;-
Jay West: lots to digest! will be checking this out, thanks!
Igor Marijuan: thanks for the music, will support it at ibiza sonica
Jozhy K: New pack with great old lovely tracks!
Baraso: Perfect pack!!! Good memories also :)
Primarie: Super greatful for making this happen! Nothing but love!
Crocodile Soup: really nice! thx
Matthew Lima: thanks for the music my favourite adrianho re constructed remix
Guy From Downstairs: Happy Birthday Tzinah!!! Great to be in the 5-year ‘best of’ package. So many memories with all these tracks :)
Zotist: Good release, some really good tracks here ;) thx!
Dimitri Monev: Amazing pack , still play some beauties :))
Tolga Top: Great Compilation! Thanks
Rush Arp: Faster and Egal for me, But all V.A is very nice Tnx
Patrick Weblin: Thanks guys just in time for the weekend i will most definately play alot of these :) DiferiT and KiRiK&IVANOV especially :)
Franco y Gael: very good playlist a lot of good tracks !!! thanks !
Boronas /Square Room Heroes: great pack..really don’t know what to choose as favourite..!!
Demika: Congrats and thank you for the amazing music throughout these years! More to come! :)
Rods Novaes: Congrats for the 5 years bros!
Motoko: Excellent historical overview and very fine selection of tracks. Full support.
Ocu: thx 4 many bombs!! hard to choice the best!
Saboar: Have to listen to them first :D
Costin Rp: Thanks !
Nicholas Deca: 5 years of good music :)
Vasiu: quality tracks!
Weg: full support for it ! groove :-)
Chris DB: Glad to be a part of this compilation and Tzinah Records .
Flmb crew: huge vá as always! Respect dan
Blagoj Rambabov/Podime: Happy 5th bday, im just happy to have been part from this label.
Carlos Ryan: Super va…solid all the way,hard to pick a fav! Thanks
Alex Kravitz: Great VA and happy to be a part of this, thanks
Dejvid: Only gems! My fav ones from Nina Soul, Hansel!, Chris BC, Adrianho, Ferro, Baraso :)
Jason Hodges: Great comp…thanks for this !
Suolo: thanks
Nova Caza: Great collection of one of the best underground labels. Thanx
Just D’light: A great 5 yers! :)
Farfan: support, nice music
Apua: Happy Birthday Tzinah! , thx for amazing music !
Franck Roger: nice compilation here will take time to chill withthe tracks today
Adam Touch:Thanks for this really great package, definitely the best tracks here! Long live Tzinah!
Gik: Big tracks and also a great label, thanks Tzinah Records .
DjSossa: nice release
Amo: Amazing music, as always, will 100% be playing some of these Gems again tonight in Miami !
Just_Me: Some favs in here, thanks!
Alex Highman: As always, awesome stuff! Indeed a roller coaster ride through the world of TZINAH!
Scopter: good work !!
TNEB: /nice one tzinah family & congrats
rthr: heeh :) great 5 years
Misk (AltroVerso): playlist in altroverso
Pier Brugera: this is all good , thank you and cheers for 5 years of great music
Martin Dacar: omg thank you for this! quality tzinah sound is always appreciated!! :) full support
Alexander Filimonov: Thanks, will support

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