TZH055 // VA – Mine Catre Tine

TZH055Autmn has arrived, and here at Tzinah Records, everybody is warming up with glowing melodies from new, fresh artists that are now part of our growing team. Through our latest V.A., entitled “Mine Către Tine” (“Me To You”), we’re showcasting what we believe to be some of the most interesting up-and-coming underground producers, from inside and outside Romania as well.
This time, the stories are being told by these promising fellas, which we are proud to have as newest additions to the label; they go by their names of Corsu, Mau, Quartet, Podime, Adam Touch, Miroslav Petkovic, Costin Rp, Gri. More than that, Deltano makes his presence felt with a great arctic groove alongside Tzinah Family artists M-Phunk and Vasiu who are completing the V.A. in style.
So, allow us to deliver to you powerful weapons to start a new season! From Tzinah with Love.

VA – Mine Catre Tine [TZH055] incl. Corsu, Mau., Quartet, M-Phunk, Podime, Adam Touch, Miroslav Petkovic, Deltano, Costin Rp, Vasiu, Gri is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Danny Tenaglia, Raresh, Valentino Kanzyani, Robert Dietz, Gel Abril, Leon, Andrew Grant, Nino Santos, Maceo Plex, Re-UP, Hermanez, Javi Bora, Jorge Savoretti, Horatio, Mihai Popoviciu, Pher, Andrew Technique, Alessio Collina, Just_Me, Javier Carballo, Koljah, Julie Marghilano, Ben Teufel, Giacomo Greppi, Gui Fereirra, Bastian Schuster, Joseph Capriati, Edgar de Ramon, Matthew Lima, Archie Hamilton, Cesar Sanchez, Joseph Capriati, Federico Luchetti, Alex Piccini, Giovanni Verrina, iO, Deepshape, Jun Akimoto, Ilario Liburni, Andreas Bergmann, Patrice Meiner, Arapu and many many more! Thank you!

Feedbacks :

Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Marco Carola: downloading for marco carola, thanks
Danny Tenaglia: ounds good…thanks!!!
Raresh: m-phunk’s track for me . mersi fain
Valentino Kanzyani: Very nice various artist EP.. Will use for sure.. Thanks for sending.. Full support to the Tzinah Family….
Robert Dietz: downloading, thanks.
Gel Abril: sounds ace tnx!
Felipe Valenzuela: Thank you, my favorites are Corsu – Existence and Vasiu – De fileu
Leon: always great music…thanks
Andrew Grant: of course…. you know this!!!!!
Nino Santos: Wow… Some great music in there! Existence and Arctic are fucking trips !! I also like Spaces! Will play for sure !!
Re-UP (Omar): Nice pack.. thanks ;)
Maceo Plex: downloaded for maceo plex, thanks for the music!
Hermanez: Great compilation, several tracks i def gonna play out there, tnx!
Javi Bora (Robsoul / Space Ibiza): Great pack! Will play some of them
Jorge Savoretti: lot of great trax here! hard to pick a fav
Horatio: cool track from vasiu
Mihai Popoviciu: sweet b is cool for me! thanks!
PHER: Deltano and M-Phunk are great, thank you
Andrew Technique: quartet’s kontakt and miroslav’s spaces are my fav. nice ep
Alessio Collina: Alessio Collina
Just_Me: Some very good music in this pack, “Sweet B” and “Spaces” are my favourites :)
Javier Carballo: nice compilation, will play a lot of this! :)
Koljah: Really like the Package. Especially the non 4/4 Beats! Thx!
Julie Marghilano: some brilliant jams here.. will def. be playing them out loud and proud
Ben Teufel: thx for the music
Giacomo Greppi: Nice “VA” … Thanks!!
Gui Ferreira: Quartet, Miroslav and Gri For me. Thanks Guys :)))
Bastian Schuster: really strong release! couldn’t say what track i like the most…will play them all ;) thank you.
Joseph Capriati: Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks.
Edgar De Ramon: Spaces is my fav, i’ll play for sure, thanks!!!!
Matthew Lima: Thanks.. my full support very good v.a my fav Podime, Adam Touch and Mau. !!!!
Archie Hamilton: Great stuff as always -thanks!
Cesar Sanchez (lovedahouse): good compilation!!!
Joseph Capriati: Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks.
Federico Luchetti: Nice package, like always! btw my favourite ones are: “Spaces” , “Curent” , “Nisiplaja” and “Bruit de Fond”. Thanks guys!
Alex Piccini: Nice!!thx
Giovanni Verrina: Thanks will try soon!
iO (Mulen): Thanx for this pack! Good works :)
Deepshape: Tzinah Records – Miroslav Petkovic – Spaces (Original Mix) GOOD GROOVE. THANKS CREW.
Jun Akimoto: great pack!!!
Ilario Liburni: Some great tracks here! Thnx Tzinah! ;-)
Andreas Bergmann: good stuff!!!!! thanks!!
Patrice Meiner: liking most of these the quartet one is very nice but nice pack all around
Arapu: Nice V.A!
Camiel Daamen: Spaces is my fav!
Psykoloco: Thanks will listen it later ;)
Ferro: nice pack boys :D
Anna Leevia: Nice one! Corsu’s and Mau’s tracks are definitely for me. Will play :)
U-More: Nice V/a. Tnx
Deltano: Glad to be part of this!
Chase: Mau’s track is nice, thanks.
Nina Soul: Nice tracks, thanks!
Bvoice: Corsu & Deltano rock it deeper! Thanks & hug! V.
KiRiK: perfect ;)
Rush Arp: Very cool V,A i’ll try for sure tnx
Igor Marijuan: thanks for the music
Olderic: thx!
Adrianho: Nice VA , My favorites here are Corsu, Mau, Costin Rp & Deltano . Thanks !
Primarie: Blood and tears for this tracks! ^_^
Crocodile Soup: huge va!
Jozhy K: Strong VA! My picks here: Corsu – Existence, Mau. – Bruit de Fond, Vasiu – De Fileu. Full support!
Claudia Amprimo: Nice one thanks!!
Little Hado: nice va !! thanks
Loopdeville: Thanks Tzinah!Quartets track is my favourite here.
Petar Cvetkovic: very nice thanx
Brett Jacobs: Really nice this VA, Thanks
Uno Taman: As always…Great stuff from Tzinah. Thanks
Baraso: Really cool music :)
Demika: Great VA! Petkovic for me. Full support!
Nova Caza: Not only various Artists, but als various flavors ! Spaces !!! Love that track, that is a dance floor banger ! Thanx Nova Caza
Scott Kemp: Best VA I’ve heard in ages
Michael Scullion: M Phunk and Vasiu are my picks from this! Thanks again Tzinah !!
Leenn’y: costin rp for thank’s
AMO: Amazing collection of amazing music! Playing this weekend ;)
Podime: Happy to be part of this release, go tzinah!!
Chris DB: Mau. – Bruit de Fond for me . Amazing track , one of the best from Tzinah !
Clara Da Costa: Liking many of these especially Brit De Fond, Spaces and De Fileu.
Mr.John: Super great V.A!Full support for all the tracks! Thnx!
Dee Bufato: Hey guys. Great VA! Mau. – Bruit de Fond; Pondime, Adam Touch – Sweet B; Vasiu – De Fileu; and; Gri – Misencrnd are my favorites. Cheers!
Guy From Downstairizzle: Mau. nice!! quartet, also, interesting sound
Yaroslav Lenzyak: Cool v/a , thank !
Sossa: super!!!!!
Scan Mode: nice one
Giash: Nice selection! Thanks!
Drana: Nice as always!Thx
Motoko: Thanks for this very inspiring journey. So many good tracks that I’m unable to choose one as best. Will certainly play a lot of these tracks. Keep it up!
T Neb: Corsu, Mau & Costin… Top 3 for me. Thanks again :)
Zetqa: Great ep! supporting! Thank u!
Carlos Ryan: Solid va all the way throu..Thanks! :)
Lex (Athens): good stuff.. thanks !!
Costin Rp: :)
Reclame: wow !!good songs guys! super Tzinah
Alex Kravitz: Nice VA, Sweet B soun great, thanks!
Herck: Amazing VA. Corsu for me. Thank you !
Pawlo Tojeda: SOOOO GOOD!!!! THAKS!!! full support…
Audiobirdz: Tnx great sounds
Kambo Río: Amazing sound. Thank you again. Full support
n.a.n.a: Great ep ! some amazing tracks . thank you
Rodrigo Villanueva: love every track!
Dipsas: Thank you again for great music
Lumieux: Very nice. Thank you!
Martin Dacar: one of the best VA’s that i’ve heard this year! each track is very special! i like that! thank you very much!!
Suolo: thank you! some nice tracks here :)
Nicke: Massive VA will try out a few Feedback fallows….
Double Dash: Excellent stuff! Corsu is our choice. Thank u for the music.
Bolumar: This pack is totally sick! my favorite ones are corsu and Vasiu tracks, but the whole ep is totally bomb!! Thanks for sharing!
Alex Highman: I’ve been WOWed! Hard to pick a favorite. Full support!!!
incolor: Miroslav Petkovic and Costin Rp for me. Thanks
Dejvid (Kanja Records): Loving this VA, some proper morning tunes :)
Patrick Weblin: yeaaa very nice! Will definately be using these, cheers !
Adam Touch: Tried some of them, worked really well! Thanks for the promo!
Alexander Filimonov: Thanks, will support
Lifer: great VA as always !!! thx !
Misk (AltroVerso): playlist ad support in altroverso
Holchin: Thank you for music! Support for artist’s
Just D’light: great! :)
Powlson: Great stuff! thnx a lot.
rthr: Thanks
Paul Baker: Holy crap! What a massive release from Tzinah! Love it :)
Rods Novaes: great! va! thanks!
FLMB: top notch! all tracks are beutifull, will try!
Maertz: Amazing VA, love romanina style, I will play for sure. Support!!!
INFO: Cool Music Package, Thanks!
Gik: Nice VA , Deltano sound great !!
Farfan: super great compilation, m-phunk track is my fav ! support
Katho: Great pack , great musical pieces . Miroslav Petkovic – Spaces my favourite. Thanks!
d’ni: a little rough, but some might work for me.

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