TZH051 // Dani Casarano, Jakco Mosqueira – Ritual EP incl. Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev, Psykoloco

TZH051We’re restlessly getting closer to the brand new 2014 summer season of trips, beats, feels & vibes with showpiece work from one of the coolest Swiss artists that we’ve come across.
Since we share the same boundless love for underground music, we’re oh, so very happy to present to you Dani Casarano’s Ritual EP featuring Jakco Mosqueira.
All about rituals and evolving elements, Dani creates a great mixture of minimal grooves, arranged in such way to gradually awaken your after-hour senses through the peculiar pitch-black atmosphere with his “Spoil”.
An attractive, very addictive simplicity in its natural rhythm and XXL-sized low frequencies are the materials that make “Exp001” sweep the dance floor like no other, pounding and grooving all the way, reaching to infinity. Talking about a fruitful collaboration!
For one of the remixes we’ve invited yet again Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev to do a top-notch job by getting with their own signature flow of Spoil. Also for remixing Exp001, we’re getting our fix of the Parisian underground sound, delivered by none other than Psykoloco who makes the EP complete by adding his touch of deep and trippy rhythms.
From Tzinah, always with Love!

Dani Casarano, Jakco Mosqueira – Ritual EP [TZH051] incl Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev and Psykoloco is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Valentino Kanzyani, Dubfire, Gel Abril, Leon, Livio & Roby, Stacey Pullen, Felipe Valenzuela, Miss Jools, Arado, Cesar Merveille, Hector, Davide Benedetti, Chaim, Oxia, ONNO, Felipe Venegas, John Dimas, Yaya, Gui Ferreira, Horatio, David Gtronic, Giacomo Greppi, Javier Carballo, Joseph Capriati, Luca Bear, Jorge Savoretti, Deltano, Carlos Sanchez, Mirco Violi, Seb Zito, Alex Piccini, Jason Hodges, Jessica Diaz, Nathan Borato, Chad Andrew, Francisco Allendes, Nicolas Duvoisin, Re-UP, Oshana, Andrea Colina, Omar Salgado, Julie Marghilano, Patrice Meiner, Faster, Lorenzo Chiabotti, Lightem and many more! Thank You!

Feedbacks :
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for richie hawtin
Marco Carola: downloading for marco carola, thanks
Valentino Kanzyani: Cool release, Like the original of Spoil12 as I like the remix version.. Nice stuff.. Must say that my favorite is Expo001 :) Viva Dani & Jaco,. Nice Team……. Will use this tracks for sure.. Thanks for sending and all the best. Vale
Dubfire: downloaded , thanks!
Gel Abril: Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev is great tnx!
Robert Dietz: remix of spoil tom12 is my cut.thanks
Leon: super release for me! i will play it….fernando remix is great!
Livio & Roby: Downloading, thanks
Stacey Pullen: cool thanks
Felipe Valenzuela: Love it!!!! remixes and originals
Dani Casarano: thanks for the support
tINI: nice ep…support for Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev remix…
Miss Jools: Really nice the orginal and fernanado’s & Alexandar’s remix for me thanks :)
ARADO: again a nice package! Thanks
Cesar Merveille: Downloading thanks!
Hector: Full suport !!! great to see fernando & alex here good job !!!!!
Davide Benedetti: Love both Spoil Toma12 versions, thx!
Chaim: nice ep thx guys
Oxia: Nice EP !
ONNO: great stuff! Fernando & Alexander remix is a bomba!
Felipe Venegas: supports my dears spoil original for me
John Dimas: Fernando Costantini rmx for me , thanx
Yaya: Costantini & Kyosev rmx is good for me, thank you!
Gui Ferreira: Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev , Exp001 and Psykoloco remix for me!! :))))
Big thanks! Gui Ferreira
Horatio: excelent release from dani
David Gtronic: Really nice sounds thank you!
Giacomo Greppi: Nice release… for me Exp001 original and Spoil Toma12 (Fernando Costatntini & Alexandar Kyosev Remix) Many thanks for the music…
Javier Carballo: big release!! dani original are cool!! and love the fernando remix!!
Joseph Caprati: Downloaded for Joseph Capriati
Luca Bear: Grazie Tzinah ! Amazing ep!
Jorge Savoretti: great ep! all trax work 10/10
Deltano: Great one!! all good!
Carlos Sanchez (Poker Flat/La Vie En Rose/Overall Music): spoil toma12 is my pick here… nice one! thanks
Mirco Violi: Original mixes for me
Seb Zito: Nice ep thanks
Alex Piccini: original are great!
Jason Hodges: Exp001 is dope!
Jessica Diaz: Nice release. Fernando & Alexandar remix my fav here. Thanks:)
Nathan Barato: Really good release! Thanks ! Prefer the Costantini & Kyosev remix the most but all is good
Chad Andrew: Lovely release here..will give these a try tomorrow thanks :)
Francisco Allendes: constantini alexander remix for me
Nicolas Duvoisin: great one !
Omar (Re-Up): nice release ;) support!!
Lightem: Great release. Thx for the music

Oshana: thank you for the lovely EP! remixes are the ones for me…big support
Andrea Colina: Costantini & Kyosev remix…thanks
Patrice Meiner: Jacko Mosqueria is lovely … nice release all around :)
Omar Salgado: Love it… full support. Thank you.
Julie Marghilano: nice one! i all tracks are very nicely made. thanks and much luv to all x
Faster: Very nice ep, thanks!
Andreas Bergmann: Great EP, All tracks are good, will try the remixes for sure! Thanks!
Lorenzo Chiabotti: Thank u for the music ; for me the original mix :-)
Fernando Costantini: Happy to be part of this EP :)
Petar Cvetkovic: Go Tzinah!
Jay Bliss: Merci ;)
Crocodile Soup: super nice as always ! go family
Primarie: Always…with much love!
Baraso: Great EP, all tracks are so good!!!!
Guy From Downstairs: I love it!!!!! EXP001 is going to be a classic in my books :D
Jozhy K: Spoil Toma12 (Fernando Costantini), Exp10 – for me! Nice tracks! Support!
Alex Kravitz: super Ep!!!
Nina Soul: So good the remix for by fernando and alexander, nice ep, thanks a lot!
Ferro: EXP 001 Original for me! nice vibe
Loopdeville: Nice release fellas,thanks.Both rmxs r dope aswel!
Kambo Río: Nice EP. Exp001 Original for me. Downloading, thanx
U-More: All mixes are nice. My fav is FC & Alexandar rmx
Jamie Lie A Kwie: Spoil Toma12 original & remix are so goooooddddd!!! Thanks for sending!
Rush Arp: Very good Ep.. Tnx for the music!!!
Lifer: amazing real ease ! Fernando costantini and Alexandar Kyosev Rmx is the best for me . Thx !
Blagoj Rambabov: All tracks are bomb, if i had to choose the remixes are quite good!!
He did: Spoil toma12! amazing track
Claudia Amprimo: both originals and remixes sound great, thanks!!
Tom Pooks: cool mood thanks for promo
Jun Akimoto: amazing remix from Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev!!
Igor Marijuan: great stuff here
Tolga Top: Spoil Tom12 Original and Exp001 Psykoloco Remix for me thx for the great music!
Dee Bufato: Nice to see Dani here. Great EP. Spoil Toma12 and Exp001 (Psykoloco Remix) are my fav.
Cheers from Brazil.
Nicke: Nice Release Spoil Toma12 For mw
Boronas: great pack ! full suport . ! !
Double Dash: Nice package, Costantini & Kyosev it’s our choice. Thank u for the music
Seph (Aula Magna Records): Sounds good! Thanks!
Dipsas: Toma12 original and remix are nice! Thanks!
Paul Baker: Fernando Costantini & Alexandar Kyosev remix for me!
Alex Kaddour: Exp001 original is great! Thanks
Olderic: top,thanks!
Chris DB: Nice release . Thanks !
Bruno: Spoil toma12 and expoo1 thanks guys !!
Pawlo Tojeda: Great Stuff, cool vibes…full support
Carlos Ryan: Soild ep..will def play all 4 hard to choose!Thanks.
Herck: Another bomb ep from Tzinah. Will support for sure ! Thx
Anwaar: The remixes on this EP are serious! Nice work all round. Thank you! Full support :)
Nova Caza: Great deep release again. Spoil Toma12 Original does the trick for me Nice Deep and dubby ! Cheers Nova Caza
KiRiK: nice release , will play it , thanks
Cesar Sanchez: nice ep
Just_Me: Great release, full support for my bro Alexandar!
Lex (Athens): exp001 both mixes are great.. thanks !!
Noël Jackson: Excellent release!
Bvoice: checkin proper. thanks!
Santi: Thanks!!! The originals do it for me
motoko: Very nice and divers EP, thanks. Full support, but totally feeling both the originals.
Scan Mode: WOW! Nice tracks here! Will try out
Fabio Neural: Great ones
Alëx (Voiceless): Again a nice EP from Tzinah. Big support from Nantes !
Thomy: Support!
Nekes: Great EP !!! Thank you !!!
Patrick Weblin: Psykoloco Remix is really nice ! Thanks guys, will support :)
Suolo: thx
David Ferrer: Nice ep
Voltereto: ………… Psykoloco , a great vibes , thx !
Pelo Rizardo: Spoiltoma12 original for us ;)
Brett Jacobs: Like all 4 here… thanks :)
Martin Dacar: niiiice EP! really diggin’ Spoil Toma12 original ! thx for the music :)
Dimitri Monev: FC & AK remix is my top , support the Ep
Reclame: Quality Music ! Good ! Psykoloco rmx / spoil toma 12 (Original) my fav
Pier Brugera: Thanks for the machines inside, Spoil Toma12 and Exp001 ( Psykoloco Remix ) for me
Jay West: Very much liking this.
Shoxy: Love the release, Psykoloco remix for me! Thanks
Rodrigo Villanueva: exp001 psykoloco rmx for me!
Andre Lemont & Marius White: Great EP… Exp001 (Psykoloco rmx) our fav !!! THX !!!
Zetqa: Remix of Fernando and Kyosev
Duky: fernando and alexandar remix is really cool! thanks!
Bolumar: Whata great ep! love it! thanks a lot!
Claude Solis: Congrats Tzinah Fam! Nice Music. Constantini & Kyosev Remix 4me. my support like always.
d.gru: Spoil Toma12 (Original Mix) is my pick, thanks for the music
Sossa: nice
Sloan: Nice Ep, thanks!
Maertz: Bomb release again, thanks so much for sending, support!!!
Rods Novaes: Cool EP support! thanks!
Mon (Pild Records – Basswalk Records): cool tracks!
Holchin: Nice ep! w. Love
Michael Scullion: Another bomb release from Tzinah!! All great tracks, something for every part of the night. Spoil Toma12 remix is my fav. Thanks.
Misk: playlist in altroverso radio
Alexander Kiss Fm (UA): Thanks , will support
My First Love Record: Very good ep . We love spoil toma 12 original !

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