TZH042 // Chazzy Chaz – Imun to the Keys EP incl. Ilario Liburni, Hansel!

TZH42Summer is over and we are now ready to take you on another serious and seriously wonderful journey! Coming back from a busy summer and a great celebration release we now present Chazzy Chaz, another great romanian artist which is provoking and pulling our sound forward. After we featured him in Tzinah Anul Trei now Chazzy comes with two new surprising tracks. His songs  tell a story full of hope and joy scouring in a warm sound and simple and cute percussions. For remixing we are presenting, also a new artist from our last VA, Ilario Liburni, who put his marks with his own sound delivering a super dancefloor killer. The second one comes from an fellow artist , Hansel! He visits Tzinah again with a remix which is a wonderful tool for after-hours, will move and rise anyone with its dubby approach. Until next time, enjoy Chazzy Chaz – Imun to the Keys EP , including Ilario Liburni and Hansel! From Tzinah with Love!
Chazzy Chaz – Imun to the Keys EP [TZH042] incl. Ilario Liburni and Hansel! is supported by Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, tINI, Gel Abril, Stacey Pullen, Guti, Leon, Paco Osuna, Marko Nastic, Dani Casarano, Dan Drastic, Hector, Felipe Venegas, Fabrizio Maurizi, Arado, Brothers’ Vibe, Anthea, Nino Santos, Seb Zito, Deltano, Horatio, Michel de Hey, Negru, Carlos Sanchez, Lorenzo Chiabotti, Alex Piccini, Clio, Kruse & Nuernberg, Xandru, Roon, David Gtronic, Jorge Savoretti, Sonodab, Dubfound, Stefano Lotti, Nicolas Duvoisin, Camiel Daamen, Varoslav, Davide Benedetti, Edground, Adriano Filippucci, Rene Sandoval, Mirco Violi, Maximiljan, UGLH, Omar Salgado, Randall M and many more.
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Marco Carola: downloading for marco carola, thanks
Gel Abril: bomba release all good in here!
tINI: sweet release! thank you and SUPPORT from the t
Stacey Pullen: cool thanks
Guti: thanks will listen
Leon: really nice ;)
Paco Osuna: liburni rmx for me
Marko Nastic: support!
Dani Casarano: support
Dan Drastic: Like the original the most
Hector: Great ep and really nice rmxs love Hansell’s work full support
Felipe Venegas: thanks for the music bros! keep on!
Fabrizio Maurizi: Fantastic release thanxxx!!!!
Francisco Allendes: loving Ilarios remix
Arado: full support like always nice stuff ….thanks
Brothers’ Vibe: Solid tracks – nice package!!
Assassin: Nice Deepness will drop sometime this month
Nico Lahs: great ep! support.
Anthea: Like all the tracks, not often that happens. Full support for all 4 tracks.
Nino Santos: Fantastic work from Ilario here !! Will hammer this in the next months !! Wav please !!
Seb Zito: Solid as always from one of my fave labels, nice work.
Deltano: Daddy needs a key original is dope and Ilario’s remix is unbelievable, what a bomb!
Horatio: Hansel! & Ilario Liburni remixes for me
Michel de Hey: Thanks for the goodies
Negru: Hansel rmx for me. thanks
Carlos Sanchez (Supernature/Overall/8bit): great ep! thanks
Lorenzo Chiabotti: insane Ilario Liburni rmx. great!! I will play all the tracks! wav. please !!! Lorenzo
Alex Piccini: Ilario Win! but whole release is great!
Clio (saved – noir music): perfect,right in time for this ending summer !
Kruse & Nuernberg: Solid warm up stuff. WE LIKE!
Xandru: thanks
Roon: Amazing EP! will play daddy needs a key for me
David Gtronic: Really nice stuff here, thanks!
Jorge Savoretti: all 4 are good but i’ll stick with the original!
Sonodab: Another solid ep from Tzinah, full support!!!
Dubfound: good _
Stefano Lotti: Really nice EP! Thank you!
Nicolas Duvoisin: really nice one!
Camiel Daamen: Love this pack! Thanks! :)
Chaim: dope ep
Varoslav: i like Hansel’s mix ! i will try – good vibe thx-plse send me wav
Davide Benedetti: Good release, Daddy Needs A Key original is dope!
Edground: Original Mix is very nice.
Adriano Filippucci: Really great release; Original and Liburni are my fav but all tracks sound ok
Rene Sandoval: Download, Thanks crew!
Mirco Violi: daddy needs a kay original mix for me
Maximiljan: Really Cool EP! Love the whole thing. Still need to discover whats my fav here, but i think Hansel’s Remix is in front. Many thanks!
UGLH (Marco Duranti): Chazzy’s Panic Re.edit for me thx
Omar Salgado: Amazing… Really love this ep. My fav is Ilario Liburni remix
Randall M: really nice release, will play for sure. the hansel is my favorite
Ekkohaus: Hansel remix for me, thanx
Leo (Re-UP): huge release once again!! Re-edit and Ilario remix are for me thanks :)
Saso Recyd: great release. thank you
Javi Bora (Robsoul, 2020Vision): Nice beats! Support
Chris Lake: downloading
Psykoloco: Original & re edit are nice. Thanks & Support !
Andrea Loche: Great Ep !! Ilario Liburni rmx for me !
Chris Lake: downloading
Rossko: Hansel! for me :)
Patrice Meiner: hansel remx for me here but i like all of the to be honest
London FM (Goa Club): i love it!
Jay Bliss: I like the original of Daddy needs a key. Thank you!
Petar Cvetkovic: nice and deep, thx
Scott Kemp: excellent stuff as allways from you guys and awsome label
Giovanni Verrina: groove!
Jessica Diaz: Awesome EP! support, thanks.
Alessandro Borsari: Wonderful works!! Every track is for me. Thanks!!
P. Jones: Chazzy’s style is great! Daddy Needs A Key is my favorite! Big up Tzinah!
Zotist: Good ep! i like all tracks, thx!
Emill de Moreu: Really nice tracks , thank u!
Rhadow: daddy needs a key original + remix are great. thanks!
Richard Belsom (Zeitgeist): Another great release, really feeling the two remixes here. Nice :)
John Dimas: Original and Ilario Liburni rmx for me , rest are nice too !! thnx
Lomez: I’m Feelin this. Tzinah Records is steady & strong. Will play in NY tonight. All the best
Colin Chiddle: Hansel! remix for me, thanks x
Crocodile Soup: SUPER COOL!!!
Alex Kaddour: Very Nice pack! will try them out. support!
Olderic: Fantastic new ep guys, love this style! Will play,thanks!
Papol – Esperanza Records: Very good music and vibe . ill play it sure . thanks
Re Us: Ilario Remix is dope ! great ep, thanks!!
Oshana: thank you for the fantastic ep!
Nuno Clam: Ilario Liburni Remix FULL SUPPORT! Thx
Joe Seff: Great Stuff as usual on Tzinah!
Djohnny (Overall Music): nice release, original mix is the one for me!! thanks
Petar Cvetkovic: very nice thx for music, will support
Julie Marghilano: another great release from Tzinah! all tracks are pure quality! thanks
Jozhy K: great pack! Hansel! remix works! Thnx
Bolumar (Luna/Novus/Draft): Nice pack ilari liburni and Chazzy re-edit are great! Thanks!
Aney F (Innocent Music): Really hot stuff guys, will play here on Ibiza for sure, thanks!
Javier Moreno: yeah!! nice release guys! original the one for me, the remixes are also very special.. thanks!
CrossNineTroll: We love and support all the tracks! Thx!
Jamie Lie A Kwie: Daddy needs a key original and remix are sooooo good!!! :-D
Herck: Huge ep. Thanks !
Andrew Technique: actually is good ;)
John Moss: Imun Hansel rmx is the one for me !
Federico Luchetti: Original is my pick, thanks
Manchini: Ilario Liburni remix for me, got driving energy
Andrea Colina: Total support…amazing music
Javi Sampol: nice ep! downloading ! thank you
ASNP: Really Nice Ep Will defently try this out tnx
Fares Ben: Original & Hansel! remix are dope!
Loopdeville: Thanks!
Oshana: Imun (Chazzy’s Panic Re-Edit) for me. Thank you!
Archie Hamilton: Nice ones! Ilario’s mix and the re-edit are the ones for me :-)
Ilario Liburni: Big ass release from Chaz ! Great to be part of it… ;-) Ciao
Primarie: So so much love in this tracks!!!
Adrianho: Really nice ep from Chaz , big support
Andreas Bergmann: Love them all thanks!
Venitez: Imun for me original thanks
Nina Soul: I put it in the podcast for the House Mag, Brasil, the big track! thank you, so good release..
Modì: Love it! this is a great package guys. Ilario’s remix is dope!
Blagoj Rambabov: Such a great ep, really into this one my picks here are the ilario libruni remix and chazzy’s panic edit, bomb definitely will play , thanks!
Fabio Neural: Ilario Liburni & Hanseel for me thanks
KiRiK: Thanks for music , all tracks is brilliant , full support ;)
Roberto Apodaca: solid ep by my boy chaz :) hehe will be playing all the tracks. cheers from el paso texas
Mariano Mateljan: Amazing pack from Tzinah once again! Thanks a lot; M
Ivanov: Great original work from Chazzy and remix from Ilario! Thank U! iva
Nick Chatelain: downloading for nick & danny chatelain, support!
Mano: original its my pick. nice one. thanks
Daniel Sanchez: strong ep, like it a lot
Rush Arp: Thank you for the music Ilario and Hansel For me Support!!!
Sossa: nice..
Speaking Minds (My Favorite Robot Records/Noir Music/Manocalda): liburni sounds nice!! thx
Bvoice (Arma17): Chazzy’s Edit for my folder) Take it deeper! Thank you!
Bastien: Nice tracks as always… Thanks! : )
Audiobirdz: Nice EP
Lumieux: Support. Thank u
Kambo Río: Thanx for sending. Nice EP, love Ilario remix
Claudia Amprimo: Great EP!!! thanks!
He did: Hansel! remix for me! amazing ep btw
Gik: buna treaba !
Adam Ebrey (Cadre Movement): Strong EP! Ilario Liburni Remix for me!
FLMB: Ilario Liburni and Re-edit are just perfect for us!
Scan Mode: Wow! Ilario Liburni rmx is my fav here! Well done!
Dimitri Monev: both ”Daddy needs a key for me ..Support
M.A.M.: Thanks a lot! Dope ep like as usual.. Original and ilario liburni my favs!
Casari: big ep! ”daddy needs a key” original and remix is better for me
Treemend: Ilario Libruni Remix it’s so BIG!
Alex Kravitz: Nice, thank you!
Igor Kostoski: Whole ep is great! I love the original one of Daddy needs A Key.
O’mar: Nice tracks!!!
Mauro Alpha: Liburni rmx is nice!
Nova Caza: Great Release. Brings the Tzinah sound back to the front again after summer. Love the Chazzy Chaz Imun (Panic Re-edit) !!
Pelo Rizardo: Cool ep
Just D’light: Daddy needs a key, and I need this track, original version.. :)
Alex Kaddour: Super ep! loving the vibe in all tracks! full support
Djohnny (Overall Music): great release!! i´ll play for sure!! full support
Andrea Introvigne: Cool EP. Support! Thnx
Double Dash: Imun (Chazzy’s Panic Re-edit) for us, perfect for warm up.
Luca Doobie: cool stuff as usual, i’ll play ilario’s rmx for sure.. thnx!
Chube.Ka ( Intacto / Sntach! ): ilario remix for meeeeee
Fideles: this is quality music…for us original and ilario rmix..thx..!!!
BPlan (Polar Noise , Jekos , Kommunity): Strong Ep!!! Thanks!!
Maertz: Really amazing release, difficult to pick only one track, full support, I will play for sure. Thanks so much for sending, Tzinah rules!!!
Willie Graff: Nice remix from Hansel! Thank you
Voltereto: ……………… Imun rmx , a good groove , thx !
Floska(Apulia, Viva music, turquoise blue): i like the whole ep :).. my favourite is chazzy’s panic re-edit
Little Hado: nice ep !! thanks
Albert Rodriguez: always top!!! thanks guys full support
incolor: This ep made my day ! Daddy Needs A Key(Original Mix) is my fav.
Miguel Garji: Original 4 me. Gracias
ODY arts: massive EP! thank you guys)
Gianluca Gaffi: chazzy for me
Luis Groove (U Wanna Escape?): Original for me here. Solid stuff as usual. Thanks for music.
Caspar ( 8bit,brise,Viva Music: liburni rmx for me, thanks
Giacomo Greppi: bomb e.p only track and remix…Many thanks
Tomas Tomika Mehes: Another strong release on Tzinah! Full support!
Drummer: wicked bombs!! thankyou for this amazing stuff !! I´ll play all of them.
Just D’light: Hansel’s remix works for me.. :)
Dee Bufato: all great tracks. congrats, guys.
Lifer: Amazing EP ! All tracks are great!! thaks for the good music.
M-Phunk: Nice EP!
Subborn: Ilario’s Remix it’s so fresh!
Chris DB: WOW , this is one of the best ep’s i’ve heard in a long time !
Andrea Bassi: good for me
Anwaar (Cadre Movement): Great EP
Giorgio Roma: Ilario Liburni Remix is HHHOOOTTT! THXXX
Hernandez: Thanks for the music
Cesar Sanchez: llario liburni remix…best remix
Manali Shah: nice stuff!
ATFC: will try thanks!
Rods Novaes: ilario liburni and Chazzys re edit for me! thanks!
Dai Zon (caracter:e): great release. full support.
Suolo: mega release! thank you!
Arthuro: good one
Seph (Aula Magna Records): Cool stuff! Thanks!
Zetqa: Nice ep! Well done!Full support!
Zvan: good job
Holchin: Ilario Liburni remix. Support for the artist. Thnx ;)
Olivian Nour: Cool release! Ilario for me. Thanks!
Mon (Pild Records – Basswalk Records): nice tracks!

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